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This page contains a list of all story blurbs attached to Legend and Weapon skins.

Legend Skins[ | ]

Image Blurb
Niflheim Hundr Bloodhound Bloodhound - Niflheim Hundr
In a battle for their very soul, Bloodhound traveled to an otherworldly realm of mists to either defeat or be defeated by these ethereal manifestations of their sins, sins they believed were the reason for Talos' impending destruction.
Wise Warrior Bloodhound Bloodhound - The Old Ways Lore Event Wise Warrior
Bloodhound was raised by their uncle Artur, who believed technology weakens one's spirit. He taught young Bloodhound to trust in nature and one's own instincts according to the Old Ways.
Young Blood Bloodhound Bloodhound - The Old Ways Lore Event Young Blood
Raised in a village that rejected automation, Bloodhound grew up knowing nothing of modern technology. But one day they found and used an abandoned Charge Rifle to fight a powerful beast, and their life changed forever.
Gentle Giant Gibraltar Gibraltar - Genesis Collection Event Gentle Giant
The Search and Rescue Association of Solace was founded by the Gibraltar family in 2525. Makoa Gibraltar enlisted as a part-time volunteer and continues to prioritize his duty over being a Legend on a daily basis.
Millennium Tusk Gibraltar Gibraltar - Millenium Tusk
When a Chevrex benefit dinner was hijacked by wannabe mobsters with Gibraltar in attendance, he stole one of their uniforms and posed as part of the group to save the day - like Gibraltars do.
London Calling Lifeline Lifeline - London Calling
On a trip to Solace, Lifeline befriended and joined a touring punk band called The Flyer Liars. It was a small step out of her parents’ wealthy world - one that eventually gave her the strength to leave home for good.
Vital Signs Lifeline Lifeline - Vital Signs
Ajay Che was always the first with her hand up to volunteer for the most extreme expeditions in her time with the Frontier Corps - so much that they were informally dubbed "Chexpeditions."
Mischief Medic Lifeline Lifeline - Mischief Medic
Joining the Frontier Corps was Lifeline's way of making up for her family's mistakes, but even with the best intentions, she couldn't escape her family's reputation.
Memoir Noir Pathfinder Pathfinder - Fight Night Collection Event Memoir Noir
Years ago, Pathfinder woke up in an abandoned warehouse with no knowledge of his past. Then, one fateful day, his good friend Victor Maldera helped him unlock pieces of his forgotten memories.
SRVN MRVN Pathfinder Pathfinder - Grand Soirée Themed Event SRVN MRVN
Pathfinder once attended a high society charity event on Malta. Unfortunately, the party blew up before he could give a toast to friends, friendship, and riding a zipline with friends.
The Liberator Wraith Wraith - The Liberator
Once a senior science Pilot, Dr. Renee Blasey was driven to unlock the secrets of Phase tech and volunteered for experimental trials. The tests went wrong and stripped her of her memories - but ARES wasn’t willing to let her go so easily.
Voidwalker Wraith Wraith - Voidwalker Lore Event Voidwalker
Wraith spent years as an ARES Division test subject, exposed to increasingly dangerous experiments. She had lost hope of ever escaping until she met an unlikely ally: herself, from another dimension.
Decorated Line Bangalore Bangalore - Genesis Collection Event Decorated Line
Sergeant First Class Anita Williams was born into a military family, both parents veterans of the Titan Wars. This IMC soldier's first uniform was more than a badge of honor, it was a symbol of family.
MIL-SPEC Bangalore Bangalore - Sale Icon MIL-SPEC
A product of her military family, Bangalore’s loyalty has always lain with the IMC. However, those loyalties were tested when they came to kill her brother.
Blackheart Caustic Caustic - Blackheart
Alexander Nox denies involvement in an infamous prison break on Gaea, asserting that the culprit was merely a lookalike. However, the individual who corroborated his account can no longer be located.
Necrosis Caustic Caustic - System Override Collection Event Necrosis
Caustic, sensing his death was imminent, at one point sought to become a Simulacrum. His project proposal was rejected after the results of his psychological exam proved troubling.
Angel City Hustler Mirage Mirage - Angel City Hustler
Elliott worried his first holodevices he built with his mother, Evelyn, needed more "pizazzling." Evelyn reassured her son that he didn't need "pizazzle" to look heroic.
The Victory Lap Octane Octane - The Victory Lap
As Octane's feed exploded - literally and figuratively - fame, fortune, and fanaticism screamed for his attention. He couldn't hear it over his favorite sound: his racing heartbeat.
Inconspicuous Crypto Crypto - Genesis Collection Event Inconspicuous
Before Tae Joon Park was a wanted man, he was a gifted programmer and engineer. The drone cameras that broadcast the Apex Games were originally his creation. In another life, they may have made him famous.
Petty Theft Loba Loba - Genesis Collection Event Petty Theft
Loba was the daughter of two prolific grifters. After their deaths left her with nothing, she swore she would rise from the ashes into a life of wealth and privilege - and she would do it with the tools they gave her.
Real Steel Fuse Fuse - Real Steel
When Walter Fitzroy first started fighting in the Bonecage, he tried a few different personas before landing on essentially himself. There was Walt'titude, Mr. Biffo, and - a cult favorite - Timebomb.
Birthright Valkyrie Valkyrie - Birthright
Valkyrie ultimately finds her father’s frozen body in space, still in his Titan. He finally receives the funeral he deserves, but she keeps his helmet. Not to mourn his life... but celebrate it.
Heroic Command Newcastle Newcastle - Heroic Command
Jackson Williams joined the IMC, like everyone in his family, hoping to become a hero his family could be proud of. However, when left with the decision to follow orders or save the people serving under him, he had to revaluate what it means to be a hero.
Ice Cold Vantage Vantage - Ice Cold
Hunter by day, storyteller by night; Vantage loved to conjure tall tales for her mother's amusement. Her favorite was the fable of Vesuvius, a honey-loving polar bear whose fear of bees sent him on a series of ridiculous escalating arctic shenanigans to acquire it.
Hyped Healer Lifeline Lifeline - Hyped Healer
On a trip to Solace, Lifeline befriended and joined a touring punk band called The Flyer Liars. It was a small step out of her parents' wealthy world - one that eventually gave her the strength to leave home for good.
Static Specter Wattson Wattson - 4th Anniversary Collection Event Static Specter
Inspired by NiceWigg
Designed by VinegarAndSoda
Arctic Fusion Fuse Fuse - 4th Anniversary Collection Event Arctic Fusion
Inspired by TIE Ru

