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Real Name Loba Andrade
Nickname Lo (by Bangalore)
Sticky Fingers (by Maggie)
The Wolf of Psamathe
Gender Female
Pronouns She/her
Age 36
Relatives Alanza Andrade (mother; deceased)
Marcos Andrade (father; deceased)
Unnamed foster parents
Two unknown ex-lovers[1]
Valkyrie (Ex-girlfriend)
Homeworld None
Occupation Thief
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Fryda Wolff
Appearances Legacy of a Thief
The Broken Ghost
The Legacy Antigen
Friends Like These

Loba Andrade is a Legend first introduced in Season 5 Season 5 of Apex Legends. A prolific thief, she impulsively entered the Apex Games to enact revenge on the simulacrum hitman Revenant.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Loba Andrade was born in 2699 to professional thieves, Alanza & Marcos Andrade. Loba had no home planet growing up - she often traveled with her parents as they went on their escapades, learning the trade from two masters.[2]

Season 4 Launch Trailer[ | ]

In 2708, Marcos stole from a rich client, one who was not too keen on losing things.[3] He then surprised his wife and daughter with a dinner at Tenmei, an expensive and prestigious restaurant in Psamathe's floating city of Olympus. He additionally surprised Loba with a silver sculpture of a wolf’s head, which would later adorn the top of her Black Market Staff.

Unbeknownst to the Andrade family, Marcos’s latest victim placed a heavy bounty on him through the Mercenary Syndicate. The Syndicate sent the simulacrum hitman Revenant to dispose of Marcos. Climbing the tower, he broke through Tenmei’s windows and began slaughtering guards. Marcos attempted to escort his family to safety, but Alanza was killed after shooting at Revenant out of panic with a discarded P2020.

Loba and dad corpse

Young Loba sitting with her father's corpse.

Marcos was able to place Loba in the safety of an elevator, but was then murdered by Revenant and dropped down the elevator shaft. Loba, safe and alone at the bottom of the building, mourned her father’s corpse.[4]

Loba, now an orphan, was placed into a new family through the foster system, but remained empty inside. To fill the void, she became a thief, with her skill growing to equal that of her parents, if not greater. During one of her heists, she looted a jump drive from a Hammond Robotics laboratory, later fashioning it into a portable bracelet. During another, she rescued a man named Jaime, with him becoming her partner in crime. The two moved into an apartment on Psamathe and worked with a criminal known as The Widow until 2733.[5]

On April 9th, 2726, The Widow contracted Loba and Jaime to steal two precious gems from the Chenosky Auction House on Psamathe, despite the latter's insecurities. After the gems were taken to separate locations, Loba entered a vault to retrieve one. There, she found an antique fan that had been owned by her mother. Deciding to take it as well, she attempted to break it out of its case, but was quickly entangled by its security systems.

The owner of the auction house then confronted her. Knowing of the fan's previous owner, he placed it there as bait to trap Loba. Evading gunfire, she fought off most of the guards one-handed. With only the owner left to fight an exhausted Loba, she was saved by a quick intervention from Jaime, who had successfully taken one of the gems. Loba took the fan and the other gem, and the two departed.[6] By 2733, she had created a weaponized replica of the fan.[5]

For most of her life, she was able to repress the memory of Revenant, until Jaime found that he had become the newest competitor in the Apex Games. With her trauma rising to the surface, she swore revenge in that moment.[7]

Season 5 Launch Trailer[ | ]

Loba in the rev warehouse

Loba in the facility under Skull Town.

Loba and Jaime researched Revenant, finding that duplicates of him were being stored in a facility beneath Kings Canyon. After packing up their apartment,[5] she entered this maze-like facility, where she soon encountered a hangar with hundreds of copies of his skeleton-like chassis. At a console in the center, she additionally found his “source code,” the preserved remains of his human head. In the heat of the moment, she shot the head to end Revenant for good. However, these bullets were deflected, and the head was teleported to another facility on Psamathe.

Loba was then confronted by the facility’s automated security systems, which deployed Spectre units to intercept her. Using her Black Market Staff to steal one's R-301 Carbine, she fought back and detonated a charge, destroying the facility.

