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Character SelectEdit

  • "Enough flirting, save it for when we win."
  • "This outfit could use some high caliber accessories..."
  • "I'm always dressed to kill."
  • "Business IS my pleasure."
  • "After what I've seen, nothing down there scares me."
  • "Gold goes so well with a diamond-like me."
  • "Time to dig up some gold."
  • "Underestimate me, and pay the price."
  • "What do you get for the girl that has everything? More."
  • "Let's not finish quickly. Where's the fun in that?"
  • "I came here for revenge, but I'll stay for the treasure."
  • "I've got what you need if you can afford it."
  • "We'll get along beautifully, just don't touch my things."
  • "I don't settle, I'm not made that way."
  • "The girl with a cold hard cash is always Miss Right."
  • "Watch out: I'll eat you alive."
  • "We're going to do beautiful things together."
  • "Need something? I'm sure we can come to an agreement."
  • "Only the best for my friends."
  • "I'm looking for someone special to... take out."


  • "You think you're tough? Try fighting in six-inch heels."
  • "Come on, let's see if we're a match."
  • "I don't want to kill you. But, you're in my way."
  • "I've fought nightmares all my life. None of you scare me."
  • "I'll break your heart and then I'll break everything else."
  • "A powerful woman knows what she wants. And what I want is down there."
  • "Beauty is pain. I'm the beauty, and... well, you can guess the rest."
  • "Careful... I'll steal more than just your heart."
  • "I know what I came for. I'll get it one way or another."
  • "I know what I like. And I know how to get it."
  • "I know what you're looking for. Come see me."
  • "I'll take your life and your loot. I'm exceptionally good at both."
  • "I'm a maneater and a ladykiller. I enjoy variety."
  • "I'm the diamond - You're the rough."
  • "Most beautiful things are fragile. Not me."
  • "Pick out something nice for me, won't you?"
  • "Riches make the man. I can't wait to see what you're made of."
  • "There's a certain elegance to combat. I'll show you."
  • "Time to break some hearts."
  • "Wait until you see what I have in store."
  • "You can't be overdressed or overarmed."


  •   "Sorry beautiful. It's not you, it's me."
  •   "I’ve been saving this for a special occasion."
  •   "How kind of you to roll out the red carpet."
  • "A faint heart never won a lady like me."
  • "A fool and their treasures are soon parted."
  • "A gun is like a beautiful woman. Hold her tight or someone else will."
  • "A lady never kills and tells."
  • "All that loot looks heavy, let me help you with that."
  • "All this for me? You definitely should have."
  • "And here's what's left of your legacy, took away in a box."
  • "Beauty before whatever you are."
  • "Brought to your knees by a beautiful woman, don't be so surprised."
  • "Don't be embarrassed, it happen to everyone sometimes."
  • "Even nightmares aren't so frightening in the light of day."
  • "Goodnight beautiful. Maybe this will go better in your dreams."
  • "I could sell the clothes off your back but I'm in a bit of a hurry."
  • "I had to claw my way to the top, you thought I was going to let you stop me?"
  • "I make it look easy, don't I?"
  • "I stopped being afraid a long time ago, you should give it a try."
  • "It was fun while it lasted... For me."
  • "It's been a pleasure doing business with you."
  • "It's not just about having it, it's about taking it."
  • "It's nothing personal, maybe we'll be friends next time."
  • "Learn the steps before you try tango with me."
  • "Now for the best part... Looting your corpse."
  • "Now, let's see what treasures you have for me."
  • "One little fight is no reason to lose your composure."
  • "Thanks for holding my things, beautiful."
  • "The most beautiful creatures has the deadliest venom."
  • "The quickest way to a man's heart, it's through his chest."
  • "This was a match made in heaven, well maybe not for you."
  • "To the victor goes the spoils."
  • "What can I say? You were in my way."
  • "What lovely treasures. I think I'll take them."
  • "What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine."
  • "What, did I distract you? That's never happened before."
  • "When you've been chased by nightmares nothing scares you."
  • "Would you like a kiss to make it better? Dream on."
  • "You can't take it with you because I'm taking it with me."
  • "You drive a hard bargain. I'm glad we could come to an agreement."
  • "You got blood on my shoes!"
  • "You had me in your sights and you couldn't closed the deal. Typical."
  • "You made the mistake of taking what I wanted."
  • "You were just going to spray and pray? Where's your sense of style?"


