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Mad Maggie's voice actor is Nicola Kāwana, speaking English and Māori.

Character Select[ | ]

  • "Ya' can't spell 'problematic' without 'M.E'."
  • "Let's go make some faces unrecognizable."
  • "Kia ora, kia ora, kia ora. What do we got here then?"
  • "The Syndicate's gonna regret letting Mad Maggie off her leash."
  • "What would your mother say? Keepin' bad company like me."
  • "I'll do me 'till it kills me."
  • "Mind ya' mullets, ladies. I'm about start some fires!"
  • "What's the most important thing on Salvo? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.."[1]
  • "Who’s manhood do I kick to get a bloody drink 'round here?"
  • "I don't make ya' nervous, do I?"
  • "Back home they call me 'Salvo's Middle Finger.'"
  • "I'm a revolutionary… it ain't revolutionary."
  • "Me? I put the WAR in Warlord."
  • "Gonna get rough as guts. Choice!"
  • "The Syndicate put me here to die, but I just keep on disappointin' 'em."
  • "Believe me, kid. I earned my name."
  • "Fit as a fiddle, sharp as a knife, killin' keeps ya' full of life!"
  • "Salvo. Loyal to the soil, blood to bone."
  • "You fullahs keep tellin' me this game is a death sentence But here I am."
  • "A warrior is the shelter of the people… and I'm a hell'uva warrior."
  • "Fightin' the good fight, ao noa, pō noa."
  • "Remember: blood shed is blood shared."
  • "Can't make an omelette without breakin' a few spines, ay?"
  • "Ain't no hiding from Maggie. Except the hiding you GET from Maggie."
  • "Time to put down some Syndicate dogs."

Intro Quip[ | ]

  • "A fight is blood in the water to a shark like me."
  • "I'm gonna make this world bleed."
  • "Kia kaha and bring it on."
  • "You know the difference between me and a shotgun? Not. A damn. Thing."
  • "Come on, you eggs. You wanna live forever?"
  • "A rumble's on the cards, eh? Sweet as."
  • "Do as I say or get out of my way."
  • "Don't bother with your Sunday best. We're about to get real messy."
  • "Ehara i te ti, you eggs."
  • "Gonna grab a bag, fill it with knives, then beat you's to death with it."
  • "Hold onto your steak and cheeses. You've got a bloody rollercoaster ahead of you."
  • "I'm here to break kneecaps and cause some indignities."
  • "If there's a jaw that can't be broken, I ain't never met it."
  • "Come on you eggs, let's go make a mess."
  • "Let's see if these dorks can handle the jandle."
  • "Rattle your dags, we got a fight coming."
  • "There ain't no walkin' away when Maggie's on the hunt."
  • "These boots were made for killin', and that's just what they'll do."
  • "Those skulls ain't gonna crush themselves, eh?"
  • "Time to knock the bastards off."
  • "We fightin'? Choice. Could do with some cardio."
  • "You're about to get a master class in kickin' ass."

Kill Quip[ | ]

  • Season 12 "I give as many craps as prisoners I take. None."
  • Season 13 Icon "You were all sizzle and no steak.
  • Season 16 "This game really is a death sentence... for you."
  • Season 18 "Be thankful I only killed ya."
  • "A day without a fight's like a day without air."
  • "Ain't nothin' but mutton dressed up as lamb."
  • "All this bloodshed's makin' me hungers."
  • "Come at the Queen, you best not miss."
  • Cuz' you're having a mare
  • "Didn't you hear? I'm no Legend, I'm a bloody Warlord."
  • "Don't get your knickers in a knot. I'm only killin' ya'
  • "Don't know what that was. But I tell ya what it wasn't. A good idea."
  • "Don't spit the dummy, die with a little dignity, would ya'  ?
  • "Glad we got to spend some quality time together."
  • "Got a real vicious streak in ya' Almost a shame I flattened ya'
  • "Hard to live down gettin' beat by an old lady, ay? Good thing I killed ya'
  • "He takunga anō, he takunga anō."
  • "Heard you were skux deluxe, but nah.."
  • "How many Maggies you know kill like this? Not many, if any."
  • "I didn't invent war, but I damn sure perfected it."
  • "I eat punks like you for parakuihi."
  • "I'll be damned all the way to hell and back before the likes of you kills the likes of me."
  • "In Salvonian culture, we got a word for an effort like that. Stink."
  • "Jeez, what did I do? Blinked too hard at ya' ?
  • "Looks like you're KIA, ay?"
  • "Maggie's brought you to heel."
  • "Hush up, egg. No need to share your despair."
  • "One day, Salvo will be free. And the next day? The Syndicate will be dead."
  • "Salvo says 'kia ora', by the way."
  • "They don't call me Salvo's middle finger for nothin'."
  • "Smile, mate, it's a great day to die.
  • "Well, someone couldn't handle the jandel."
  • "Step to Mad Maggie, you'll get a bloody hiding."
  • "Stink effort. Very, very stink."
  • "Takin' on Mad Maggie? You're a few bullets short of a full clip."
  • "Yeah, that really scratched the itch."
  • "That's what you get for givin' me the front-on side eye."
  • "What are you Legends made of? Emotions?"
  • "You dead yet? The suspense is boring me."
  • "Oh no.. You didn't confuse me for Mellow Maggie, did ya'  ? Haha."
  • "Don't worry! You died for a good cause. My entertainment. Hah."
  • "You got munted, ya'munter."
  • "You just got the anarchist's kiss, mate. Haha."
  • "You know what they say, mess with the bull and I'll trample ya' to death."
  • "Yeah, nah. You lost the plot comin' at me."

