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Lifeline's voice actor is Mela Lee, speaking English.

Character Select[ | ]

  • "Get ready... today's not gon' be easy."
  • "Go on, try to stop me!"
  • "You and me, let's take this win."
  • "Come on, we've got work to do."
  • "We've got a job to do, so shift your carcass."
  • "I'm ready. Let's get the job done."
  • "This is gonna be a good fight."
  • "It's time to impress."
  • "Nuh romp wid mi. I'm ready for a match."
  • "Mi deh yah. All good wit' me."
  • "Ready to go, seen?"
  • "Mi ain't afraid of much but losing? That would be a drag."
  • "I got your back. Rememba me telling you."
  • "We're in this together. Memba that."
  • "If you're with me, I'm with you."
  • "Pay attention. Ya might learn a thing or two."
  • "Big things are comin' for us."
  • "This place is somethin' else. Let's go!"
  • "It's only over when it's over."
  • "DOC ‘n’ me have seen it all. This win is ours."
  • "We'll get the win, if yuh heart's in the right place."
  • "We're winnin' this. For the Corps."

Intro[ | ]

  • "Check yo self - or wreck yo self. (laugh)"
  • "Small up yuhself. Ajay Che's comin' through."
  • "Bring it. Ajay Che will be waitin' for ya down there."
  • "I'd watch out for my squad if I were you."
  • "Quit ya whinging and fight."
  • "Ya bet' not romp with me."
  • Season 1 Icon “Open season. Let’s go.”
  • "Accept it! I'm here, you're not."
  • "Ain't afraid of you, ya hear me?"
  • "Mi deh yah. All good for me."
  • "Ya better hope you're with me."
  • "Don't worry, it's easy. Bleed, patch, and keep moving."
  • "Champion, challenger, means little if ya die."
  • "A win don't come easy. For you."
  • "I've seen it all. Today, no different."
  • "You're lookin' at a fighter. What am I lookin' at?"
  • "Move it or quit."
  • "' Member this face. It's comin' for ya."
  • "Want advice? Stay out of my way."
  • "It takes a lot to take me out."
  • "Wanna be here? Take me out."
  • "[chuckles] Ya ain't that bright if ya wanna take me on."

Kill[ | ]

  • Season 3 Icon "I don't even think ya tryin’. This was too easy."
  • Season 6 Icon "This ain't no place for you, unless you try a bit harder."
  • Season 7 Icon "Lookin' for a rhythm? I got ya beat."
  • Season 9 "Ain't no butler here. I take out the trash myself - memba that."
  • Season 10 Icon "Change'll do yuh good... if yuh live through it."
  • Season 12 "Better to have friends at yuh side than at yuh funeral."
  • Season 17 "Ya came looking for trouble, but trouble found ya first."
  • "Brush it off. Ya lost this one."
  • "They don't just call me Lifeline because I save a life..."
  • "Don't blame yourself. You got a whole squad that failed you."
  • "This skill takes experience and strength. I have both."
  • "Giving up is no thing I will do."
  • "Dis good for ya."
  • "Good match!"
  • "I came to win. You didn't."
  • "I had a job to do."
  • "Don't be shocked. I know what I'm doin'."
  • "I won this one."
  • "'Member this: I'm the one you should have concerns about."
  • "It's a big up feelin' to win."
  • "It's all skill."
  • "It's just a loss. Take it."
  • "Breathe easy. It's over for you."
  • "You listen to me. It's over."
  • "Losing, that's a drag."
  • "Never quit. That's how you win."
  • "Next time. Next time you'll do better."
  • "Nuh romp wid mi. Not today."
  • "No support? That's a shame."
  • "Not your day."
  • "In the future, pay more attention. It'll do you good."
  • "Quit your whinging."
  • "Take this as motivation. Be better."
  • "Take this loss with pride."
  • "Thank you. You made me just a little bit better."
  • "This is just how it is."
  • "This is my win, 'member that."
  • "This is not my first time."
  • "Use the pressure. It's the only way to survive."
  • "Come on, use your head."
  • "What happens to you happens to you. That's good for you."
  • "Winning, now that's a good feelin'."
  • "You're gonna need to work a bit harder next time."
  • "Breathe easy. You lost this one."
  • "You lost. Take it."
  • "Your skill wasn't half bad! 'Member that."
  • "Your team let you down, bredren."
  • "Your time has ended."