I'm Jumpmaster
  • "I'm the Jumpmaster. You're falling for me already."
  • "I'm the Jumpmaster. Don't worry, I'll take care of you."
  • "I'm the Jumpmaster. I do like taking the reins."
  • "Lovely, I'm the Jumpmaster."
Here we go/Diving as Jumpmaster
  • "Remember - Eyes on the prize."
  • "Let's find something good."
  • "Eyes on the prize"
Skydive Emote
  • "Woooo!"
  • "Yeah! Hahahaha..."
Taking damage
  • "They're shooting at me."
  • "Taking fire."
  • "Damn it. I'm hit."
  • "Taking damage."
Another Squad attacking
  • "There's another Squad on us."
  • "Another Squad's attacking."
Healing up/recharging shields/Phoenix Kit
  • "Healing."
  • "Hold on. I need to heal."
  • "Recharging shields."
  • "Freshening up with a Phoenix Kit."
Opening fire on the enemy
  • [Far] "I hurt them."
  • "Shooting."
  • "Firing."
Downed an enemy
  • "Enemy down."
  • "Target down."
  • "Enemy dropped."
Another enemy down
  • "Dropped another one."
Multiple Enemies downed
  • "Downed more than a few. They keep falling for me."
  • "I downed a few enemies. I lost count after three"
  • "Don't mind me, just taking out a small army."
Killed an enemy
  • "Enemy killed."
  • "Took care of that one."
Kill in Pathfinder's Fight Night
  • "Don't feel bad, I've been doing this since I was ten."
  • "Knocked out by a knockout."
Whole squad down
  • "Another Squad down."
  • "That was the end of that Squad."
  • "We took out the whole Squad."
  • "Whole Squad down. Now, let see what they left us."
  • "Whole Squad down. And they left gifts."
  • [Solo] "A whole squad fell for me!"
Squad Scattered
  • "We're scattered, boys and girls. Come on, I don't bite."
Squadmate gets a kill
  • [Revenant kills] "Quite a killer. As always."
  • "Damn it, that hurt. I'm down.
  • "I'm down."
I got you / Reviving Squadmate
  • "It's your lucky day. I've got you."
  • "Come on, I still need you."
  • [to Revenant] "Die later. We need more firepower.
    • "Die later. We need firepower now!"
  • [to Revenant] "You can die when I'm done with you."
Successful self-revive
  • "They underestimated me. Perfect."
  • "Not my first dance with death. I lead. It follows."
  • "Oh! I couldn't leave so many treasures behind.
    • "I couldn't leave so many treasures behind."
  • "I'm not done yet."
Performing Last Request finisher
  • "You should smile more."
Just the two of us now
  • "Just us now. I hope I can count on you.
  • "Lost one. We're on our own now."
  • [with Revenant] "Lost one. Now I'm stuck with the demon. Wonderful."
  • [with Revenant] "Lost a teammate. It should have been you, (demon/demonio)."
Grenade in area
  • "Grenade. Move."
  • "Grenade!"
Got our Squadmate's banner
  • "I looted our teammate's banner."
  • "I have our teammate's banner. Lucky them."
  • [to Revenant] "Speak of the devil, I have his banner."
  Vault Key acquired
  • "I found a Vault Key. That was almost too easy."
  • "I've the Vault Key!"
Opened vault
  • "I opened the vault. Ladies first."
  Arc Star thrown.
  • "Tossing an Arc Star."
  • "Throwing an Arc Star."
  Thermite Grenade thrown
  • "Tossing Thermite."
  • "Thermite out."
Flyer shot down
  • "Flyer down. Sorry, beautiful."
Cargo Bot shot down
  • "Cargo bot knocked. Now, let's see what it has for me."
  • "Shot a cargo bot."
Exiting Trident
  • “Making my exit here.”
Dropping Holo-Spray
  • "A parting gift."
  • "Sealed with a kiss."
  • [with Revenant] "You're not used to feeling this way. Powerless. Ineffective. Impotent. Well, there's a first time for everything."


