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Disambig This article is about the first animation for the Kill Code storyline. For other parts of the storyline, see Kill Code.
Kill Code Part 1
YTtn sfto Kill Code Part 1
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Release date July 17, 2023
Length 4:28
Promotes Season 18 Season 18

Kill Code Part 1 is a Stories from the Outlands animated short released on July 17, 2023, to promote Season 18 Season 18.

Synopsis[ | ]

Under the nightsky of Salvo, three hooded figures evaded patroling Syndicate Corpsman and dashed through the grungy streets, until one of them pointed them to a basement bar. Approaching the Mohawk-haired bartender, the three figures unhooded themselves, revealing Mad Maggie, flanked by Loba and Lifeline. Introducing the bartender, Skudge, to her companions, she grabbed a mug of Koala Kola for herself, while Lifeline questioned Skudge regarding Duardo Silva's activity on Salvo. However, Skudge refused to say, calling Lifeline "Syndicate Scum"; this earned a stab through his hand by Maggie. Realizing that Duardo got him scared, Lifeline continue her questioning, and Skudge directed them to an armored bunker nearby.

Breaking in with Loba's help, the trio found several deactivated Specters and pile of robotic parts lying around the walkways. While Loba was distracted by some lights behind a door, Lifeline and Maggie discovered a console, on which Lifeline found information about several similar locations across the Outlands. Inserting a drive obtained from Crypto, she attempted to download this information, while Kōhere grew bored and playfully attacked one of the dormant Specters. Suddenly, the facility's security system was activated[note 1], causing the facility's Spectre being deployed. Lifeline withdrew the drive, causing an incomplete transfer.

Kōhere, Lifeline, and Maggie began to fight through the horde. Maggie launched a wrecking ball, which while managed to knock down many Spectres, also sent one of the robots onto a console and initate a door lock procedure. With the doors about to close, Che ripped a Kraber from the arms of a Specter and threw it to the door, propping it open, while DOC tried to grab Loba, but only managed to get her Jump Drive. Lifeline and Maggie slipped through the closing doors, while Loba managed to activate her jump drive and regroup with her team.

The three still found themselves pinned down by the Specters, which were working to break through the door and continue their attack. Suddenly, a salvo of missiles rained upon the Bunker door, as Valkyrie flew in, allowing them fly away to regroup and deliver the drive to Crypto. However, Loba had grabbed a treasure of her own on the way out - an eye from one of Revenant's bodies.

Unknown to the team, a CCTV was observing their movement, and notice Crypto's logo on the drive...

Details and Easter Eggs[ | ]

  • The news footage playing on the television in Skudge's bar is the same OTV report featured in Encore.

References[ | ]

  1. As shown in Kill Code: A Thief's Bane, Loba set off the alarm.