Gameplay[ | ]

I'm the Jumpmaster
  • "Good. I'm the Jumpmaster."
  • "I'm the Jumpmaster. Follow me."
  • "Ajay Che leading the way!"
Here we go / Diving as Jumpmaster
  • "Enough limin' around. We droppin'.
  • "Get ready. Moving out."
Skydive emote
  • "Watch me."
  • "Hahaha!"
Taking damage
  • "I'm spotted. Taking fire."
  • "Listen up, I'm getting shot at."
  • "Gettin' some damage over here."
  • "I've got some hits on me."
Opening fire on the enemy
  • "Firing."
  • "Shooting."
Damaging enemy from afar
  • "Spot on."
Downed an enemy
  • "Enemy down."
Another enemy down
  • "Another enemy down"
  • "Knocked a few down."
Consecutively downed 3rd enemy
  • "Right then. Took out a bunch. It's faster that way."
Downed multiples enemies
  • "Got some of them down."
Killed an enemy
  • "Enemy taken out."
Kill in Pathfinder's Fight Night
  • "One, two, and a boom-boom."
  • "You don't lose when you're knocked down, you lose when you stay down."
Kill with Shock Sticks
  • "Yuh got flatlined."
    • "Yuh got flatlined, now you're outta my way."
  • "So sorry, yuh outta lifelines."
    • "Sorry, yuh outta lifelines."
  • "Hm, this way is faster."
    • "This way is faster."
  • "Feel that rhythm drop."
  • "Kill the beat now."
Whole Squad down
  • "Big up to us. That was the last one in the squad."
  • "Last one down and a boom boom!"
  • "Seh one. Whole Squad knocked."
  • "Very good. We finished off the whole Squad."
  • (solo) "Whole Squad down."
  • (solo) "Knocked down the whole Squad."
Another Squad attacking
  • "We've got another Squad. Arm up."
  • "Listen up, got another squad coming in."
Healing Up/recharging shields/Phoenix Kit
  • "Just a scrape. One second."
  • "Patching myself up a bit."
  • "Just giving my shields a recharge."
  • "Recharging my shields."
  • "I'm hurtin'. Gotta use a Phoenix Kit."
Opened Vault / Icarus's Bridge
  • "Come get yuh wedding presents."
  • "Kuh deh - Opened up the Vault."
I got you / Reviving Squadmate
  • "On yuh feet. Lifeline's gotcha back."
  • "Quit limin'. I gotcha."
  • "I've got ya. Shield's up."
  • "Settin' shield. Healin' ya."
  • "Settin' shield. You'll be alright."
  • [to Octane Icon ] "Go an break the rest of yuh too? Come on now."
    • "So you gotta break the rest of yuh too? Come on now."
  • [to Octane Icon] "Someday, I might not pick yuh up, Silva."
  • [to Fuse Icon] “Just ‘cause we in a fight don’t mean buddy has to die. Patchin’s mah business.”
  • [to Fuse Icon] “Never thought anyone loved grenades more'n Silva. And don't give him ideas.”
  • [to Fuse Icon] “Gonna need to carry more bandages 'round yuh, huh Walter?”
  • [to Conduit Icon] "Can yuh fight? Yuh blood's...glowin'?"
  • Season 11 [to Pathfinder Icon] "DOC ain't yuh kid, so yuh know. Came off an assembly line like plenty others."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Octane Icon] "Need my help again, huh?"
  • Season 13 Icon [to Octane Icon] "What would yuh do without me?"
  • Season 13 Icon [to Mad Maggie Icon] "Get up. We've still got work to do."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Mad Maggie Icon] "I thought you were gonna teach me some things.
  • "I come too far to give up now."
    • "Come too far to give up now"
Frag Grenade Frag Grenade thrown
  • "Frag out."
  • [with Octane Icon] "Frag out. Get away from it, Silva."
  • [with Octane Icon] "Frag out. Silva, don’t stand on this one."
  • [with Octane Icon] "Frag out. Back yo’self up, Silva."
  • [with Octane Icon] "Frag out. Don’t go close, Silva."
  • "I neva quit - Memba that."
  • "Breathe easy, I'm comin' for yuh."
Got our Squadmate's banner
  • "Don't worry. I got our squadmate's banner."
  • "I picked up our teammate's banner."
Opened extra compartment from Extended Supply Bin
  • "Got some extra supplies."
  • "Extra supplies over here."
  • (solo) "Extra supplies, good."
Dropping Holo-Spray Holo-Spray
  • "Ajay Che leavin’ a present."
  • "Memba this."
Throwing Heat Shield Heat Shield
Entering Trident passenger seat
  • "Canna say no to a beauty like this. Don't bonx it, now."
Exiting Trident
  • "Gon' bail here."
Fight or Fright Icon Dropping while in Shadow Royale Mode
  • "Got two Revenants now. Ugh. One is bad enough."
Fight or Fright Icon Killed an enemy during Shadowfall/Shadow Royale
  • "Trick or treat. Make ya choice."

