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Kuben Blisk
Kuben Blisk
Real Name Kuben Blisk
Gender Male
Homeworld Earth
Occupation Commissioner of the Apex Games
Mercenary (formerly)
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor JB Blanc
Appearances Season 3 Teasers
The Legacy Antigen

Kuben Blisk is the leader of the Apex Predators mercenary corps and the commissioner of the Apex Games.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Born in South Africa on Earth in the Core Systems, Blisk began his career as a fighter at a young age in the old Thunderdome games on Kings Canyon from 2704 to 2710.[1] When the Titan Wars began, Blisk enlisted in the IMC’s army and quickly climbed the ranks to commander. However, the politics and corruption of war pushed him into the life of a mercenary, where he could control his own fight and answer to no one but himself. He eventually went on to lead the Apex Predators, the Mercenary Syndicate's elite mercenary unit.

Frontier War[ | ]

During the early days of the Frontier War he served as a direct advisor to Vice Admiral Marcus Graves of the IMC Frontier Command. Following the discovery of a then-unknown colony on Troy, he led the expedition to the planet which resulted in a massacre of the colonists, the surviving members of which sent a distress signal that was picked up by the Frontier Militia's First Fleet. During the resulting Battle of Troy, Blisk led a team of pilots to assassinate the leader of Colony G21 and former IMC commander James MacAllan, an attempt that ultimately failed. He also led an assault team during the Battle of Airbase Sierra, with the intent of killing Militia commander Sarah Briggs. The mission ultimately also ended in failure although they were able to wound Briggs.

He would then take part on the Battle of Demeter, leading a portion of the ground troops tasked with making sure MacAllan does not overload the refueling facility's reactor. He was able to corner MacAllan in the reactor but had to resort to hand-to-hand combat due to the danger of damaging the reactor. When the reactor's meltdown was not stopped, Blisk would evacuate and come out as one of the few survivors of that battle.

Battle of Typhon[ | ]

In 2715, he took part on the seminal Battle of Typhon, leading the Apex Predators. During the early stages of the battle, he and Ash, another Apex Predator, would mortally wound Tai Lastimosa of the Frontier Militia Special Recon Squadron and disable his Titan, BT-7274. After the crash of the hijacked IMS Draconis, Blisk was present in the mop-up operations and personally oversaw the capture of Militia Pilot Jack Cooper, who he threatened to kill if his Titan won't open up his hatch that contained the Ark, a power source for the weapon the IMC is fielding on Typhon. He would eventually be able to get the Ark after nearly being killed by the defiant BT-7274.

After Slone's death, he offered Cooper a place in the Apex Predators, stating that his contract with the IMC was up and that he doesn't work for free, ignoring orders for him to kill Cooper. He would eventually be able to escape the destruction of Typhon and rebuild the Apex Predators.

After the Frontier War, Blisk would relocate to the Outlands and became the commissioner of the Mercenary Syndicate's bloodsport, the Apex Games. To honor the legacy of the Apex Predators, newcomers to the Games would be invited with a special calling card.[1]

At an unknown point, Blisk would reunite with a rebuilt Ash. Based on an unknown agreement, Blisk sent Ash's head into an alternate dimension.

The Endorsement[ | ]

In 2732, for reasons unknown, Blisk decided to go off the grid without telling the Syndicate. Before doing so, he was recommended to add Rampart to his "list" by an unknown person. Blisk ceased contact with anyone for a year but kept a watchful eye on Ramya Parekh on Gaea. Blisk eventually returned when he saw Parekh's shop being attacked by Big Sister's gang. Impressed by her performance, Blisk personally invited Parekh to join the Apex Games. He later moved to Solace, establishing his office in the Syndicate Tower.

The First Ship[ | ]

After hearing of Ash's return, he personally visited her and informs her that an old friend of hers is back.

Northstar[ | ]

Blisk eventually hired Kairi Imahara to retrieve the wreckage of Viper's Northstar. In an uncharacteristically heartfelt talk with Kairi, he would encourage her to pursue a legacy of her own, free from that of her father's. He also gave her an Apex Card, which allowed her to join the Apex Games.

Season 9[ | ]

Blisk sanctioned the expansion of local Arenas matches, asking Ash to oversee them.

Appearances[ | ]

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Transition Blurbs
  • Season 6 Icon The Referral
  • Season 9 No cameras. No fans. No autographs. (mentioned)
  • Season 9 My Hero (mentioned)
  • Season 9 A Mercenary Wife (mentioned)
  • Season 17 They Call Us Apex Legends
Motion comics
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Trivia[ | ]

  • Blisk wielded a C.A.R. SMG while dropping on Demeter, before discarding it for his knife upon encountering MacAllen.
    • During the Battle of Typhon, Blisk used a Legion-class Titan.
  • Blisk is the only member of the Apex Predators to not have been fought as a boss in Titanfall 2.
  • According to the official Prima guide for Titanfall 2, Blisk would be 63 years old in the present day.[2] However, writer Manny Hagopian has stated that the publication's contents are likely not canon.[3]
  • Blisk's preferred sidearm is the Wingman.[4]

References[ | ]