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The Lore of Apex Legends is connected to the larger Titanfall universe.

It is set a few years after the end of the Frontier War, the conflict featured heavily in both Titanfall 1 and 2.


The Frontier War is over. After decades of conflict between the IMC and the militia founded to fight them, the region of space known as the Frontier can finally see peace.

But liberation can come at a cost: the Frontier worlds were left barren by the war, and promised aid dwindled to nothing. With no way to support themselves, those who remained had no choice but to leave their homes. The brave relocated to the Outlands.

A remote cluster of planets on the fringes of the Frontier, the Outlands are untouched by war and teeming with resources and opportunity. But life is cheap here, and danger lurks around every corner. Its pioneers, explorers, and outlaws used to spend their lives locked in an endless power struggle – now, they settle their differences in the Apex Games, a bloodsport where Legends from all corners of the Frontier compete for money, fame, and glory.


Apex Legends is focused on the stories of the various legends that participate in the Apex Games, a highly popular, televised blood sport that is owned by the mysterious Mercenary Syndicate and managed by their Apex Games Commission headed by Kuben Blisk.

The Apex Games were initially hosted on Kings Canyon, an island located on the planet Solace. Construction of the arena for the games commenced some time in 2727 and was finished a year after, after which time the games presumably started. The arena at Kings Canyon has been used for 124 seasons, until an attack on the island's Repulsor Tower by Crypto allowed the entry of wildlife, resulting in a devastated arena.[1] The match, then in-progress, was halted and the legends evacuated. The Syndicate suspended the games after the attack and proceeded to make various modifications to the arena in order to increase viewership and contain the wildlife that invaded the island.[2] Various disturbances were reported within the arena, following the resumption of the games[3], which forced the Syndicate to relocate the games to World's Edge, another arena on the planet Talos.[4]

Following this move, a sponsorship was struck up with the "new" Hammond Robotics, one of the companies that used to make up the now-defunct IMC. This coincided with the entry of Forge, a legend sponsored by Hammond Robotics and the introduction of the Planetary Harvester to World's Edge. Before his entry into the games, however, he was assassinated by Revenant.[5] This, alongside the various reported break-ins on Hammond facilities and the fact that Revenant has a vendetta against both the Syndicate and Hammond, Jacob Young and Cheryl Amacci found a way to contain the simulacrum by allowing him to join the games.

The Broken Ghost[]

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After some time, the games eventually returned to Kings Canyon, but an underground explosion triggered by Loba Andrade, a highly-skilled thief masquerading as a high-society socialite, destroyed a significant part of the island, including Skulltown and Thunderdome.[6] Bangalore hurriedly apprehended Loba, but Syndicate PR Head, Jacob Young, alongside Hammond Robotics Legal Head, Cheryl Amacci, arrived and afterwards announced Loba as the newest Apex Legend. This gave her an opportunity to begin her quest for The Broken Ghost. More specifically, for the pieces of it scattered across the Shadowfall version of Kings Canyon. She mentioned that Revenant cannot find out about their plans. However, Crypto's drone was hacked by Revenant. Accusations of the supposed mole were thrown back and forth between Crypto and Caustic ending with the "A. Smartypants" taking the blame as the whistleblower. As the real mole was able to avoid blame and keep trust with the group from the earlier incident, Gibraltar confronted the real traitor, Caustic, revealing the reason for him to lie and deceive the group, is that he has "skeletons best kept buried" — but most importantly, to keep Wattson away from Crypto. Meanwhile, Revenant and Loba came to an understanding, with him despising his unending existence; and her wanting to kill him. Revenant expressed his intention of wanting to help Loba find his "source code", the only organic part of his remaining, so she can kill him. Together, the Legends assembled all nine pieces, revealed to be the head of the Frontier War-era simulacrum Ash, a pilot that used to work for the "Apex Predators".