Pings[ | ]

  • "Let's explore this way."
  • "Let's go this way."
  • "Let's go that way."
  • "Might be something good this way."
  • "I heard that."
  • [to Octane] "Good eye, Silva."
  • "Making contact with the enemy."
Watching this direction
  • "May be something coming over there. Eyeing it."
Defending this area
  • "Wake up. I'm defending this area."
  • "Putting some defense in the area."
Going there
  • "I'm going over here."
  • "Going to check out right here."
  • "Listen up - I'm attacking here."
    • "Listen to me - I'm attacking here."
  • "Gonna make my move right here."
  • "Pay attention - I'm moving on them here."
Looting this area
  • "Could be some loot here. I'll let ya know."
  • "Lookin' for loot over here."
  • "I'll check for loot here."
Coming for help / On my way
  • "I got yuh, just keep your head down."
  • "On my way."
  • ”Care package, comin in!”
Ultimate [Care Package Care Package]
  • 0~84% charged
    • "Wait nah, my Ultimate ain't ready."
      • "My Ultimate ain't ready."
    • "My Ultimate ain't ready, check yuhself."
    • [In combat] "Ultimate ain't ready!"
    • [In combat] "My Ultimate ain't ready yet!"
  • 85~99% charged
    • "My Ultimate's almost ready."
    • "Eh now, my Ultimate's almost ready."
    • [In combat] "Ultimate ready in a sec."
    • [In combat] "Ultimate's nearly ready!"
  • 100% ready
    • "My Ultimate's ready to go, brethren!"
    • "Rest easy now, my Ultimate's charged."
    • [In combat] "Ultimate's ready!"
    • [In combat] "Ultimate ready now!"
Enemy spotted reviving
  • "Enemy’s reviving over here!"
Amped Cover Amped Cover
  • [Enemy] "Enemy deployable barrier right here. They may be hiding."
Black Market Boutique Black Market Boutique
  • "Black Market here. Best grab what yuh can."
  • "Black Market here. Got a proper teef 'around here."
D.O.C. Heal Drone D.O.C. Heal Drone
  • "Health drone here. Come get cha fill."
  • "Health over here."
Death Totem Death Totem
  • "Totem right here."
  • "We got ourselves a Totem right here."
Black Hole Black Hole
  • "Got a Black Hole here."
Gravity Lift Gravity Lift
  • "Got a Gravity Lift here."
  • "Got a Gravity Life here. That'll take you for a ride."
Heat Shield
  • "Heat Shield here. That'll getcha out of a jam."
Arrows Arrows Ammo
  • "Got some arrows for ya."
Charge Tower
  • "Charge Tower here. Ain't no whingin' when ya powered up."
Dropped cargo
  • "I see dropped cargo in the distance. If ya want it, go an get it."
Extended Supply Bin
  • "Extended Supply Bin. Got a few more tings for us."
  • "Eyes up - Drawer closed on that Extended Supply Bin."
  • "Extended Supply Bin here... and it ain't empty."
  • "Extended Supply Bin there. Got some supplies left."
Pathfinder Icon Pathfinder's Statue
  • "Check it. Pathfinder statue here."
  • "One little battery and he got himself all this? Good on ya, Path."
  • "Pathfinder statue here. Big-ups, Path."
  • "Statue here."
  • "Statue there."
Mural at Big Maude
  • "Haha, little Rami's got style. Not a bad-lookin' bunch."
IMC Armory
  • "IMC Armory right here."
  • "IMC Armory out there."

Quip[ | ]

Nice / Celebration
  • "We gon fete when we done."
  • "Now dis is something to celebrate."
  • "We limin."
Thanks Squadmate
  • Season 10 Icon [to Octane] "Preciate it, O. I'm right, aren't I? Duardo trying to run the Syndicate himself."
    • "Thanks, Silva. Is your da wormin' his way into the Syndicate?"
Thanks after after first aid
  • Season 8 Icon [to Fuse] “Yuh think this funny?”
  • Season 9 [to Fuse] "And they say old dogs can't learn new tricks, huh?"
  • Season 9 [to Fuse] "Aw, Walter. Yuh did good! Nothin' I can't fix, anyway."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Octane Icon] "Glad you're finally pulling yuh weight."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Octane Icon] "Check the scoreboard, Silva."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Mad Maggie Icon] "Yuh, yuh. It's time for payback."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Mad Maggie Icon] "Hmph. This time I'm going harder.
You're Welcome
  • "Yuh welcome."
  • "Thank me when we win, yuh hear me?"
  • Season 9 [to Fuse] "Ugh... yuh funny bone's beyond repair."
  • [to Revenant] "That's how yuh gonna be, eh? Fyah fi yuh."
  • [to Revenant] "Oh, dis boy. Drop out, why don'cha."
You're Welcome for first aid
  • Season 13 Icon [to Octane Icon] "No more questions, we got a match to win."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Octane Icon] "Focus on the fight. Let's go."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Mad Maggie Icon] "Let's go."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Mad Maggie Icon] "Alright then, let's quit limin'."