Gameplay[ | ]

I'm Jumpmaster
  • "I'm Jumpmaster. Strap in - we're gonna risk it for a biscuit."
  • "I'm Jumpmaster. Woo-bloody-hoo, ya' hooligans."
  • "I'm Jumpmaster. You'll never see the end of the road when you're travelin’ with me."
  • "When Maggie says jump', you say 'down whose throat?'"
  • "Jumpmaster says remember your ABCs. 'Always Be Killin'."
Dropping as Jumpmaster
  • "Kia maia, kia manawanui!"
  • "Slice of heaven, this. Time we tear it apart!"
Enemy landed nearby
  • "An egg dropped out of the sky near me."
Hit enemy from far
  • "Hit an egg."

Opening fire on the enemy

  • "Tearin' it up."
  • "Lettin' rip!"
Cracked enemy's shield
  • "Cracked that egg's shield."
  • "That egg's shield is cracked."
Downed an enemy
  • "Took down an enemy."
  • "Took down a egg."
  • "Scrambled that egg."
  • "Munted an enemy. Faar mean."
Another enemy downed
  • "Downed another egg."
  • "Downed another enemy."
More enemies downed
Multiple enemies downed
  • "Downed a bunch of wusses. Tu meke."
  • "Handing out hidings left right and center."
Killed an enemy
  • "Killed an enemy."
  • "Killed that Nigel-no-mates."
  • "Killed an egg."
Whole Squad down
  • "Oh no, that whole Squad's dust."
  • "Squad's done-squashed that last egg."
  • "Squad's dead. Wiped the floor with those eggs."
  • "Whole squad's carked it."
Throwing ordnances
Taking damage
  • "Egg's shooting at me."
  • "Bein' shot at."
  • "Bein' damaged. Finally, something interesting."
  • "Damnit, takin' damage."
  • "Takin' damage."
I'm downed
  • "Down, but this mana wahine ain't dead yet."
  • "Faaar - I'm down."
  • "Ohh ratties, I'm down!"
Successfully Self-Revived
  • "Dug my grave long ago; ain't yet ready to crawl into it."
  • "That made me cranky. You're not gonna like me when I cranky."
  • "Takes a lot more than death to kill a Warlord!"
Reviving Squadmate
  • "I ain't lettin' ya' die - not 'till we've won."
  • "On ya' feet - kia rite."
  • [to Fuse Icon] "What an embarrassment. On ya feet, Walter."
  • [to Fuse] "How dare you bleed Salvonian blood on Syndicate soil. Get up!"
  • [to Fuse Icon] "Don't ever get your stupid 'stache that close to me again. The stink might actually kill me."
  • [to Lifeline Icon] "Stop holdin’ back, girl. Ya' wanna beat Duardo, ya gotta unleash ya' anger."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Lifeline Icon] "Doesn't this make ya' angry? Get up."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Lifeline Icon] "Come on now, I know ya' could do better than this."
  • Season 16 [to Lifeline Icon] "Tired already, princess? Can't rattle the cage sittin' on yer arse"
  • Season 16 [to Lifeline Icon] "Quit slackin’ and get movin'. Time to shake up those Syndicate dogs."
  • Season 16 [to Octane Icon] "Get up, Syndicate dog."
  • Season 16 [to Octane Icon] "Need a feather bed? Get up, silver spoon."
  • "Cheer, cuz' Let's get back to the killing."
  • "Knew you needed Mad Maggie, eh? I'll get the job done."
  • "Kia ora."
  • "Mad Maggie's back from the sin bin."
Squadmate killed
  • "Rats, a squaddie just got smoked."
Pick Up Squadmate's Banner
  • "Grabbed our squaddie's banner. They die again, and I'll kill ‘em myself."
Deploying Heat Shield
  • "Heat Shield deployed. Get in or get smoked."
Deploying Mobile Respawn Beacon
  • "Head's up - deploying a Respawn Beacon."
Healing up / Recharging shield / Using Phoenix Kit Phoenix Kit
  • "I'm healin' up."
  • "Healin’ up. Felt a bit average, ay
  • "Healin’ up - gettin’ a bit of hauora."
  • "Healing'. Haere mai, everything is ka pai."
  • "Yeah, nah, healin'
  • "Rechargin' my shields, cuzzies
  • "Giz a sec - rechargin’ my shields
  • "Scullin' a Phoenix Kit."
Pick up Mastiff
  • "The perfect partner."
  • "Kia ora, beautiful."
  • "Nothin' kills like you."
Pick up Keycard
  • "Keycard's ours - best gap it to the bridge."
Open Vault / Icarus's Bridge
  • "Opened the vault. Call me Saint Maggie."
Dropping  Holo-Spray
  • "Always did love to leave a mark."
  • "Just be thankful I didn't leave a giant burnin' effigy this time."
  • "And Bob's ya uncle."
Entering Trident, Driver seat
  • "We don't have driver's licenses back on Salvo. Heaps more fun that way."
  • "Anarchy calls-get in the bloody car."
  • [with Fuse Icon] "Get ya' ass in the Trident, Wally — or are you too busy changin’ sides again?
  • [with Fuse Icon] "Need a hand gettin' in the Trident, Wally? I can blow ya' other one, if it'll help?"
Entering Trident, Passenger seat
  • [Driver is Fuse Icon] "Don't make me teach you respect, Walter."
  • [Driver is Fuse Icon] "Hush up, you walkin' moustache."
Exiting Trident
  • "Bailing out here."
  • "Stop, drop and rollin' here cuzzies."
  • "Clear the bloody way, I'm jumpin' outta the trident."
Activated Phase Driver
  • "Can't wait to crack these open."
  • "They're mine - keep ya' hands to yaselves."

Pings[ | ]