Eventually, Loba found Revenant's source code in an underground vault on the planet Olympus. However, instead of terminating it or giving it to Revenant, she sent it through a phase runner, implied to take it to Gridiron, as a way to take away what Revenant wants, which is his death. Learning this, Revenant swore revenge, and plans to take away what Loba may eventually love with all her heart, even if it means waiting for it to come.[7]

Meanwhile, Crypto decided to let Wattson knows about his real identity, which helps mend their relationship. [8]

The First Ship[]

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After Ash's head was recovered and placed onto her body, she was delivered to Hammond Robotics, who after extracting some code from her memory banks, released her. She was soon discovered by Pathfinder in a dumpster, without any knowledge except for her name. Pathfinder takes her to the warehouse he woke up in and they live together in Solace City. Eventually, a visit from Rampart accidentally triggers Ash's memories, which then alerts the attention of Blisk. After all the Legends leave and Ash is alone, Blisk comes to the warehouse. Ash prepares to fight but Blisk explains he was not trying to kill her. He then tells her an old friend of hers is back. Ash runs off with Blisk and leaves a note behind for Pathfinder, thanking him for his help.


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On a Saturday in 2733, an Apex Games award ceremony took place. Crypto and Mirage, who placed last, went to meet a developer of high-end tech who is supposed to have information that Crypto wants. As it turns out, the developer wants protection from Crypto, and brought along a metal briefcase as a collateral. Crypto soon found out the developer works for Boss Willis, a mobster-turned syndicate official. Suddenly, Revenant enters the scene and attempts to stab the Developer, but due to Mirage's intervention, hooks onto the metal briefcase instead. When pressed by Mirage, Revenant reveals that the Syndicate hired him to kill the developer. A fight quickly breaks out between the three Legends, before Crypto, Mirage, and the informant escape with the briefcase, before Revenant catches up to them and capture Crypto. The simulacrum offers Mirage to trade Crypto for the briefcase, but Mirage chooses to escape with the briefcase, leaving Revenant to drag Crypto toward Willis' Dropship that landed nearby. Crypto offers to pay triple of what Willis offer, but Rev replies Crypto will not be able to beat what Willis promised to him — in exchange for the delivery, Willis will de-activate the source code that connects his consciousness to Rev's body, allowing him to die.

Meanwhile, Wraith reveals herself to Mirage. Believing the metal briefcase is related to Crypto's missing sister, Mirage opens the briefcase, which reveals it is an encrypted comm unit. Mirage tried to resuce Crypto, but the duo found themselves surrounded by Quentin Willis and his man. Confronting Crypto, Willis reveals he knows Crypto is actually Tae Joon Park, before inquiring about Mila, in which Crypto snapped back about how Willis is trying to manipulate the Apex Games. Willis decrypts the communications unit and activates it, and its screen surprisingly reveals Mila Alexander on the other end. As Willis explained, the comm unit - specifically the comm channel to Mila - is what the developer believed to be the only way to secure protection from Crypto. Cutting the connection, Willis takes both Mirage and Legend onto his dropship and flies it high above the sky. He is about to defenestrate both Mirage and Crypto, but Wraith teleported in and started a fight with Willis and his goons. The dropship is damaged by the fight; while Crypto and Mirage escape through Wraith's dimensional rift, Willis crash lands the dropship onto a local hospital that Lifeline, Octane, Gibaltar, and a few other Legends were in, leveling it. Acting quickly, the Legends in the hospital utilize their abilities to protect and rescue those within the Hospital.

Bloodhound eventually digs up Willis from the rubble, who taunts back at the Legends and the surrounding witnesses, even when his plot to fix the Games was revealed. He begs Revenant for assistance, but is impaled by the simulacrum instead, who reminded Willis that he has promised death. Rev then finds the comm unit and handed it back to Crypto, but it was heavily damaged; Crypto resolves to repair the comm unit to find his sister. Bangalore, who discovered a jacket that belongs to a patient that had visited the hospital contains an embroidery that marks its ownership to Jackson, feels renew in her search for her brother.

Family Portrait[]

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The games soon expanded to Olympus, and using the occasional offtime, Lifeline, Gibraltar, and Octane tried to boot up a century-old MRVN to cheer Pathfinder up; to do that, they need to contact Darion Che, Lifeline's father. Thus, the four of them went to a Chevrex charity event, in which Lifeline have an uneasy catch up with her family while Gibraltar had his own meeting with his ex-boyfriend, Nik. The gala was interrupted by a group of mercenaries who are trying to gain control of Psamathe from the Syndicate, but was resolved with the help of the Legends. Afterwards, Darion gives Lifeline the battery they asked for. Unbeknownst to the Legends (except Octane and a recording D.O.C. drone), the mercenaries were actually hired by Eduardo Silva, Octane's father...

