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Legacy Launch Trailer
YTtn s09 launch
Watch here
Release date Apr 22, 2021
Production Psyop [1]
Length 3:05
Promotes Season 9

The Legacy Launch Trailer is an animated short released on April 22, 2021, to promote Season 9 Season 9.

Synopsis[ | ]

In an Arenas match on Phase Runner, Bloodhound is downed in combat with Fuse, Bangalore, and Gibraltar. Lifeline comes to their aid, but the two are poorly armed and backed into a corner. Valkyrie flies into the arena at high speed, weaving around Devotion bullets and explosives. She unleashes a Missile Swarm Missile Swarm onto the enemies and turns the tide of the fight.

In another match at Artillery on Kings Canyon, Octane flees from Rampart and Horizon. He runs through a doorway and gets shocked by Wattson's Perimeter Security Perimeter Security, then gets shot down by Horizon's Peacekeeper.

In another match at Party Crasher, Caustic jumps through a window to see Mirage and many decoys dancing and singing karaoke. Wraith appears through a portal and downs Caustic with a Wingman shot to the head. The two exit the crashed Mirage Voyage and hide from Loba's L-STAR fire behind a box. She teleports close to them, but Pathfinder grapples into her and kicks her into an LCD screen.

In an underground control center somewhere, Ash watches these matches on various screens, carefully monitoring their statistics and making adjustments to various data points. In one of these matches, Fuse pauses to drink some beer, only for the bottle to be smashed open by an arrow from Valkyrie's Bocek. From high above the ground, she fires another arrow straight at Fuse.

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