Ping location from Dropship
  • "Land there. Trust your elders, ay?"
  • "Land there. Man I miss my waka- Fuse bloody owes me."
  • "Whakarongo mai - that's where we're landin’."
Go here / Suggested a location
  • "Goin' here - you lot get in behind."
  • "Quit pissin' around - move here."
  • "Go here - we've got violence to do"
  • "Rollin' that way."
  • "Make a beeline there, cuzzies."
  • "Oy, goin' there."
  • "Go here. Kia tere."
  • [In combat] "Let's go here."
  • [In combat] "Haul arse here."
  • [In combat] "There. Go."
  • [In combat] "Go there."
  • [In combat] "Move your puku there."
Looting over here
  • "Ahh gonna loot here. No cuttin' in, cuzzies."
  • "Lootin' here. Everything's got Maggie's name on it."
    • "Lootin' here. Eeeeverything's got Maggie's name on it."
  • "Grabbin' loot here."
  • "My sticky fingers are lookin' for loot here."
  • "There's a mean spot for lootin'."
  • "Choice loot locale there."
  • "Lootin' there. Get in my way at your peril."
Going here
  • "Headin' here, whānau."
  • "Goin' here. Do as I do, cuzzies."
  • "Oi I'm going over here."
  • "Goin' there, bringin' a fist full of mayhem with me."
  • "Goin' there. Good times are sure to follow."
  • "Takin' a trip over there."
  • "Goin' there. Won't be held responsible for what happens next."
Attacking here
  • "Attackin' here."
  • "Startin' a fight over there."
  • "Attackin' here. Bringin' the blood cuzzies."
  • "Makin' a bloody mess over here."
  • "Goin' on the offensive here."
  • "Attackin' there. Those kneecaps won't shoot themselves."
  • "Attackin' there. Ain't nobody survivin'."
  • "Gonna stir up trouble there."
  • "Attackin' here. Blowin' off some steam...and limbs."
  • [In combat] "Waging war here!"
Defending here
  • "Defendin' here, whānau."
  • "Defendin' here - they ain't gettin' through me."
  • "Defendin' this spot."
  • "Defendin' there. Let's see 'em march right into my jaws."
  • "Defending there."
  • "Diggin' in and holdin' ground there."
  • "Holdin' there."
Watching here
  • "Takin' a look over here."
  • "Watchin' here."
  • "Geezin' over here."
  • "I'm watchin' there. Kia rite."
  • "Havin' a geez over there."
  • "Checkin' out this direction."
Canceled Ping
  • "Nah. I guts-ed that up, ay?"
  • "Yeah, nah, that was rubbish."
  • "Nevermind that rubbish."
Pinging Enemy
  • "Egg over yonder."
  • "Eyes up whānau; got a target over there."
  • "Egg there. Let's scramble 'em."
  • "Got a rotten bloody egg over there."
  • "Got an enemy right here."
  • "Egg on top of us."
  • "Bad egg, real close."
  • "Enemy real close. We ain't lettin' 'em live, are we?."
  • "Egg here."
  • "Enemy here."
  • "Enemy here. Mess 'em up."
  • "Enemy right here."
  • "Enemy here. Pleasure to meet 'em. Pleasure to kill 'em."
  • "*sniff* Smell a rotten egg over there."
  • "Dust in human form there, wipe 'em out."
Someone's been here
  • "Another Squad's been here. Time to go huntin', sharks."
  • "Another Squad's been here."
  • "Signs of eggs, here."
  • "We ain't the first Squad here."
  • "Eggs have rolled through here."
  • "Another Squad's been there. Hope we get to meet 'em."
  • "Kia mataara - another Squad's been sniffin' there."
Help / Bleeding Out
  • "Gah, I'm munted - help a lady out."
  • "Downed. Get me up so I can knock their bloody teeth out!"
  • "Oi! Give us a hand ay?"
  • "Bad buzz I'm down. Get me up!"
  • "Yeah, keen as a bean."
  • "Yup, sweet-bix."
Me too / I'll join
  • "I'll tag along, ay."
  • "Easy daisy, I'm comin'."
  • "Goin' with - keen as."
  • "With you."
  • "Count me in."
  • "On my way."
  • "Piss Off."
  • "Ain't no way."
  • "Hold ya' horses, whānau."
  • "Wait, ay."

On My Way / Coming to help[ | ]

  • “No kickin' the bucket on my watch.”
  • “Don't go to custard ay? The whole Outlands are watchin'.”
  • “Sit tight; Maggie's comin'."
  • "I bloody want it."
  • "Hands off. That's Maggie's."
  • [In combat] "Gimme!"
    • [Any shotgun weapon] "I love the smell of spent shotgun shells in the mornin'. Also, at noon ‘n’ night."
    • [Any shotgun weapon] "Nothin' kills quite like a shotty'
    • [Peacekeeper] "Vicious, loud, and un-bloody-stoppable at close range. We got a lot in common."
    • [Mastiff] "Every artist needs her paintbrush ay?"
30-30 Repeater
  • "30-30 Repeater here. That's my peanut butter 'n' jam."
  • "30-30 Repeater here. Salvo's finest; she'll never let ya' down."
EVA-8 Auto
  • "EVA-8 shotgun. Don't leave home without one."
  • "EVA 8 here. A warlord's best friend."
  • "EVA shotgun here. Now we're bloody talkin'!"
Mastiff Shotgun
  • "Mastiff Shotgun here. Crème de la bloody crème."
  • "Mastiff Shotgun here. They say the perfect partner doesn't exist but..."
  • "Mastiff Shotgun here. In my experience, she's a must have."
  • "Mastiff Shotgun here. Ya' got two bloody arms, carry two bloody Mastiffs."
Mozambique Shotgun
  • "Mozambique here. Ain't the size, it's how ya use it."
  • "Peacekeeper here. Got three of these lovely ladies under my pillow."
  • "Peacekeeper here. The very definition of irony, haha!"
  • "Peacekeeper here. She's a thing of beauty."

