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Real Name Ajay Che
Gender Female
Pronouns She/her
Age 26
Relatives Cherisse Che (mother)
Darion Che (father)
Homeworld Psamathe (Olympus)
Occupation Combat medic
Punk drummer
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Mela Lee
Appearances The Broken Ghost
Family Portrait
The Legacy Antigen
The Perfect Son
Family Business

Ajay Che, better known as Lifeline, is a Legend first introduced at the launch of Apex Legends. She is a combat medic who joined the Apex Games to raise funds for the Frontier Corps.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Ajay Che was born in 2709 on Olympus, Psamathe to Cherisse Che, a powerful Psamathian with ties to the Mercenary Syndicate & Darion Che, CEO of Chevrex Inc. Growing up in the floating city of Olympus, she was close friends with Octane, with the two attending the same schools and parties during their early lives. She additionally often baked cookies with her father. [1]

After the death of Navidad, Octane's pet rabbit, he knocked on Che's door early one morning for a makeshift funeral. Che gave a brief improvised eulogy. [2] Che and Octane would later say that this was the last time their friendship had nothing to do with their parents.[3]

Lifeline leaves home

Lifeline leaves home.

When she was around 19, Che and Octane attended a Chevrex gala in celebration of the company’s latest drone facility. That night, Che discovered the truth about her parents: they were war profiteers, taking advantage of the constant conflicts in the Frontier for a quick gain. In order to sort out her feelings, she deicded to take a trip away from home, and accompanied Octane to Solace for his gauntlet competition.

After arriving on the planet, the two entered the Paradise Lounge for a drink, but left immediately after being utterly repulsed by the atmosphere. They entered another venue, where they stayed and watched live music. Che greatly enjoyed the sound and attitude of the music, and eventually met one of the performing artists, a punk rock band known as the Flyer Liars. As Octane left, she stayed behind with the band. The band’s drummer encouraged her to begin practicing drumming, and Che demonstrated natural proficiency.

As time went on, Che began to fill in on drums for the band when the regular drummer was absent. About half a year went by, and she still haven't contacted her parents, until the Flyer Liars got booked to a charity event on Psamathe, run by the Frontier Corps. After seeing the downtrotten right on her home planet, she returned home and officially swore off her family, taking some clothes and her medical drone, D.O.C., before leaving Psamathe for good.

Che additionally joined the Frontier Corps, helping to bring humanitarian work across the Frontier. At some point, she assisted a mercenary veteran who often wrote to her afterward, calling himself her biggest fan.

Family Business[ | ]

Four months after leaving Psamathe for good, Che served in a battle with the Frontier Corps. Noticing a shortage of medical supplies in the Corps' field hospital, she contacted Octane for assistance. Despite initial claims that his father was donating medicine, Octane had truly brought Che along to raid a Silva Pharmaceuticals compound and steal the supplies.

The two entered the compound seamlessly and made their way to a storage room, where they began to fill their bags with Silva products. However, Octane was nearly apprehended by two guards, but was saved by quick action from Che. Despite this, the two had been caught, and a swarm of security drones arrived to corner them. The two were able to escape their grasp, and bombastically made their way out of the compound, flying away with wing suits.

Lifeline in fc hospital

Lifeline at work in the Corps' hospital.

After returning to the hospital and delivering the supplies, they were confronted by Cherisse Che and Eduardo Silva, who had witnessed the heist. Ordering her daughter to come home, the two attempted to have their guards open fire on the patients in the hospital as a lesson to her prodigal child. However, this was thwarted when Octane began to livestream the hostage situation.

To prevent another shortage, Che joined the Apex Games in 2731[4] to raise money for the Frontier Corps. Despite the ethical dilemma of competing in a bloodsport for this purpose, she rationalized it with the fact that she would be helping people with her performances. [5][6]

The Broken Ghost[ | ]

After Loba joined the Apex Games, she solicited the assistance of the other Legends (sans Revenant) to hunt down pieces of an artifact on an alternate Kings Canyon, in the Shadowfall dimension. [7]

