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Lisa Stone
Lisa Stone
Real Name Lisa Stone
Gender Female
Occupation News anchor
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Anna Graves

Lisa Stone is a news anchor for Outlands TV.

Lore[ | ]

Up Close and Personal[ | ]

Stone hosted an interview featuring Forge on Outlands TV. During the interview, the lights began to flicker, and Forge was quickly assassinated by a mysterious figure.[1] Stone escaped unharmed.[2]

Season 5[ | ]

Stone interviewed Elliott Witt at his bar, where he spoke about the origins of the Paradise Lounge and the recent destruction of Skull Town by Loba Andrade.

Season 11[ | ]

After the Medusa outbreak on Olympus, Outlands TV seemed to become a mouthpiece for Torres Silva and Silva Pharmaceuticals. Stone hosted a podcast to highlight perceived problems with the Mercenary Syndicate's rule and to promote Silva's attempted takeover of the Syndicate council.[3]

Season 13[ | ]

Lisa Stone at the interview with Obi Edolasim

Lisa Stone at the interview with Obi Edolasim

Later on, Stone invited Obi Edolasim for an interview on Outlands TV. During the interview, Stone deviated from the agreed-upon questions, taking the chance to use the interview as an attempted character assassination against Edolasim and attempting to paint him as uncaring towards the fate of his home world. Upon realizing this, a disappointed Edolasim departed the interview. Not long after the interview was over, Stone would speak highly of Silva Pharmaceuticals' supposed efforts in bettering the Outlands, heavily implying that Torres Silva was involved in changing the interview's questions.[4]

Stone's character assassination succeeded, as Seer's reputation plummeted on Boreas afterwards.[5]

Appearances[ | ]

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