Kraber .50-Cal Sniper:

  • "Kraber here. Though I reckon 'Kōhere' suits it better."
Frag Grenade Frag Grenade
  • [With Fuse Icon] "Grenade here. Perfect for cowards who won't fight up close, ay Wally?"
  • [With Fuse Icon] "Grenade here. I wonder if the "Grenado Tornado" wants it? (laughs)"
Thermite Grenade Thermite Grenade
  • [With Fuse Icon] "Thermite grenade here…Keep it away from Walter, ay?"
Heat Shield Heat Shield
  • "Heat Shield here. Ya' could say I played a key part in their creation… Hahaha."
  • "Heat Shield here. Spoil the bloody fun, these things."
Ping Inventory / Request
  • [Shotgun Shells Shotgun Shells] "Need Shotty' ammo."
  • [Optics for Marksman] "Looking for optics for a marksman. That'd be me - I'm the marksman."
  • [Thermite Grenade Thermite Grenade] "You see a thermite, you give it to Maggie."
Launch Pad Launch Pad
  • "Jump Pad here - up and away, you eggs."
  • "Jump Pad there. Like the cut of Silva's jib…"
Emplaced Minigun "Sheila" Emplaced Minigun "Sheila"
  • "Turret here. Heads down, ay?"
  • "Turret there - nice piece of hardware..."
  • "Turret there. Yeah, I see the appeal."
  • "Enemy's popped a turret here - cheeky as move."
  • "Turret from one our charming foes there."
  • "Enemy turret there - keen as for a test drive."
Perimeter Security Perimeter Security
  • "Fence out there. Come out 'n' fight, coward."
Dropped Cargo
  • "Dropped cargo here - spilled it's guts."
Extended Supply Bin
  • [Unopened Secret Compartment] "Extended Supply Bin here, and there's still some secret taonga inside."
  • "Extended Supply Bin over there, and she's still got hidden goodies to thieve."
  • "Extended Supply Bin here - extra compartment's still got goodies."
  • "Extended Supply Bin there - extra compartment's still got goodies."
Jump Tower
  • "Jump Tower there - fly time."
  • "Get in the Trident before I run ya's over with it."
  • [Enemy Boarded, far] "Enemy Trident up to no bloody good over there."
  • [Ally Boarded] "All aboard the land waka."
Cargo Bot
Dropped Cargo
  • "Dropped Cargo here. Spilled its guts."
  • "Dropped Cargo over there. Keen to check it out."
  • "I ain't staring at the geyser because I want to pee on it. Jump on."
  • "I've got a terrible idea. Jump in that geyser."
  • "Come on you fellas. We got a date with a geyser."
  • "Lava here. I'll give five bucks to anyone who goes swimming."
    • "Lava here. I'll give 5 bucks to anyone who goes swimming. Hahaha!"
  • "Do I really gotta tell you to be careful of lava?"
  • "Train right here. Bloody marvelous."
  • "Train stopped at the station."
Vault Key
Let's recover Squadmate's banner / Pinging squadmate's banner
  • "Rattle ya dags, we got a banner to grab!"
  • "Get that bloody banner!"
  • "Loot MRVN here. It better give me the good stuff… if it wants to keep it's arms."
  • "Loot MRVN there. ...Finally, a robot that doesn't suck."
  • [Looted] "This MRVN's been looted. Bloody marvelous."
  • [With Fuse Icon] "MRVN arm just lyin' here. Reminds me of the good old days, Wally."
  • [With Fuse Icon] "MRVN arm here. D'ya' reckon it's a 'lost cause', Wally?"
Pathfinder Icon Pathfinder's Statue
  • "Statue here. And how about those who died fightin' for Salvo? Where are their statues?"
  • "Statue there. Statue bro? (laughs)"
  • "Statue here."
  • "Statue there."
Icarus Bridge
  • "And that'd be the bridge."
    • [No one has keycard] "Hey cuzzies - seen the keycard?"
    • [has keycard] "Keycard's mine."
Bridge Keycard
  • "Well, kia ora - got a Keycard here."
Phase Driver Control Panel
  • "C'mon cuzzies - let's use this control panel."
  • [Cooldown] "This control panel's on cooldown."
Med Bay
  • "Med Bay here, where I'm about to send them eggs."
  • "Med Bay there, if ya can't hack a little pain."
  • "Got a Prowler right here."
  • "Spotted a Prowler over there."
Prowler Den
  • "Oi - there's a Prowler Den right here."
  • "Got a Prowler Den over there."
  • [Empty] "This Prowler Den's empty as."
  • [Empty] "That Prowler Den over there's empty."
    • "That Prowler Den over there's empty. Shame, that. Coulda made a mate."
  • "There's a Spider here."
  • "Got a Spider over there."
Spider Egg
  • "Oy, Spider Eggs right here."
  • "Got some Spider Eggs here…Wherever I bloody go, it's eggs, eggs, eggs…"
  • [Hatched] "These Spider Eggs have already hatched."
    • "These Spider Eggs have hatched."
  • [Hatched] "Those Spider Eggs have already hatched. Chaos is crawlin'."
IMC Armory
  • "Got an Armory here, fellas."
  • "Oi, Armory over there."
  • "Infected here. Gross."
  • "Ugh, Infected over there."