Pinging location in the dropship
  • "I bet that's a good spot. Woman's intuition."
  • "I like this spot."
  • "Let's land here."
Pinging location
  • "Let's go here."
  • "Let's see what we have over here."
  • "I bet we'll find something good here."
    • "I bet we'll find something good here. Woman's intuition"
    • "I bet we'll find something good here. Fish's intuition"
  • "This way. Let's go."
  • "Come with me -- over here."
  • "Quick. Here."
  • [to Revenant] "The hell with that and the hell with you."
Calling Dibs
  • "Dibs."
  • "I'll take that."
  • "Just what I needed."
Canceled ping
  • "I changed my mind."
  • "Forget it."
  • "Nevermind."
  • "Actually, no."
Pinging Enemy
  • "Enemy right here."
  • "I have eyes on the enemy."
  • "Enemy here."
    • "Ssh. Enemy here."
  • "Target here."
  • "I spy an enemy."
  • "Lookout, enemy here."
  • "I see an enemy." (far)
  • "Enemy there." (far)
  • "Target over there" (far)
  • "Watch out. Enemy there." (far)
  • "Enemy that way" (far)
Looting this area / Looting over here
  • "I need something. Checking here."
  • "Checking supplies over here. Don't worry, I'll share."
  • "Looting here. I've got a good feeling about this."
  • "Mmmmm… What treasures will I find here…"
  • "This looks like a good place to loot."
  • [Far] "Looting over there."
Attacking here
  • "They've got what I want. Hitting them here"
    • "Hitting them here."
  • "Time to start some trouble…"
  • [Far] "I think I might start a fight over there."
Going here / Heading to a location
  • "Going this way."
  • "I'm going to check this out."
  • "I like the look of this spot. I won't go far."
  • [Far] "Checking out what's over there. If I need you, you'll know."
  • [Far] "Going to take a peek over there."
  • [Far] "If anyone needs me, I'll be over there."
Enemy Activity / Location Compromised
  • "Someone's already been through here. I don't do hand-me-downs."
  • "Someone's been there. Keep an eye out."
Defending this area
  • "Defending this spot."
  • "I'll hold this spot."
  • "I'll be keeping them away from this spot."
  • [Far] "I'll set up some defense over there."
  • [Far] "That looks like a perfect place to defend."
Watching here
  • "Keeping watch here. I'll let you know if I see anything."
  • "I got eyes on this spot."
  • "I'll keep watch over here."
On my way
  • [to Revenant] “I’m coming for you, bastard.”
  • [to Revenant] “I’m coming for you, you son of a bitch.”
Pinging Teammate's Banner
  • "Get that banner, now!"
Pinging L-STAR EMG
  • "L-STAR here. Isn't she lovely?"
Pinging Devotion LMG
  • "Devotion here. Isn't she lovely?"
Pinging Kraber .50-cal Sniper
  • "Kraber here, she's top of the line.
Pinging Treasure pack
  • "Treasure pack here."
  • "Treasure pack here. How charming."
Pinging Supply Ship
  • "Supply ship over there."
  • "Supply Ship over there... just waiting to be looted."
Pinging Flyer
  • "Flyer over there. They like the finer things."
  • "Flyer here. Isn't she beautiful?"
Pinging   Perimeter Security
  • "Fence here."
Pinging Enemy   Perimeter Security
  • "Enemy fence here."
Pinging   Nox Gas Trap
  • "This trap's ours, right?"
Pinging Enemy   Nox Gas Trap
  • "Enemy trap here. They thought they were clever."
Pinging   Dome of Protection
  • "Shield up here."
Pinging   Dimensional Rift
  • "Portal here."
Pinging   Launch Pad
  • "Jump pad here."
Pinging   Black Market Boutique
  • "Black Market here. In the mood for some shopping?"
  • "Black Market here.
  • "Black Market there. Go on - See what's inside." (far)
  • [to Fuse] “Black Market here. I’m sure I have something fit for a Champion of Salvo.”
  • [to Fuse] “Black Market here. See anything that suits you, Mr. Fitzroy?”
Pinging Enemy   Black Market Boutique
  • "Enemy Black Market here. They shouldn't leave their things lying around."
Pinging   Death Totem
  • "Totem here. It makes my skin crawl."
Pinging   Amped Cover
  • "Barrier here."
Pinging Enemy   Amped Cover
  • "Got an enemy barrier in the way."
Pinging   Emplaced Minigun "Sheila"
  • "Turret here."
Pinging Enemy   Emplaced Minigun "Sheila"
  • "Damn, there's an enemy turret here."
Pinging   Gravity Lift
  • "Gravity life here. Hmm, that’s some impressive tech."
Pinging   Gravity Lift
  • "Watch it, Black Hole here."
Pinging Enemy Trap
  • "Enemy trap here. They thought they were clever."
Pinging Care Package
  • "Care Package over there... just waiting to be opened."
  • "Care Package over here. Let's see what we have."
Pinging Loot Tick
  • "Loot tick here. Aren't you pretty?"
Pinging Explosive Hold when doesn't have ordnance
  • "Just waiting to be cracked. Who will do the honors?"
Pinging   Evo Shield
  • "Evo Shield here"
    • "Ready to do some damage?"
Pinging Legendary Items
[Quip] Thanking teammate
  • "Aren't you sweet. Thank you.
  • "Thanks, beautiful."
  • [to Revenant] "I hope you don't expect me to thank you."
  • [to Revenant] "I'm not thanking you, (demon/demonio)."
  • [to Pathfinder] "Thanks, but don't forget: I'm keeping an eye on you, robot."
[Quip] Thanking Squadmate for the first-aid
  • "Well, aren't you sweet?"
  • "I owe you one, beautiful."
    • "Whew - I owe you one, beautiful."
  • [to Revenant] "Get your claws off me."
  • [to Revenant] "Talk about them again. I dare you."
  • [to Revenant] "Even when you are helping, you are appalling."
  • [to Revenant] "Ugh, and they say chivalry is dead"
  • [to Bangalore] "Thank you, sergeant."
  • [to Bangalore] "Kind of you to have my back."
[Quip] You're welcome
  • [After first-aid] "You’re sweet, I couldn’t let you go to pieces”
  • [After first-aid] “Of course, beautiful. I’ll always remember this moment.”
  • "Only the best for my friends."
  • "Don't forget who hooked you up."
  • [to Revenant] "Shut up, (demon/demonio). Your voice is grating."
    • "Shut up. Your voice is grating."
  • [to Revenant] "Ugh..."
  • [to Revenant] "Would you be quiet? I can't hear myself think."
  • [to Revenant when asking for his Source code ] "When I know, you'll know."
  • [to Revenant] "You talk a lot... for someone without a mouth."
[Quip] Nice / Celebration
  • "Well, aren't you impressive... I might have to add you to my collection."
  • "That was lovely. Let's do it again sometime."
  • "Ahh haha... Beautifully done."
    • "Ha! Beautifully done."
    • "Ahh... Beautifully done."