Designed by Galehowl

Project 19 Ash Ash - Dressed to Kill Collection Event Project 19
Ash would betray her grandma for a payday. But Ash isn't the only mind living inside her memory banks... A reckoning is coming, it's just a matter of time.
Classic Revenant Revenant - Classic
Revenant's original form was designed for one thing: Fear. Only the strings of Hammond Industries could keep him in check, until they were cut.
Former Glory Revenant Revenant - Former Glory
Revenant was once a flesh and blood killing machine named Kaleb Cross. When the Mercenary Syndicate wanted someone dead, he was the man to call.
Heist Fashion Octane Octane - Heist Fashion
While conventional wisdom suggests all-black or camouflage are appropriate heist attire, Octane recommends only one thing: WINGSUITS!
Quarantine 722 Wraith Wraith - Quarantine 722

Long before she was a deadly voidwalker, Dr. Renee Blasey was a scientist working under the IMC's ARES Division on a mysterious project known only as: WRAITH.

Weapon Skins[ | ]

Image Blurb
Ivory Fang P2020 P2020 - Ivory Fang

The signature weapon of Loba Andrade, for when you absolutely, positively have to kill someone... with style.

Safety First Charge Rifle Charge Rifle - Safety First

Bloodhound once used a Charge Rifle to defeat a mighty Goliath, though it was Bloodhound's tactics and keen mind that won the day.

Crackling Surge Rampage Rampage LMG - Crackling Surge
Inspired by The Gaming Merchant
Designed By Cryophase
Aftershock Wave R-301 R-301 Carbine - Aftershock Wave
Inspired by LuluLuvely
Twisted Transistor Nemesis Nemesis Burst AR - Twisted Transistor
Rampart's prototype for the Nemesis was a (nearly functional!) thing of beauty, until the Sisters stole the design, completed it, and took credit for themselves.
Superconductor Nemesis Nemesis Burst AR - Superconductor
Rampart's prototype for the Nemesis was a (nearly functional!) thing of beauty, until the Sisters stole the design, completed it, and took credit for themselves.
Daemon Hunter CAR C.A.R. SMG - Daemon Hunter
Inspired by MAKINAYT
Designed by VONHEXA
Lady Grey CAR C.A.R. SMG - Lady Grey
There's only two things August Brinkman needs in life: a zesty bergamot hit from a cup of Lady Grey tea... and the Thunderdome era gun he named after it.