Battle Royale Status[ | ]

First Blood
  • "First blood. And if I have my way, it ain't gonna be the last."
  • "First blood. Oh, that takes me back!"
  • [By Squad] "We took first blood – preemo."
    • "We took first blood – preemo. Now how about we take second blood?"
  • [By Squad] "We took first blood – I'll make warlords outta yas yet."
Champion eliminated
  • "Champion's carked it. Enjoy Darwinism in action, mate."
  • "Champ's dead. We call that an oxymoron."
    • "Champ's dead. We call that an oxymoron. …Actually, just a moron."
  • [By Squad] "Killed the Champ. Piece of piss."
  • [By Squad] "Killed the Champ. You fullahs give out that title a little too easy, ay?"
  • [Solo] "Killed the Champ. They ain't nothin' but dust."
  • [Solo] "Toasted that Champion. Yum."
New Kill Leader appointed
  • "New Kill Leader's killed their way to the top. Respect."
  • "New Kill Leader: that egg's got a Maggie-size target on their back."
  • "New Kill Leader? Only thing they're leading is my boot to their face."
Kill Leader eliminated
  • "We killed the Kill Leader. Once again, violence solves all our problems."
  • "We killed the Kill Leader. Turns out teamwork’s the real Champion, ay?"
  • "Killed the Kill Leader. They ain’t worth their salt."
  • [Solo] "Killed the Kill Leader. Easy as steak and cheese pie."
  • [Solo] "Choice, I killed the Kill Leader. Now I just gotta kill everyone else."
  • [Solo] "I killed the Kill Leader. Far out. Guess that makes me the man, ay?"
  • [Solo] "I munted the Kill Leader. They ain't ever walkin’ again."
Half the Squads left
  • "Half the Squads still alive. Let's manaaki ‘em the Salvonian way."
  • "Half the Squads are left. Let's kill 'em before they die."
  • [Solo] "Half the Squads are dead - the other half wish they were."
  • [Solo] "Half the Squads left; and yet this old shark keeps on swimmin'."
Two Squads left
  • "Two enemy Squads still breathing. Let’s teach ‘em the error of their ways."
  • "Two enemy Squads left. Let’s make a meal outta those eggs."
  • [Solo] "Two more Squads to go, girl – best go make a mess of ‘em."
  • [Solo] "Two enemy Squads left. Gonna show 'em what one pissed off wahine can do…"
Only one Squad left
  • "One Squad left. Ahhh, time flies when ya killin’."
  • "One Squad left. One outs it is then."
  • "One Squad left. Let’s go ruin their day."
  • [Solo] "Only one Squad left… and the poor bastard’s gotta go through me."
  • [Solo] "Only one Squad left? I don't fancy their chances."
Care Package Dropping
  • "Care Package on its way. Sweet as."
  • "Mĩharo - Care Package droppin' by for dinner."

Ring Status[ | ]

