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Last Hope
YTtn sfto Last Hope
Watch here
Release date Oct 17, 2022
Production The Sequence Group [1]
Sound Design Barking Owl Inc.
Length 4:40
Promotes Season 15, Catalyst

Last Hope is a Stories from the Outlands animated short released on October 17, 2022, to promote Season 15 Season 15.

Synopsis[ | ]

In the past, Tressa Smith and her friends Margo, Pravina, and Rose live on Boreas in a town subject to a curfew law. Margo laments that the planet's moon, Cleo, is falling apart with no efforts made by Boreas to prevent it. Pravina and Rose realize that Margo wants to pull them into something dangerous and opt to leave, but Tressa is willing to stay and see what Margo has in mind. The two hike to a hill overlooking a small Hammond Robotics planet harvester. Margo flatters Tressa and reveals that she wants to sneak into that facility to sabotage it.

That night, the two make their way into the facility, dodging security cameras and spotlights along the way, and discover that they seem to be working with ferrofluid. Margo plants a bomb on the wall, and Tressa objects, but the two are spotted by a Spectre wielding a Charge Rifle. Margo is knocked away and captured by two human guards while Tressa uses a chain to pull the Spectre into the ferrofluid, destroying it. While Margo is being dragged away, she detonates the bomb, destroying the facility.

In the present, Rampart meets with Catalyst in her home in the South Promenade for a crystal reading. Catalyst recounts the story of what happened to Margo to her, and states that she never found out what happened to her.

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