Coincidentally, this occurred at the same time as an Apex Games match. Climbing out of the ruins, she was met by the other Legends. She shot Revenant[8] and was immediately apprehended by Bangalore. Two dropships then arrived - one containing a platoon of Specters and Jacob Young, a representative of the Mercenary Syndicate; and the other containing Cheryl Amacci, the head of Hammond Robotics’ legal team, and her assistant, Yoko Zepnewski.[9] After a brief conversation, Amacci declared Loba as the newest Legend - much to the vocal dissent of Bangalore.[10]

The next day, Loba met with Zepnewski and Amacci, where they strike a deal - Hammond Robotics will give Loba the coordinates of Revenant’s source code in exchange for the uncovering of an “artifact” on an alternate Kings Canyon, in the Shadowfall dimension.[11]

The Broken Ghost[ | ]

Loba solicited the help of the Legends to retrieve the artifact, which was split into nine pieces, from the Shadowfall dimension, often employing the use of blackmail to garner their support.[12] Soon after they began, Wattson was injured during one of their sorties. When Loba suggested that they immediately continue despite the setback, she was attacked by an irate Caustic.[13] They were then confronted by Revenant, who revealed that someone among the group was feeding the simulacrum information. [14]

Soon after, Bangalore obtained transcripts regarding Loba’s interactions with Hammond[15] and revealed her true end goal. The Legends lost their trust in Loba, but decided to continue searching for the artifact pieces nonetheless.[16] She later departed to her ship, knowing that Revenant will lie in wait for her. [17] She confronted the simulacrum, who, instead of attacking, told her his real aim: he wants to die. The two made a deal, with Loba agreeing to help find Revenant’s source code to kill him once and for all.

Loba spoke to Bangalore, who had been hiding in overwatch, telling her that, for the first time in her life, she didn’t know what to do.[18]

At some point, Loba met with Fade in a restaurant in Bonsai Plaza to give him advice on infiltrating a guarded armory. She opted to give the advice for free since he was doing it for family.[19]

Overtime[ | ]

One Saturday in 2733, Loba completed an Apex Games match in Kings Canyon. After the match, she joined Bangalore and Gibraltar at a restaurant, only to be suddenly pulled away when the former chased a passerby for his jacket, which she believes belonged to her brother. The group and the passerby were then met by a horde of stampeding prowlers. Gibraltar used his dome shield to protect the group, only for the fourth man to be pulled out and killed by one. A distraught Gibraltar was consoled by Loba, who told him that he can’t save everyone.

The three Legends were suddenly confronted by a group of armed men in a heavily-armed Trident, claiming that the slain man was with them. The Trident pursued, but was quickly fended off by one of Bangalore’s smoke canisters. However, the Trident’s crash took out a significant portion of Solace City’s power grid.

Loba and the Legends soon arrived at a local hospital, only to be caught under debris from a landing dropship owned by Boss Willis of the Mercenary Syndicate.[20] Loba then assisted in rescuing the hospital’s patients from the rubble.[21]

Season 7[ | ]

In November 2733, Loba successfully located Revenant's source code. She met Jaime at a restaurant on Psamathe, where she gave him a duffel bag containing an old sweater and the head. Loba instructed Jaime to dispose of both using one of Olympus's phase runners before departing. Unbeknownst to Loba, Jaime held onto the source code.[22]

Soon after, Loba met Revenant nearby, where she told him what she had done with his source code, effectively making him immortal. The two fought, with Loba coming out victorious. Revenant lamented as she left, swearing revenge - when she finds something that she loves with all her heart, he will take it from her.[23]

Pathfinder's Quest[ | ]

One day, Loba was dissuading Octane from attempting to use her teleportation bracelet for a stunt. During this conversation, Pathfinder arrived, wishing to see a branthium crystal from Loba’s personal collection in an attempt to find information about his creators. The three discussed their personal histories, as well as the planets that make up Syndicate space.[3]

The Legacy Antigen[ | ]

While the Legends were investigating the Icarus fleet’s sudden arrival on Olympus, Loba fell through a suddenly-opened hatch on the deck, much to the horror of Bangalore.[24] She was saved by Valkyrie. While discussing the cure for the disease caused by the fleet’s rapidly spreading cargo of Medusa vines - or lack thereof - it was found that Bangalore had been infected with the terminal illness.[25] As the scientists of the Legends gathered to search for a cure, she was accosted by Caustic, who mockingly claimed there could be a mole in the group.[26]

