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Lillian Peck
Lillian Peck
Real Name Lillian Peck
Relatives Newton Somers (godson)
Homeworld Psamathe
Occupation Philanthropist
Status Deceased
Real-world Info

Lillian Peck was a philanthropist who funded the development of Olympus.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Peck was a billionaire humanitarian who funded many humanitarian efforts throughout the Outlands. She founded the Peck Foundation for this purpose.

Peck shared a close relationship with her colleague, Dr. Mary Somers. The two were very close friends, and Peck acted as the godmother of Somers' young son, Newton.[1] When Newton was 14, he begged Peck for a pair of exquisite nunchaku. She obliged and bought them for her godson.[2]

In 2640, Peck and the Peck Foundation constructed the floating city of Olympus on Psamathe, serving as a hub for scientific progress.[3]

Eventually, Peck and her colleagues discovered that the Outlands were to soon face a drastic energy crisis: by 2699, all energy resources in the Outlands would be depleted. She invited Somers and her assistant to come to Olympus to work towards finding a solution.[1]

Peck presumably passed away sometime before Somers returned to the Outlands.

Appearances[ | ]

In-Game Online Media Publications
Transition Blurbs
  • Season 7 Icon The Peck Foundation (mentioned)
  • Season 7 Icon Crisis to Avert
Quest side stories

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