Inside the next Ring
  • "Marvelous news - we're in the next Ring."
  • "What a bunch of fancy fullahs - we're already inside the next Ring."
Squad outside the next Ring
Ring closes in 1 minute
  • "Ring’s near, closing in 60. Plenty of time for mischief."
    • "Ring’s near and closing in 60. Plenty of time for mischief."
  • "Ring’s near, cuzzies. Got a minute before she closes."
  • "Ring’s near and ain't closing for 60. Sussed it."
  • "Ring’s a distance and closes in 60, cuzzies."
    • "Ring’s a distance, closes in 60, cuzzies."
  • "Ring’s far - kia tere, we got 60 seconds."
  • "Ring’s far, closes in 60. Ring was way more fun when I was messin' with it."
  • "Pick yaself up girl – the Ring’s far and closing in 60."
  • [Close, solo] "Ring's near. Won't close for 60. Sweet? Sweet."
  • [Close, solo] "Choice - Ring's near and closing in 10."
Ring closes in 45 seconds
  • [Cclose] "Ring ain't far. Got 45 'til she closes."
  • [Close] "Alright hard cases - we're right by the Ring. Got 45."
  • "Ring’s near and won't close for 45."
  • "Ring’s far - quit gas baggin', we've only got 45 to get there."
  • "Ring’s ages away and closing in 45."
  • "Focus girl; the Ring’s ages away and you've got 45 to find it."
  • "C’mon Mags – Ring's a real distance and closing in 45."
Ring closes in 30 seconds
  • "Ring’s near as, and won't close for 30. Big ups, team."
  • "Ring’s in our neighborhood, and won't close for 30."
  • "Ring’s a sneeze away and closing in 30. Marvelous."
  • "Ring’s near, with 30 to go. You got this, girl."
Ring closes in 10 seconds
  • [Close] "Ring’s close, closes in 10. Good buzz."
  • [Close] "Ring’s near and closing in 10."
Ring closes in 10 seconds
  • [Close] "Ring’s a tickle away and closing in 10."
Ring closing
  • "Ring's closing and we ain't in it. If you wanna die, at least let me pull the trigger."
  • "Ring's movin' and we don't seem to be in it. Move."
  • "Ring’s a bloody march, and she’s closing."
Final Ring closing
  • "Final Ring – ride or die, cuzzies."
  • "Rattle ya dags: final Ring’s about to move."
  • "Final countdown’s on – chaos is comin' hahaha."
  • "Final Ring timer’s countin’ down. Get trottin’, girl."
  • "Final Ring’s closing – move your pukus."
  • "Final Ring’s about to bring people together... so I can kill 'em."
  • "Final Ring’s closing, girl. Ehara i te tī."
  • "Final Ring’s closin'. Reckon I've still got a few kills in me..."

Arenas Status[ | ]

Round 1 prep
Match point prep - Winning
Match point prep - Losing
Double Kill

Control Status[ | ]

Your Team controlled Zone
Zone is neutralized by enemy team
Zone is neutralized by your team
Enemy Team controls Zone
Capture Bonus claimed
Enemy has capture bonus