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The battery eventually restore the old MRVN's functionality, providing enough clue for Pathfinder to find out not just about the backstories of the Legends, but also how his creation is tied to the Outland Energy Crisis and the project that stopped it. Specifically, he was created by the Project Iris' scientists in the Year 2658 to refine Branthium, but on the day they managed to refined their first batch, the group was betrayed by one of their own in an attempt to steal Branthium for some unknown party. In order to ensure Branthium were delivered to everyone in Outlands while keeping it out of the hands of the unknown party, the scientists triggered the Phase Runner self-destruct sequence, leading to the death of his creators, the appearance of Branthium through out Outlands, and Pathfinder on Solace, disabled and without the memory of his past.


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As Outlands stepped into 2734, the Syndicate managed to negotiate with the new warlord of Salvo, bringing it into Syndicate Space; Salvo also sent their repsentative, Fuse, into Apex Games. However, During Fuse's welcoming ceremony, Maggie hacked into Fuse's ship and caused it to fire on the crowd, as well as destroyed the northern mountain range of Kings Canyon, before publicly demanded the Legends bring her Fuse's other arm. Fuse, Lifeline, and Bloodhound went to confront her. After refusing Maggie's request to return to Salvo and left her hideout, Maggie hijacked control of the Games and caused Ring Flares and numerous quirks throughout the matches. Having enough, Fuse tried to confront her, but she managed to shoot him down while he was on his way. Confronting each other on the ground, Fuse reaffirmed his decision to stay in Apex Games, before both him and Maggie launched their attacks at each other, resulting in an explosion that sent both dangling above the streets of a city. Disappointed with her loss in both her fight and her friend, Maggie let go and fell to her death.

The Legacy Antigen[]

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After the truth of Pathfinder's involvement in saving Outlands Energy Crisis was discovered, the Syndicate decided to host an dedication ceremony, with a statue dedicated to him on the city of Olympus, and invited the public onto the floating city. However, without warning, Olympus' city management system shifted multiple sectors to allow a fleet of 15 ships to dock, and soon, genetically mutated Medusa Vines broke through from its lead ship and overtook the floating city and let loose a deadly allergen that will kill the infected within 3 days. Investigation indicated that all serial numbers and markings were removed, and that the cure requires synthizing the enzyme from Carthage spiders that neutralize the agatoxin. In order to do that, half of the Legends went to Gaea to retrieve the Carthage spiders, while the rest stayed to control the Vine's growth. However, Lifeline eventually discovered that it was Eduardo Silva who sent the Icarus Fleet, along with being the one behind the attack on Chevrex charity event that took place during "Family Portrait". When she pursued Duardo, he got her to back off by exposing it was Octane who removed the markings of Silva from the Icarus fleet. Eventually, after some difficulties, the legends managed to return with the spiders and synthesize the cure, which is then mass produced by Duardo's company; the fleet, except the Icarus, is sent to a Blackhole. Nonetheless, Silva's marking somehow "mysteriously reappeared" on the Icarus fleet, which caused Duardo to be questioned by the media; in turn, he used both the Museum Hostage Crisis, Salvonian Gunship incident, and the Medusa Vines to question the ability of Syndicate to govern the Outlands, and suggested that perhaps Syndicate can use a new leadership...

Old Ways, New Dawn[]

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The Planet Harvester on Talos finally reached a breaking point and caused the lava fissure to extend further, creating ecological collapse. As such, Hammond Robotics installed the Lava Siphon and Climatizer to regulate Talos's natural volatility. In truth, however, the Climatizer cools the air, while the Lava Siphon heats it back up, which will cause further catastrophe to the planet. With the Harvester shut down and overtaken by Bloodhound's clan, they wish to set their sights on Hammond for devastating their home. However, Bloodhound, who participated in the Apex Games while all these goes on, feels immense guilt and responsibility for the state of things in their home and wish to know why they would've allowed such a thing to happen.

