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Legacy of a Thief
YTtn sfto legacyofathief
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Release date Apr 30, 2020
Production Passion Pictures [1]
Length 1:39
Promotes Season 5

Legacy of a Thief is a Stories from the Outlands animated short released on April 30, 2020, to promote Season 5 Season 5.

Synopsis[ | ]

After the death of her parents, Loba Andrade is adopted by a new family. True to her lineage, Loba maintains an interest in theft, and hones her craft throughout the years until becoming one of the best thieves in the Outlands. Along the way, she becomes skilled at combat with a bo staff, acquires a rare jump drive bracelet, and makes powerful allies such as Jaime, who becomes her go-to informant. One day, Jaime drops the news that he's found the simulacrum who killed her parents: Revenant. Seeing his face again after so many years, Loba immediately sets her sights on revenge.

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