  • "They got that capture bonus. Aue."
Your Team has reached 50% of Ratings
Your Team has reached 90% of Ratings
Enemy Team has reached 50% of Ratings
Enemy Team has reached 90% of Ratings
New Ratings Leader Appointed
  • "I'm the new Ratings Leader. Buzzy as".

Quip[ | ]

  • "That's the goods."
  • "Mint."
  • "Sweet as!"
    • "Sweet aaas!"
  • "Cheers a million."
  • "Chur cuz."
  • "Stoked."
  • "Kia ora."
  • [to Fuse Icon] "Sweet as loot. Knew there was a reason I ain't killed ya' yet."
  • [to Fuse Icon] "Chur for the loot, Wally. Guess your one eye is good for somethin'."
  • [to Bloodhound Icon] "Choice loot. So you're the one turnin' Walter soft? If he dies, that's on you."
  • [to Bloodhound Icon] "Chur. So you're Wally's new bestie? Careful; he'll stab you in the back."
  • S16 [to Loba] "Oi; you sure you're ready to get those pretty little hands dirty?"
  • S16 [to Loba] "Chur. Ya better bring it beautiful; you're running with a real Salvo warlord now."
You're welcome
  • "Oh you know me, I'm all about the aroha."
  • "Sweet-bix."
  • [to Fuse Icon] "You sound worried. Working with the Syndicate's made you soft, boy."
  • [to Fuse Icon] "Sounds like an accusation, Walter. Watch ya tongue, or I'll rip it outta ya."
  • [to Fuse S17] "Tō waha Wally. Or I'll feed ya thermite on toast."
  • [to Fuse S17] "Ya lost an eye; how about ya tongue next?"
  • [to Bloodhound Icon] "Watch ya tongue, Hound."
  • [to Bloodhound Icon] "Ah keep an eye of the Allfather out for yaself, cuz."
  • [to Lifeline Icon]] "When ya' change your mind -- and ya will -- come say 'kia ora'."
Thanks for First-Aid
  • "Those eggs better try harder - I ain't plannin' on dyin' of old age."
  • "Those eggs can't even kill me right."
  • "Before I was mad, now I'm bloody fumin'!"
  • [to Fuse Icon] "Don't ever get your stupid ‘stache that close to me again. The stink might actually kill me."
  • [to Fuse Icon] "You must have something in ya one good eye, cause ain't nothin' can keep Maggie down."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Lifeline Icon] "Watch and learn, grommet."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Lifeline Icon] "Calm your farm. We gonna talk or break some eggs, kid?"
You're welcome for first-aid
  • [to Fuse Icon] "Now you're talkin’ like a real son of Salvo."
  • [to Fuse Icon] "Damn right. Now let's wreck someone's day."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Lifeline Icon] "That's what I'm talkin' about."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Lifeline Icon] "That's the spirit. (laughs)"
Thanks for the respawn
  • "Chur, cuz. Let's get back to the killin'."
  • "Knew ya needed Mad Maggie, ay? I'll get the job done. Kia ora."