Ring Status[ | ]

Inside Ring
  • "Seh one - we're all inside the ring."
  • [Alone] "Good thing I'm inside the Ring."
One minute until far ring closure
  • "Listen up, the ring be closing in one minute."
  • “Ring’s closin’ in 1.”
One minute until nearby ring closure
  • "Ring's nearby - one minute 'til close."
  • "One minute. Ring's nearby."
30 seconds until nearby ring closure
  • "Not far from the Ring. Half a minute."
10 seconds until nearby ring closure
  • "Ten seconds. The Ring's just ahead."
Ring closing
  • "Ring's moving."
  • "Listen up, the Ring’s moving."

Battle Royale Status[ | ]

First blood
  • "First blood. Good thing it's not us."
  • "The battle happens quick. Be ready."
  • (by your Squad) "Big up. We took first blood."
  • (by your Squad) "We took first blood."
Champion eliminated
  • "Ku deh. Champion out."
  • "Champion out."
New kill leader
  • "New kill leader. Eyes out for 'em.
Appointed as Kill Leader
  • “I’m the Kill Leader. We got this.”
  • "I'm the Kill Leader. Nuh romp wid mi."
  • [Alone] "Guess I'm the Kill Leader."
Squadmate appointed as Kill Leader
  • "Good work. New Kill Leader."
  • "You're the Kill Leader. Keep it up now."
Care Package incoming
  • "You hear that? There's a Care Package comin' down."
  • “Looks like a Care Package is comin’ in. Big things in that.”
Two Squads left
  • "Only 2 other Squads left."
  • [Alone] "Two enemy Squads left."
One Squad left
  • "Ku deh. Only one Squad left."
  • [Alone] "One more Squad. Easy."

Arenas Status[ | ]

Round 1 prep
  • "Stick by your healer. Yuh hear?"
  • "Stick together. Ain't nobody gon’ stop us."
Double Kill
  • "Got a double kill. Big up on me."
  • "Took two out myself."
Match Point prep - Winning
  • "Match point. Let's get this done."
  • "We’re gon’ win. Just bring it home."
  • "We’re close to winnin’. Work together, and this thing is ours.
Match Point prep - Losing
  • "No sky-larkin’… they’re about to win."
  • "Shif' yuh carcass. We can't let them win, now."

Abilities[ | ]

Deploying D.O.C. Heal Drone D.O.C. Heal Drone
  • "Deployin' health drone."
    • "Deploying health drone."
  • "Health drone, if ya need it."
  • "Go on now, say hello!"
  • "C'mon, say hello!"
  • "C'mon with ya, say hello!"
  • "Pass me that sugar."
  • [Alone] "Patch me up, D.O.C."
Calling in a Care Package Care Package
  • "Calling in a Lifeline Package."
  • "Listen up, I'm callin' a Lifeline Package in."
  • "Here's ya birthday present."
  • "Come and getcha birthday present."
  • [Alone] "Callin' in a Lifeline package. Gotta treat myself/yo' self."
  • [Alone] "Is it mah birthday already?"
  • [Alone] "Now, here's my birthday present."
  • [Alone] "Here's my birthday present."
Recalled back to Death Totem Death Totem
  • "Got yanked back to the Totem. Thing takes yuh for a ride."
  • "I'm back to the Totem. Watch yourself."
Silence Silenced
  • “Listen up, can’t use my abilities.”
  • “Can’t use my abilities right now.”

Lobby[ | ]

Map[ | ]

Switching to Kings Canyon
  • "Ridin' off to Kings Canyon."
  • "Kings Canyon, here I come."
Switching to World's Edge
  • "Bout to bring the beat to World's Edge."
  • "World's Edge, I'm coming yuh way."
Switching to Olympus
  • "Gon' take Olympus by storm, and I'm just gettin' warm."
  • "Olympus, that place is full of memories."

Switching to Storm Point

  • "Sailin' up on Storm Point. Hold onto yuh hats. (laughs)"
  • "Alright Storm Point, do yuh worst."

Ranked[ | ]

New Ranked Season
  • "Time to start a new Rank Season."
New Split
Rank up
Rank down
Silver Silver
Gold Gold
Platinum Platinum
Diamond Diamond
Apex Predator Apex Predator

Location[ | ]

The Icarus
  • "Gon' watch yourself 'round these vines. D.O.C.'s runnin' outta nuclear-grade antihistamines. yuh heear?"
  • "Jeez and ages. Ligature marks, bruising - must've been a munity. Took each other out. Nothin' else make sense."