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Lifeline's Clinic
Lifeline's Clinic 01
Lifeline's Clinic in Season 13 Season 13.
Gamemode Battle Royale
Location Olympus

Lifeline's Clinic is a Lifeline-themed Town Takeover found on Olympus. It was added to Olympus as part of the Awakening Awakening event, replacing the Welcome Center.

Gameplay[ | ]

Lifeline's Clinic is a high tier loot zone positioned on the eastern edge of Olympus, east of Golden Gardens. It is a multi-level facility with three examination rooms, each guaranteed to spawn two Med Kit Med Kits. The center room contains a med bay which provides healing to any legend standing on it; the total amount of healing it grants is limited, but it does recharge when not in use. On the bottom floor is a music lounge with two Loot Rollers affixed to the ceiling, and several instruments which can be interacted with. Behind the clinic is a landing pad with a console that can be used to call in a Care Package once per match.

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