During one of the games, they discovered the blood trail of a dying Prowler near the Lava Siphon, and intended to give it a painless death. However, through out their quest, a White Raven appear, and seemingly guide them to places that affect their life greatly - the place where their uncle exiled them; the Epicenter, where their parents died; a dead campfire, similar to the one they shared with their lover Boone. All the while, it forced Bloodhound to confront their responsibility upon those death and their intention of participating the Apex Games. It was eventually revealed that the White Raven is Bloodhound's guilt, of how they failed their parents, Boone, their people, their home, and even to themselves. After forcefully confronting their own guilt, Bloodhound came to terms with all these, and took care of the dying prowler.

Trouble in Paradise[]

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In her attempt to find more about her son's fate, Horizon uses the Olympus Access Codes on Ash, inadvertently awakening the human counsciness of the woman who left her stranded on a Black Hole, Leigh. After Ash explains the difference between her simulacrum self and her human self, Horizon demanded her to spill out about Newton's fate, but Ash refused, leaving Horizon on her own and joining the Apex Games as a way to transcend her human limits.

During an Apex match on Olympus, a talk between Pathfinder and Gibraltar about Wattson's ''treasure hunt'' on Storm Point gave Ash a clue on trying to find pieces of her past. Later on, during a match on Storm Point, Horizon was distracted over the fact she helped awaken her old enemy while Wattson and Crypto try to find clues on the computers from the abandoned IMC facilities. During that time, Ash ambushes Crypto and Wattson, asking for information contained on old IMC files.

That information would lead Ash to one defunct-IMC facility in one of Gaea's islands. She battled dozens of discarded Spectres with ease. She found one container with the name Paquette with the sword that was used to kill her when she was human. However, Horizon caught up to Ash, still demanding to tell her about her son's fate. Leigh interfered and took control of Ash's simulacrum body, trying to tell Horizon that her son didn't die during the Olympus rift incident. While Horizon didn't believe her, Ash would take control again and snared the scientist. She broke the sword that was used to kill her in an attempt to transcend her human limits, but that failed. Then she tried to take a shot against Horizon while she was struggling, but missed. When Ash recalled the name Paquette, she saw the name of Wattson in a container unit and headed toward her next target.

While Wattson was trying to take apart the Lightning Rod, Ash caught up to her and told her about how she tried to transcend her human limits by destroying the sword that her Grandmother used to kill her many decades back. But it wasn't enough and Leigh still persisted inside her head. Thus, she tried to end Wattson's life by pushing her off the cliff, only for Wattson to fall into the water. Puzzled, Wattson wished to find out why Ash tried to kill her and what her family name has to do with it.

Later on, Ash found Crypto and asks him about the partnership that he tried to establish with her. When he clarified he wishes to find information that the Syndicate has, Ash agreed to help him out, seeing him as potential pupil under her wing.

The Perfect Son[]

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As it turns out, Mad Maggie managed to survive over her fall in Solace, and been causing riots across Syndicate Spaces before being captured and sentenced to fight in Apex Games until she dies. After her first match in Olympus, Lifeline, Mad Maggie, and Octane discussed about Duardo Silva's involvement in the sabotage of the floating city. They would find out that Duardo was using the incident to his advantage against the Syndicate in hopes of taking power. The trio discussed what to about Duardo, then Octane suggested sneaking into his father's mansion and recover his plans. Despite protests from Lifeline and Maggie, they'd agree to let him have spy on his dad's place.

Later on, Octane sneaked into his dad's mansion and tried to open the safe. When Duardo caught him, Duardo offered a proposal to his son in exchange for Octane to get anything he wanted. Octane challenged his dad about his demands and Duardo agreed with them, making the daredevil accepted his proposal and get in-the-know of Duardo's machinations.

While dealing with local wildlife in Storm Point, Lifeline shared her misgivings about Octane and her friendship with him. Fuse felt that Octane need some time for himself. Maggie disagreed, as she felt that friendships can turn sour, and asserted that the medic would be better off without Octane. This put Maggie and Fuse into an intense argument, distracting them from more wildlife to kill. Suddenly, Lifeline received an urgent message from her phone, and left the two Salvonians behind to fend for themselves.