Soon after their quest began, Wattson was injured during a sortie. [8] Revenant arrived after this to taunt the Legends. After the simulacrum left, Octane, having just returned from an intel-gathering date with a Hammond Robotics employee named Yoko Zepnewski, wished to rush into the Shadowfall dimension and retrieve each piece of Loba’s treasure himself. However, Bangalore refused to allow this without concrete proof of Zepnewski’s intel. Che agreed, jokingly referring to his date outfit as that of an accountant. Octane took this comment very personally and secretly left, leaving behind a note for Che to find. [9]

After reading the note, a furious Che pounded on Bangalore’s door, insisting that she send an extraction team to rescue her friend. When she refuses, she forces her out of her apartment and takes her to Zepnewski. As motivation, Bangalore receives proof of the information provided by Octane in exchange for an autograph for the Hammond employee. [10]

Soon after, a bloodied, legless Octane is recovered from the Shadowfall dimension. [11] After his recovery, he spitefully ignores Che. [12] However, this silent treatment is broken after the completed “treasure”, a reactivated Ash, mentions Olympus. [13][14]

Overtime[ | ]

One Saturday in 2733, Che and Octane complete an Apex Games match on Kings Canyon, signing autographs in the streets of Solace City. Afterward, the two arrive at a club, where Che performs with the Flyer Liars for the first time in three years. The show is interrupted by a wounded Pathfinder, who was pursued by scrappers. The scrappers enter the club and open fire, grievously wounding Che.

Octane takes Che to a local hospital for recovery, but the power is quickly cut. [15] After the hospital was leveled by a crashing aircraft, Che was rescued by Octane. [16]

Family Portrait[ | ]

A reluctant Che accompanied Octane, Gibraltar, and Pathfinder to a Chevrex charity event in Malta, Psamathe to obtain an antique MRVN battery from her father. [17] Intending for this to be a quick meeting after a tense reunion, [18] things quickly take a turn for the worse when a group of terrorists led by Creighton Sawtelle attack the event, seemingly incapacitating a curious Pathfinder. [19] Che refuses to leave, hoping to tend to the wounded. In response to this, Sawtelle ordered a mercenary to execute her. One, a disguised Gibraltar, steps forward. Wielding his war club and feigning a preparation to attack, [20] he stalls while Octane and a similarly feigning Pathfinder successfully fend the attackers off. [21] Che retrieves the battery and departs, reaffirming her animosity for her parents. [22]

Pathfinder's Quest[ | ]

Pathfinder met with Che while searching for information regarding his creator. The two discussed the history of the Outlands, as well as Che’s formative years on Psamathe and Solace. [5]

Armageddon[ | ]

Lifeline at fuse ceremony

Lifeline saves a child from Mad Maggie's attack.

After Mad Maggie’s attack on Kings Canyon, Che joins Fuse and Bloodhound on their expedition to fend her off. [23] After Maggie’s supposed death, she joins the others around a fire, giving a toast to second chances. [24]

The Legacy Antigen[ | ]

During the Medusa outbreak, Che remained on Olympus, hoping to assist in tending to the infected. During a shift at the hospital, she accidentally bumps into D.O.C. and plays a message unknowingly recorded by Octane after the attack on the museum in Malta, telling that the true culprit behind the incident was his father and CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals, Eduardo Silva. [25]

She then interrogated Sawtelle, confirming the theory that Silva was behind the attack. [26] Arriving at the Silva estate, she enters just in time to catch Silva confessing to and harassing his son, holding the CEO at gunpoint with a Peacekeeper. Silva quickly leaves, and Che reassures Octane that he is not and will not be a failure. [27] The two later paint the Silva Pharmaceuticals logo on the hull of the ICS Icarus, as Silva was the one to direct the fleet and its contagious payload to Olympus. [28]

Season 12 Launch Trailer[ | ]

During Mad Maggie's first Apex Games match, Silva used the latest installation on Olympus, the Phase Driver, to teleport the floating city to the surface of Psamathe. Though most of the Legends believed that Maggie was the perpetrator, she meets with Che and Octane after being placed on a team with them, showing Silva's green glasses that she had stolen during an engagement below the city to prove her innocence. [29]

After the match, the three discussed Silva's intentions, agreeing to work together in an attempt to curb his ambitions. Octane offers to snoop around his family's estate to search for intel, with Che initially ridiculing the idea. [30]

