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Kill Code: Uprising
File:Kill Code: Uprising.jpg
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Release date December 5, 2023
Production Respawn
Length 2:08
Promotes Uprising Collection Event

Kill Code: Uprising is a cinematic lore short during Season 19 Season 19 that began on December 5, 2023. It features Loba, Lifeline, Mad Maggie, Octane and Valkyrie on a ship over Storm Point as Revenant's army invades the island. This takes place immediately after Revenant turned on the team of Legends and killed Torres Silva, with the aid of Revenant bodies under his control in Kill Code Part 4.

Walkthrough[ | ]

A CUTSCENE begins. Loba mentally reminisces on the events of Kill Code Part 4.

  • Torres: "Soon we'll have all we ever wanted, Mr. Cross. Control. Over everything.
  • Portrait Revenant square "I only wanted control over me. Hahaha!"

Valkyrie begins speaking.

  • Portrait Valkyrie square "What just happened?!"
  • Portrait Lifeline square "We knew Duardo was up to somethin' big but, an army of Revenants?"
  • Portrait Mad Maggie square "Well we wanted to stop Duardo. Him getting torn to pieces by a bunch of murderbots counts, eh?
  • Portrait Octane square "Pops..."

Lifeline attempts to comfort a traumatized Octane, but the latter passive aggressively jerks his arm away.

  • Portrait Loba square "I could've stopped this. This was supposed to be finished!"
  • Portrait Valkyrie square "Uh, speaking of that, we got ships incoming!"
  • Portrait Mad Maggie square "This has gone from bad to bloody apocalyptic!"

Lifeline observes the myriad of dropships containing Revenant shells.

  • Portrait Lifeline square "No, no, no!"
  • Portrait Loba square "I'll send them all back to hell myself!"

Loba uses her Burglar's Best Friend bracelet to quickly teleport off of the ship.

  • Portrait Valkyrie square "Loba, wait! We need to help her!"
  • Portrait Lifeline square "They're about to get eaten alive out there!"

Suddenly, the ship starts to shake.

  • Portrait Mad Maggie square "Ah, now what?"

A Revenant clone begins crawling onto the ship and shatters a window.

  • Portrait Lifeline square "This ship is goin' down, we gotta move!"

Octane follows Lifeline as they both leap off of the ship.

  • Portrait Mad Maggie square "[Curses at the situation] dammit! [Once again curses at the situation] Hell, wait for me!"