Time rewinded to before Lifeline receive the message. Octane sneaked into the Frontier Corps server room at the behest of his father to gain access to frontier Corp's database. The daredevil inserted a thumb drive into the servers, and within moments, Octane noticed his dad was transferring money to the Frontier Corps. When questioned, Duardo told him that there are more ways to help the Outlands, and sending money to the Frontier Corps would be one way to help them. With his objective complete, Duardo urged his son to return to him to discuss further plans. Octane was confused whether his dad loved him, but he still continued his mission of ruining his father's plans.

Lifeline would later bump into Octane, discussing about the money transfer that was sent to the Frontier Corps. When she found out that the money donation was from Duardo, she lashes out at Octane, believing that Duardo had ulterior motives for this action. Lifeline tagged along with Octane into Duardo's mansion. While Lifeline's D.O.C hacked into the safe, Octane was told to keeps guard, but he instead investigated his father's personal computer. As Octane looked into his father's personal files, Lifeline found a death certificate inside the safe — and it turns out that the death certificate was for Eduardo Silva, meaning the real Eduardo Silva had been dead for years, and the man claiming to be him was an imposter.

Octane, however, was distracted by a video of Eduardo at an awards ceremony, extolling about his family and how much he loved his son. With the revelations at hand, Octane said no and tried to stand up for himself. When Lifeline was confused, Octane stated his dad should be given a chance to explain, his mind still on the personal recording. Lifeline protested, given how Duardo mistreated Octane all these years, as well as his sinister agenda towards the Outlands. Despite Octane wanting to stop his dad, part of him felt agree with Duardo's idea of alternative ways to help the Outlands. Lifeline rejected the idea when she learned that Duardo placed such idea into Octane, and claim Octane was being played for a fool.

The two started to argue. Octane was tired of being treated as stupid by his friend, in which Lifeline retorted by recalling she frequently had to rescue him from certain death whenever he rushed into battle without thinking. While Octane pleaded to Lifeline to give his dad a chance, Lifeline was resolute in her mission to stop Duardo's plans of controlling Outlands. She also told Octane that she would've saved the Outlands by now if she didn't waste time playing nurse for him, which caused Octane to fire back, claiming she was jealous that Duardo actually loved him. This upseted Lifeline, and seeing her expression, Octane tries to apologize. However, Lifeline wouldn't hear it, and instead took the death certificate in order to use it as evidence to the Outlands against Duardo. Octane tusseled the certificate from her and burned it, which angered Lifeline. She claimed such act also burnt their friendship and it was now over, but Octane retorted that it was over long before that.

Some time later, Duardo Silva would win in his bid for Syndicate leadership. Octane was at his side during his ''father's'' coronation speech. During the speech, Duardo declared that the Outlands would be led by one man with singular vision. And in his bid for power, he declared his takeover of the "Frontier Corps", renaming it to the more militaristic "Syndicate Corps".

This surprises Octane, and after the speech, confronted his ''father'' about this act. Duardo then stated that the newly dubbed Syndicate Corps would be led by Cherisse Che, Lifeline's mother, as its president. Feeling betrayed, Octane pressed his ''father'' about the discovery of Eduardo's death certificate within the safe, and demands the truth. "Duardo" would come clean and tells him that his real name is Torres. Torres spoke fondly of the real Eduardo, his son, and lamented the fact he couldn't save him with the resources from Silva Pharmaceuticals. Thus, he took over the identity of his dead son. He then explained to Octane that he used a variation of stim that allows him to keep his middle-aged appearance, before revealing to Octane that he was his grandfather. Both Torres and a defeated Octane gave a toast to their family.

Sometime later on Olympus, Lifeline lamented losing the Outlands to Silva, losing the Frontier Corps to her mother, and losing her friend Octane. With nowhere else to go, She paid a visit to Mad Maggie in her prison cell to make a deal with the Salvonian. The Salvonian warlord, in a mocking tone, asked how exactly would Lifeline planned to save the Outlands, in which the younger legend reply by burning it down.

