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Disambig This article is about the third animation for the Kill Code storyline. For other parts of the storyline, see Kill Code.
Kill Code Part 3
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Release date October 9th, 2023
Length 4:16

Kill Code Part 3 is a Stories from the Outlands animated short released on October 9th, 2023.

Synopsis[ | ]

While the Legends stepped out so Crypto could work on the decryption, he was attacked by Revenant, but the simulacrum was quickly apprehended by the Legends. Mad Maggie was brought up to speed regarding the story behind Loba and Revenant's feud, and that both Hammond and Durado now expressed interest in Revenant's head, possibly to control the Simulacrum assassin. While Maggie expressed disinterest in it, Lifeline stated that the fact that Durado was involved indicated the need to destroy the head, which quickly raised an objection from Loba, stating that Reverant needed to stay alive and suffer. Valkyrie ignored Loba's objections and asked where his head is now, and Revenant replied he managed to get a visual from his source code, and stated it is currently in a Hammond Robotics facility in Malta. Despite the security protecting the facility, Lifeline declined blasting in, as she didn't want to kill civilians. Instead, knowing that Hammond had been taking Revenant shells from Salvo, the Legends made a truce with Revenant to break into the Hammond Robotics Facility in an attempt to destroy the Simulacrum's source code to keep it out of the hands of Silva.

Disguising themselves as Hammond Robotics employees delivering Revenant as a chassis, much to his displeasure, they were quickly discovered after Lifeline's cover was blown, having been recognized by a fan of her music. Anticipating the possibility of a fight, they took the weapons hidden in the gurney, and with a look from Revenant, Valkyrie joined forces with the other Legends to fight their way out of the facility and attempted to destroy the source code, which surprised and enraged Loba. They were soon cornered by a horde of Spectres and a Reaper. Valkyrie quickly flew toward the Source Code and grabbed it, but as Crypto was about to blast it with a Havoc, Loba tackled him and knocked him off his shot. While Maggie managed to block Loba from taking the head and catch it herself, she was soon knocked back by a trio of explosive ticks. Revenant managed to get hold of his head, but he was forced to form a truce with Loba to fight off a horde of Spectre coming at him and Loba. Eventually, Loba utilized her Black Market Boutique in order to obtain weapons for the group.

After taking down the Reaper, Valkyrie picked up Revenant's source code, but Loba angrily demanded the head, with her hand prepared to draw her own pistol. Suddenly, the head was taken away by Torres Silva using Loba's still-active Black Market Boutique staff, with Silva taunting Loba for being careless with her staff, and that Revenant will appreciate his plan for his head. Loba could only shout in frustration as Silva flew away in his transport.

Trivia[ | ]

  • It is possible what depicted here is the "Hammond Facility Break-in" depicted in Visiting Hours.

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