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Modeselect Live Die Live

LIVE.DIE.LIVE is a Limited Time Mode introduced in Season 3 Season 3's Grand Soirée Grand Soirée Themed Event.

Availability[ | ]

Details[ | ]

Players[ | ]

  • Twenty teams of three Legends compete against each other.
  • When a Legend dies, they don't drop their Banner Card.

Gameplay[ | ]

The goal of LIVE.DIE.LIVE is surviving, killing enemy players if necessary.

  • Gameplay is the same as Battle Royale Battle Royale.
  • Dead members of a team are automatically respawned directly above their teammates whenever The Ring closes and a new Round starts, as long as there's at least one alive member from their team.

Winning[ | ]

  • The last team that survives wins.

History[ | ]