Arena StatusEdit

First blood
  • [By Squad] "Took First blood. I don't hold back."
  • "First blood. That was quick."
  • "First blood already... That's what happens when you get too excited."
Champion killed
  • "Looks like that Champion was all talk."
  • "Guess the Champion couldn't keep up."
  • [By Squad] "Looks like we killed the Champion. I thought it would be more exciting."
Appointed as Kill Leader
  • "I'm the new Kill Leader. I'd rather be looting, but, if they insist."
  • "I'm the Kill Leader. They should have stayed out of my way."
  • "Mmm... Kill Leader. Has a nice ring to it."
  • "Hmm, Kill Leader. Has a nice ring to it."
  • [Solo] "I'm the Kill Leader. A lone wolf with a bite."
New Kill Leader appointed
  • "Ooh, we have a new Kill Leader. I can't wait to meet them."
  • "New Kill Leader? Interesting."
  • [Squadmate Revenant appointed] "The demon is our Kill Leader. Of course… it's all he knows."
Kill Leader Eliminated
  • [Alone] "And Loba Andrade did it all on her own, Not the first time."
Care Package inbound
  • "Hmm, I feel good about this Care Package. Shall we?"
  • "Ooh... Care Package on the way. I like the sound of that."
Only one Squad left
  • [Alone] "One Squad between me and Victory."

