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Luc Paquette
Transition Inventive Spirit
Wattson and Luc
Real Name Luc Paquette
Gender Male
Relatives Amélie Paquette (mother, deceased)
Unnamed wife (deceased)
Natalie Paquette (daughter)
Homeworld Solace
Occupation Electrical engineer
Status Deceased
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Unknown
Appearances Season 2 Teasers

Luc Paquette was the lead electrical engineer for the Apex Games and the father of Wattson.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Luc Paquette was born to Dr. Amélie Paquette, a famous geologist. He grew to become a famed electrical engineer, and was eventually contracted by the Mercenary Syndicate to set up the electrical systems for the Apex Games on the island of Kings Canyon. He eventually married a woman and relocated to Eelhead Bay, Solace.

In 2711, his wife gave birth to his only daughter, Natalie. However, his wife had passed away by 2712. He raised Natalie with a strong knowledge of electricity.

After several test matches for the Apex Games, a crucial flaw was discovered: as there was no external mechanism to maintain the flow of battle, matches stagnated, with competitors content to camp out in a single spot for hours on end. The Syndicate enlisted Luc's assistance in developing a mechanism to combat this.

In 2727, Natalie believed that she had found a solution to the problem. Through the use of two dome shields and a piece of old military technology called an active denial system, the Games would be surrounded by a slowly-encroaching wall of energy that would harm competitors without destroying the surrounding environment, helping to keep the Games in motion. However, Luc disagreed with her proposal. The two had a heated argument, after which Natalie ran away. Luc worried for his prodigal daughter when a violent thunderstorm occurred, until she was rescued and brought to the Paquette house by a mysterious woman who had somehow accessed the island. After the storm, Luc discovered that Natalie's experiment based on her proposal had worked.

After this discovery, Luc ventured to an abandoned laboratory on the island where he presumed the woman had hid. Thanking her for saving his daughter while still wary of her intentions, he offered her passage off of the island. The next day, the laboratory was buried.

When the time came to present the experiment to the Syndicate, Natalie proposed that Luc submit it under his name. However, when he presented it, he told the truth, not wishing to steal the credit from his daughter.[1]

Eventually, the time came to unveil the mechanism, dubbed "the Ring", to the public. However, the night before, Luc passed away, his life's work complete.[2]

Appearances[ | ]

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Transition Blurbs
  • Season 2 Icon Inventive Spirit (mentioned)
  • Season 11 Paquette Repair Service (mentioned)
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Trivia[ | ]

  • Luc would have rather preferred that the Ring was called "the Forcefield."

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