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Health 200
Appears on Olympus

The Mk. III Mobile Robotic Versatile Entity Automated Assistants, colloquially referred to as MRVNs or Marvins, are mechanical automatons designed to perform a variety of manual labor jobs. In-game, they can be found in Olympus as sources of loot. Pathfinder is also a modified MRVN unit.

In-game[ | ]

A variant of MRVN, Loot MRVNs, can be found on Olympus. These MRVNs remain in a low-power state until a player approaches, which causes them to activate a slot machine function on their chest screen. The screen cycles through White, Blue, and Purple colors, and when a player interacts with them, they drop three loot items in the equivalent color, then power down again for 90 seconds. 24 MRVNs will spawn on the map in random locations every match.

Every MRVN spawns with only one arm, but 5 MRVNs per match[1] will be able to drop a MRVN Arm MRVN Arm as an item when killed. This is indicated by sparks coming out of their one arm. This arm can be attached to another MRVN to cause it to drop three items of Legendary loot but also permanently disables the MRVN. Upon picking up a MRVN Arm, the player receives a prompt to ping the next nearest MRVN.

Loot MRVNs have 200 health. Damage dealt to them will not count towards Evo Shield Evo Shield progress.

Lore[ | ]

A Mobile Robotic Versatile Entity Automated Assistant is a brand of robot designed and manufactured by Hammond Robotics. They are employed extensively throughout the Frontier and the Outlands for blue-collar work, including but not limited to manufacturing, warehousing, construction, maintenance, custodial work, power plant operations, shipping, and bartending. Some MRVNs have shown to be capable of logistical work as well.[2] MRVN units are programmed with only very simple emotions, and have no capacity to speak.

Pathfinder is a heavily modified MRVN unit built by Project Iris to withstand high temperatures inside their branthium refinery. He was also programmed with several features unusual for MRVNs, including a vocal processor and advanced artificial intelligence capable of complex emotion and thought. Despite these modifications, many still treat Pathfinder like a standard MRVN.

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