As several Legends prepared to travel to Gaea to hunt for Carthage spiders, whose agatoxins could potentially deliver a cure, Loba contacted Jaime to vet a security team she provided for Bangalore.[27] She partnered with Valkyrie during the hunt, who accidentally knocked the pair into a gorge. The two decided to set up camp there. They discussed, with Loba mentioning her history with Revenant, and Valkyrie providing a psychoanalysis of her, attempting to relate her own life story to her new friend. They were then ambushed by a pack of Carthage spiders,[28] capturing the Legends and taking them to their nest alongside Caustic and Crypto.[29] Using Loba’s bracelet, Valkyrie broke free and returned with Fuse and Bloodhound, freeing the others.[30][31]

Returning to Psamathe, Loba immediately rushed to the hospital with a bouquet of flowers, intent on seeing Bangalore. Through the window, she saw her talking with Gibraltar and Rampart, stating that the two are just friends.[32] Distraught, Loba ruminated on a nearby rooftop, where she was found by Valkyrie, with the two bonding over the former’s perceived rejection. Unbeknownst to them, Revenant was watching in the shadows.[33]

Season 11[ | ]

Valkyrie encountered Loba at the Firing Range, where the latter was attempting to keep her mind off of Revenant and Bangalore. The two talked, both speaking of their pasts and traumas. Valkyrie repeated what she had told Loba in the jungles of Gaea - by not killing Revenant when she had the chance, her pride had put herself and those she cares about in danger. Soon after, the pair agreed to go out to dinner, paid for by whoever loses a shooting contest.[34]

Loba, Valkyrie, and Jaime were later seen together at a carnival. However, unbeknownst to them, Revenant had followed them, setting his sights on Jaime.[35]

The Williams Sendoff[ | ]

Loba met with Bangalore at a bar to discuss the prospect of the latter leaving the Outlands in an attempt to return to Gridiron. Loba was initially hesitant to support Bangalore's departure. However, when she let slip that she would be taken by Revenant, Loba entered into a rage. Recalling the night at the hospital on Olympus, she tells her that they were never "just friends" and that she should just leave. Loba then left in anger.[36]

Loba and Bango help Valk

Loba and Bangalore tend to injured Valkyrie.

Season 13 Launch Trailer[ | ]

Loba confronted Bangalore at her retirement party, angry that she was simply running away from her problems. Loba then assisted in fighting the beast that came ashore on Storm Point, but quickly retreated to tend to an injured Valkyrie.[37]

Friends Like These[ | ]

Loba met with Vantage at a restaurant in an attempt to help the young Legend learn how to make friends. However, her attire and the behavior of her bat caused the two to be removed from the establishment, much to Loba's chagrin. Leaving Vantage behind, she entered Valkyrie's apartment complex, locking her out.

When Loba entered the apartment, she found a critically wounded Jaime hanging by his wrists. She began to tend to his wounds when Vantage broke into the apartment, looking to continue their conversation. Loba commanded her to call for help. Believing this to have been done by Revenant, she swore revenge on him for hurting another of her loved ones.[38] She later visited Jaime at a hospital on Psamathe.[39]

Kill Code[ | ]

"Your life or mine. Which do you want more?"
— Revenant to Loba

Loba was recruited by Lifeline and Mad Maggie to assist in their efforts against Torres Silva. The three ventured to Salvo, where the three were directed by a contact of Maggie's to an armored bunker. Using her Burglar's Best Friend bracelet to slip in and open the door, the three found several deactivated Specters and a console, on which Lifeline found information about several similar locations across the Outlands. While Lifeline attempted to extract this information, Loba observed a pile of scrap parts nearby and snuck off to investigate.[40] Valkyrie, wishing to not see her fall further into her vendetta, attempted to stop Loba's descent to no avail.[41]

Navigating further into the facility, Loba encountered various research areas and simulacrum parts, noting that it bore striking similarities to the facility she destroyed beneath Skull Town. Eventually, she reached a central console duplicating the one that once housed Revenant's source code. Noting that the console was recently used, she found that the area was empty aside from a head from a Revenant body, realizing that Silva has been constructing new bodies for the simulacrum. Having triggered the facility's alarm, she took an eye from the head and returned to the group.[41]