The Perfect Son[ | ]

Che was teamed with Fuse and Maggie in a subsequent match on Storm Point. While her teammates fended off a swarm of Carthage spiders, Che lamented to them regarding the situation with Octane and his impulsiveness. The two Legends responded with their own takes, both drawing from their personal histories. Maggie stated that the only person Che can depend on is herself, and Fuse stated that it's good to rely on one's friends, but they should always be given space. The two began to fight over their responses while Che fended off a second wave of spiders. She was interrupted by a sudden phone call and left the arena, having received an urgent message from the Frontier Corps [31] regarding a sudden donation from Silva. [32]

Meeting with Octane, Che learned that the funds had come from Eduardo. Upon hearing this, she lashed out, declaring that there must be an ulterior motive to the donation and expressing frustration that Octane would allow him to get so close to the Frontier Corps' files. After talking, the two decided to try to break into Eduardo's safe. Not trusting Octane to execute his plan, Che charged him to stand guard. With the help of D.O.C., she was able to access the safe, finding a death certificate that uncovered a dark secret - the real Eduardo Silva has been dead for years. [33]

Che revealed this to Octane, who, having found a video of his "father" declaring his love for his family, reacts with incredulity. The two then fought over their next steps. Che stated that Silva considers his son to be worthless, and Octane retorted with the insults Che has given him over the years - "baby," "screw up", "dead weight." He then lets slip in an insult that Che is simply jealous that his father loves him. Che began to leave in order to reveal the death certificate, but Octane stole it and destroyed it, declaring an end to their friendship.[34]

After "Eduardo" was elected as the "One Voice of the Syndicate", replacing the Syndicate council, he rebranded the Frontier Corps into the more militaristic Syndicate Corps, placing Cherisse Che at its head. Feeling that there was nowhere else to go, Che approached Maggie at her prison cell beneath Olympus, declaring her intent to "burn [the Outlands] down."[35]

Season 13 Launch Trailer[ | ]

Che assisted in fighting the beast that came ashore on Storm Point.[36]

Season 13[ | ]

After the rebranding of the Frontier Corps, Che was stated to be a spokesperson for the organization, likely unwillingly.[37]

Season 16[ | ]

Near the anniversary of the Apex Games, Che attempted to recruit Crypto, Fuse, and Bloodhound for an operation against the Mercenary Syndicate. However, she was only able to recruit Crypto.[38]

During a party held at the Silva estate, Che broke away from a conversation and entered Torres' office, inserting a drive into his computer to grant Crypto access. She was nearly caught by Torres, who was distracted by a quick diversion from Octane. Escaping over the balcony, she returned to the party and was informed by Crypto of his findings - the Syndicate Corps was planning an off-the-books operation to Salvo.

Che then reported her findings to Maggie in her prison cell in Malta. Stating her intent to venture to Salvo, she was dissuaded by Maggie, who told her it's dangerous to go there without an accompanying Salvonian - especially for the daughter of the Che family. Che later met with Fuse at a bar, requesting passage to Salvo.

While on Salvo, Che and Fuse confronted members of the Cracked Talon in one of their hideouts. However, this quickly turned into a shootout, as the Cracked Talon were not pleased to see intruders, much less Fuse. To ward off their attackers, Che called in a Care Package Care Package, stopping the fight and crushing Mouth, a Cracked Talon mercenary, beneath rubble. She moved to heal his injuries, but was called soft in return, with Mouth stating that "playin' savior" wouldn't get any information out of anyone. In response, Che ripped D.O.C. away. Though Fuse was shocked by this, she was able to get a name from him - Skudge, who was apparently an old associate of Fuse. Before Fuse could explain, however, he left, telling Che that she was crossing lines she can't come back from.[39]

Returning to Maggie's cell, Che reported the information about Skudge. Maggie only scoffed, stating that pursuing Skudge was a race toward death without breaking her out first. Che then ordered for D.O.C. to electrocute and disable a camera, attacked the guard acting as her chaperone, and freed Maggie from her cell. During their escape, the two were stopped by the prison's warden, who was quickly incapacitated by Maggie. She then attacked Che, knocking a tooth out of her mouth to make it seem as if she tried to stop Maggie. The two then departed, en route to Salvo.[40] At some point, Che was able to recruit Loba to their cause.