Ring StatusEdit

First Round, inside the ring area
  • "We're already in the next Ring. Good. More time to loot.
  • "We're already in the next Ring. There'd better be some good loot around here."
  • [Alone] "I'm already in the next Ring. More time to gather supplies."
Round 1, outside Ring area (far)
  • "The next Ring's far. Come on, loot as you go, boys and girls."
  • "The next Ring's far. There better be something good along the way."
Round 1 closing
  • "We're all outside the Ring and a wall of death is coming our way.
  • "Time's up and we're not in the Ring. Move. Now."
Round 3 closing
  • "Already inside the Ring. Now they'll have to come to me."
Last Round's Ring-closing, outside area
  • "Last Ring's closing. Move if you don't want to get cooked."
  • "This is it. The last Ring's on the way."
Last Round's Ring-closing, inside area
  • "The last Ring's headed this way. Let's end this."
  • "Last Ring's moving in. It's about to get hot in here."
Ten seconds until Ring closes
  • "Ten seconds until the Ring closes. Grab what you need and let's go."
  • "We've got 10 seconds. I hate to say it, but, looting time's over."
  • "Ten seconds to get to the Ring."
  • [Solo] "Ten seconds until the Ring closes. I've got to move."
Thirty seconds until Ring closes
  • "We've got 30 seconds to be somewhere else if we don't want to get cooked."
  • "We've got 30 seconds to get to the next Ring. If you go down, I'm not carrying you."
Forty-five seconds until Ring closes
  • "Forty-five seconds until ring Closes. We've got time, but not much."
  • "We have 45 seconds, and the next Ring's right there. Don't leave anything good behind."
One minute until Ring closes
  • "We've got a minute until the Ring closes. If you want it - Bag it."
  • "One minute until the Ring closes and everything here is gone for good."
  • [Far] “We’ve got a long way to go and a minute to do it. Let’s go.”
  • [Solo] "I've got a minute and the next Ring's nearby. Better grab what I can."
  • [Solo] "Ooh - I've got a minute to dig up something good before the Ring closes."
  • [Solo] "One minute until the Ring closes. Still got time to loot."


Using   Burglar's Best Friend
  • "Jump Drive out."
  • "Jump Drive in position."
  • "Activating Jump Drive."
  • "Tossing Jump Drive."
  • "Throwing Jump Drive."
  • "Jump Drive set."
Setting   Black Market Boutique
  • "Setting up shop."
  • "Welcome to the shop, I've got just the thing for you."
  • "Open up shop and shut'em down."
  • "Opening shop. Come see the merchandise."
  • "Shop's open. For V.I.P.s only."
  • "Shop's open for business."
  • "Shop's open, boys and girls."
  • "Let's do some shopping."
  • "Anyone up for some shopping?"
Using   Black Market Boutique
  • "Don't mind if I do."
  • "Mama's got a brand new bag."
  • "My favorite kind of loot - the kind that's all mine."
  • "Mama's got you now."
  • "You are coming home with me tonight."
  • [During combat] "Hell of a time to go shopping."
  • [During combat] “Buy and fly, we gotta move!”
Squadmate uses   Black Market Boutique
  • "Remember who hooked you up. I've got your back."
  • "Nice choice, you've got good taste."
  • [to Revenant] "I'll throw in a few extra bullets just for you."
  • [to Revenant] "You don't deserve my help, demonio. Remember that."
  • "No, no, no. I can't use my abilities."
  • "No... I can't use my abilities."
  • "My abilities are gone."
  Surveillance Drone shot down
  • "No more eye in the sky."
  • "Drone down."
Inside   Drone EMP area
  • "Watch out, EMP."
  • "EMP. Get down."
Damaged by   Drone EMP
  • "I'm hit. EMP."
  • "I've been EMP'ed."
Inside Airstrike area
  • "Airstrike!"
  • "Get down. Airstrike."



Switching to Kings Canyon
  • "Back to Kings Canyon, how nostalgic."
  • "Kings Canyon it is. I've done some of my best work there."
Switching to World's Edge
  • "How quaint. We're off to World's Edge."
  • "Back to World's Edge. Still a few mysteries to dig up."
Switching to Olympus
  • "Off to Olympus, a high-class place for a high-class lady."
  • "Ah, Olympus. I do love the high life."


New Ranked Series
  • "Another season, another chance to make it to the top."
    • "Another series. Another chance to make it to the top."
New Split
  • "A new Ranked split means new prizes. I can't wait."
Rank up
  • "I went up in the ranks. Is anyone surprised?"
  • "I ranked up. Loba Andrade doesn't stay down for long."
Rank down
  • "(groans) I ranked down. That's not good for business."
  • "I've fallen in the ranks before, and I'll climb up again."
  • "Ooh, Silver. I love the way it shines."
  • "Oh, I made it to Silver. It looks good on me."
  • "I made it to Gold. My favorite."
  • "Gold suits me so well."
  • "Platinum has its own luster."
  • "I made it to Platinum. That doesn't come cheap."
  • "Diamond is a girl's best friend."
  • "I'm a diamond, but we already knew that, didn't we?"
  • "I'm a Master. Mistress Loba has a nice ring to it."
  • "I made it to Master. Another Rank for my collection."
  Apex Predator
  • "Apex Predator. I'm beauty and beast."
  • "I'm the wolf. I'm an Apex Predator."