The Williams Send-Off[]

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Ever since Bangalore talks with Wraith, she been filled with anxiety. To clear her head, Bangalore goes to the firing range. While shooting at targets with G7 Scout, she recalls the day she made a partnership with Wraith in order to help find Jackson's whereabouts. After completing her shooting section, she started to recall and process her conversation with Wraith: Through her contact in Solace city, Wraith had found Jackson's dog-tags as well as five-year old autopsy records that matches his body, age, height, and weight from a morgue in Solace. When Bangalore demanded to see the body, she finds out that Solace's morgues bury corpses after two weeks if not identified. In addition, the records of the burial site was lost in a fire three years ago. Bangalore couldn't help herself but weep in despair.

As a way to cope with the loss of her brother, Bangalore goes to the range again to beat Jackson's record in their own bow challenge. Anita would reminisce the day she lost her brother when Hestia 2's hull were torn apart and seeing Jackson falling down. After she beats his record, she says goodbye and also recalls arguing with Jackson as if he's forgetting his family while living in the Outlands.

With nothing letting her stay in the Outlands, Bangalore goes to the range for the third time distracted by her feelings about Loba. While fighting against DUMMIEs walking through the smoke with the P2020, Bangalore recalls how the thief flirted with her and asking her for a date, then she would recall the day when stayed in the hospital about she said that she and Loba were just friends.

Later on, in the Paradise Lounge, Anita would ask Loba for advice about flying all the way to Gridiron. Loba hesitated at first considering the time it would take. When the thief finds out that Revenant would taker her in, she gets angry. Recalling the night at the hospital in Olympus, Loba tells Bangalore that they were never "just friends". Despite Bangalore's protest, feeling like things worked out better for Loba, the thief would angrily tell Anita she doesn't know what's best for everyone, including herself, and departs the bar. Revenant would later enter the bar, asking Anita if she's still in. With all her bridges burned, she agreed to his offer.

Before she would make her departure, Anita would pay a final visit to the crash site of IMS Hestia-01 at Storm Point. Taking out a case of beer, she drinks a bottle, then throws the bottle cap at the sea as her last Williams send-off, saying her final goodbye to Jackson, telling him he doesn't have to find his way home as he's already there.

During her supposed last match in the Apex Games, she met her intended replacement, a fighter under the name of Newcastle, which both soon found out will be squad up for the match. Upon landing on Stormpoint, the duo are forced to fight off a swarm of Spectres as well as a large aquatic beast. After the battle, Bangalore went to meet with Newcastle, who was recovering against a rock and hiding a bottlecap bracelet. She approached him and removed his helmet, confirming her belief that he was her brother, Jackson.

Family Secrets[]

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After the conclusion of an Apex Games match, Wraith trails Newcastle and Bangalore in Shipfall, the location of IMS Hestia-01 crash site after she heard the two having an argument. Mirage would also tag along with Wraith as they hide and listen. During the argument, Bangalore was lashing out at Newcastle, though the latter claims that "Jackson is dead" and ends the argument as he has a phone call waiting for him. Wraith listens to the phone call and discovers that Newcastle is sending his winnings to an unknown party.

Wraith and Mirage begin to have their suspicions about Newcastle, considering how Bangalore was supposed to leave the Outlands, the fact that Newcastle is now in the Apex games despite taking 40 tries in the qualifiers, and his skills is on par with Bangalore. Therefore, the duo hitch a plan to find out who's behind Newcastle's persona. Mirage suggested to go to the Paradis Lounge bar and ask some visitors from Harris Valley for info.

Later on, in the Paradise Lounge, Mirage has a talk with a mercenary. The mercenary happens to work for the Forgotten Families. And as it turns out, the Forgotten Families are made up of ex-IMC personnel from various divisions (99th Hell Divers, Orbital, Air Force, and ARES Division).

Meanwhile, Wraith was listening in to the conversation and grabs the Forgotten Families mercenary to ask what exactly do they do with IMC deserters. The mercenary confesses that they hunt down and kill them. Wanting to know more, Wraith finds out from the mercenary that the winnings that Newcastle got is gonna be sent on the same day after the match.

Believing that Bangalore's life is in danger, Wraith and Mirage set out to Harris Valley and track down Newcastle.

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