Kill Code[ | ]

Once on Salvo, Che visited a bar with Maggie and Loba, where Maggie reunited with Skudge, who works as a bartender. After intimidating him and asking for Torres's whereabouts, Skudge directed them to an armored bunker nearby. Breaking in with Loba's help, the trio found several deactivated Specters and a console, on which Che found information about several similar locations across the Outlands. Inserting a drive obtained from Crypto, she attempted to download this information, but was interrupted when Loba activated the facility's security systems. She withdrew the drive, causing an incomplete transfer.

After Maggie's interruption, the three began to fight their way out of the facility. With the doors about to close, Che ripped a Kraber from the arms of a Specter and threw it to the door, propping it open and allowing the three to escape. Once outside, the three found themselves pinned down by the Specters, which were working to break through the door and continue their attack. The three were quickly rescued by Valkyrie, allowing them to regroup and deliver the information to Crypto.[41]

While the Legends stepped out so Crypto could work on the decryption, he was attacked by Revenant, but the simulacrum was quickly apprehended by the Legends. Che and the Legends made a brief truce with him to break into a Hammond Robotics facility in Malta in an attempt to destroy the simulacrum's source code to keep it out of the hands of Silva. Disguising themselves as Hammond Robotics employees, they were quickly discovered after Che's shoddy cover was blown, having been recognized by a fan of her music. They were soon cornered by a horde of Spectres, Reapers, and Ticks, and joined forces to fight their way out of the facility - despite some resistance from Loba, who wished for Revenant to stay alive and suffer. After taking out the Reaper, Revenant's source code was taken away by Silva using Loba's misplaced Black Market Boutique staff.[42]

Soon after, Che visited Navidad's grave on Olympus and created a rabbit's foot keychain with a tracking device implanted in it, intending to give it to Octane to continue her surveillance against the Silvas.[43] She invited Octane to a meeting at the Firing Range, where she gave him the rabbit's foot, claiming it to be a peace offering.[3]

Following the trail of this tracker, Che and the other Legends tracked the Silvas to one final facility, where Revenant reclaimed his source code. As Loba attempted to destroy it, Torres revealed the full extent of Revenant's upgrades to the simulacrum: he was able to control any manufactured shell as if it were his own body. Killing Torres, Revenant launched an attack against the Legends using his spare bodies. The Legends escaped with the help of Valkyrie.[44]

Appearances[ | ]

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Transition Blurbs
  • Season 2 Icon Paying Forward
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  • Season 8 Icon Strong-Arming
  • Season 8 Icon Tea for Two (mentioned)
  • Season 12 My Sindiket Report (mentioned)
  • Season 12 D.O.C. Audio Log 12.1.0084
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  • Season 13 Icon Margaret Kōhere's Lessons (Mentioned)
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Trivia[ | ]

The Kodai logo.
  • It is unknown in which exact year Lifeline discovers her parents' war profiteering. When recalling the events that lead to her ditching her family, Lifeline believe it was when she was 19; if Ajay's birthday is at the tail end of the year, while her 19th birthday is at 2728, a few months later (2729) is still 19 in her mind. If the drone facility open no earlier than March 2729, then after an approximate half a year (as she recalled) and then four monthes later (ie. 10 months), it will land the main events of Family Business in 2730, which match Bangalore's entry into the games.
  • Lifeline's bandana features the logo of Kodai, a company featured in all of the Titanfall games and Apex Legends.
    • With Lifeline's parents' company being a branch of AI Logic and not Kodai as was initially assumed, it is currently unknown why she has the bandana with Kodai's logo.
  • Lifeline plays drums as a hobby as represented in her default finisher, a banner pose, her animations, and her heirloom.
  • Lifeline's drone, D.O.C., has recording and lockpicking capabilities. [33]
  • Lifeline carries food with her during Apex Games matches to give to her teammates.[45]
  • Lifeline visits the competitors she injures after matches and gives them cookies.[45]

  • Lifeline's Tricky Stardust skin references the music of David Bowie, specifically the character of Ziggy Stardust.
  • Lifeline's Healing Huntress skin references the Predator franchise.
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