Loba, Lifeline, and Maggie began to fight against the advancing Specter defenses in an attempt to escape. With the doors almost closed, D.O.C. Heal Drone D.O.C. attempted to pull Loba out, but was only able to pull off her bracelet as the doors shut. However, she was able to use the jump drive within the bracelet to get herself out. Once outside, the three found themselves pinned down by the Specters, which were working to break through the door and continue their attack. The three were quickly rescued by Valkyrie, allowing them to regroup and deliver the information to Crypto.[40] Loba later approached Crypto while he was decrypting the drive[42], asking him to investigate and extract any useful data from the eye. When the act was discovered by Lifeline, she scolded Loba for running off and do her own thing.[43]

While the Legends stepped out so Crypto could work on the decryption, he was attacked by Revenant, but the simulacrum was quickly apprehended by the Legends. With some discussion among the Legends, Loba begrudgingly made a truce with the simulacrum to break into a Hammond Robotics facility in Malta in an attempt to destroy or recover his source code and keep it out of the hands of Torres Silva. Disguising themselves as Hammond Robotics employees, they were quickly discovered after Lifeline's shoddy cover was blown. They were soon cornered by a horde of Spectres, Reapers, and Ticks. As the other Legends, especially Valkyrie, decided to side with Revenant and attempt to destroy the source code, Loba was enraged; however, she was left with no choice to fight her way out with them, placing her Black Market Boutique Black Market Boutique in order to obtain weapons for the group. After taking out the Reaper, Revenant's source code was taken away by Silva using the misplaced staff.[44]

Following the loss of the source code, Valkyrie tried to convince Loba to give up her vengeance and finally destroy the head, leading to a fight between the two. However, a confrontation by Revenant convinced her to finally end this ordeal.[45]

Following the trail of a tracker placed on Octane by Lifeline, Loba and the other Legends tracked the Silvas to one final facility, where Revenant reclaimed his source code. He tossed it to Loba, who began striking it with her staff. However, before she could land a finishing blow, Torres revealed the full extent of Revenant's upgrades: he was able to control any other manufactured shell as if it were his own body. Killing Torres, Revenant launched an attack against the Legends using his spare bodies. The Legends boarded a ship with the help of Valkyrie,[46] but were forced to fight and thin out Revenant's army while awaiting an escape ship from Crypto.[47][48]

Appearances[ | ]

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Loba means she-wolf in Spanish & Portuguese and is also slang for attractive woman.
  • Loba is of Brazilian descent as hinted by her Carnival banner frame.
  • Loba likes people and animals. She likes animals especially because they have no ulterior motives.[1] Her favorite part of the Outlands is the wildlife. [49]
    • Loba dislikes robots due to her childhood experience with Revenant. She can somewhat tolerate Pathfinder and has explained to him why she isn't a fan of robots.
  • Loba has a network of people, which includes security guards. She does not trust many people, but she trusts herself to know who to trust.[1]
  • Loba is bisexual, as indicated by her Man Eater and Lady Killer quip, and subsequently confirmed by Tom Casiello on Twitter.[50]
  • Loba's "The girl with the cold-hard cash is always Ms. Right" select intro quip is a reference to the line "The boy with the cold-hard cash is always Mr. Right" from the 1984 song Material Girl by Madonna.
  • Loba's father, Marcos calls her Greta in the initial official subtitles of the Season 4 Season 4 launch trailer; it was later corrected to bebê, which means baby in Portuguese.
  • Loba's makeup resembles the bloodstains that were on her eyes when her father was killed.
  • Loba does not speak Portuguese well, as what she had learned from her parents was forgotten in foster care.[51] She has since begun to relearn the language, as indicated by her Heirloom inspect quotes.
    • It was earlier stated that Loba speaks both Spanish and Portuguese, but this was later retconned.[52]
  • Loba enjoys crab legs.[53]
  • Loba has received a lifetime ban from the only vendor in Solace City that sells pão de queijo.[54]
  • Following the events of Season 9 The Legacy Antigen, Loba eats spiders as an act of revenge.[54]

  • Loba's Supreme Lupine skin is based on Ultraman.
  • Loba's Thrill of the Hunt skin references the Predator franchise.

See Also[ | ]

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