Abilities[ | ]

Using Riot Drill Riot Drill
  • "Drillin' right through yas."
  • "Gonna drill some sense into yas."
  • Killin' 'n' drillin'
  • "Drill's tearin' through."
  • "Drillin' through."
  • "You fullahs know the drill."
  • "Drill's rippin' through.
  • "Open wide, here comes the drill."
  • "Drill's huntin' for eggs."
  • "Drillin' here."
  • "No one hides from my drill."
Using Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball
  • "Rollin' with the wreckin' ball."
  • "Wreckin' ball's off the chain."
  • "Tear it up, wreckin' ball."
  • "My wreckin' ball's rollin'."
  • "Make ya' whaea proud, wreckin' ball."
  • "Wreckin' balls rollin'. Always knew I had the biggest balls around here."
  • "Unleashing my wreckin' ball."
  • "Wreckin' ball's clearin' a path."
  • "Wreckin' ball's goin' wild."
  • "Wreckin' ball's unleashed. Get on or get outta' her way."
Inside Defensive Bombardment Defensive Bombardment / Rolling Thunder Rolling Thunder
  • "Airstrike incomin’ - move or get smashed."
Recalled back to Death Totem Death Totem
  • "Been sent back to the Totem. …Yeah, nah, felt weird."
  • "Sent back to the Totem. Full on."

Lobby[ | ]

Map[ | ]

Switching to World's Edge
  • "World's Edge. Her history's almost as chaotic and proud as Salvo's. She has my respect."
  • "Off to World's Edge. Wear your bloody seatbelts, eh?"
Switching to Storm Point
  • "Storm Point? Pff. Ain't no storm 'till Mad Maggie gets there."
  • "Storm Point? Don't matter where ya' put me -- ya' still can't kill me."

Switching to King's Canyon

  • "Back to King's Canyon. Reckon I left my mark there..." (laughs)"
  • "Remember King's Canyon? Got a funny feelin' it remembers me..."

Ranked[ | ]

New Ranked Season
  • "New season openin' up. No promises I won't blow this one up, ay. Ha!"
  • "New season's comin'. Best ya' give those mullets a wash, ay?"
New Ranked Series
  • Whakarongo mai - a new ranked series is startin'
New Split
  • "Rank's splittin', and if we play our cards right, skulls'll be splittin' too."
Ranked Up
  • "Ranked up. Choice bro."
  • "Ranked up? Choooice bro."
  • "Mag's ranked up - priiimo."
Ranked Down
  • "Stink, I ranked down."
  • "I ranked down? I'm bloody ropable."
  • "I ranked down? …Tell Wally and I'll break ya' thumbs
Silver Silver
  • "Silver.already? Mad Maggie's whizzing on through."
  • "Made it to Silver, and the night is but young."
Gold Gold
  • "Gold... got a fair bit of experience with that. Just ask Wally's arm."
  • "Gold, ay? Sweet, got a few teeth need fillin'."
  • "Made it to Gold - good as Gold."
Platinum Platinum
  • "Far out, ol' Maggie's gone Platinum."
  • "Platinum? Too much..."
Diamond Diamond
  • "Diamond. This one goes out to all my Salvonian whānau."
  • "Got Diamond - tumeke."
Master Master
  • "Mad Maggie's made Master."
  • "Master Maggie. No cage can hold me, no man can kill me."
Apex Predator Apex Predator
  • "I was born an Apex bloody Predator... this just makes it official."
  • "Apex Predator... Tino pai, Margaret Kōhere. Tino pai."

Event Announcer[ | ]

Intro[ | ]

  • "Mad Maggie here, you tried to take over Salvo, now we're gonna take over your games. Time to get rowdy."
  • "Hey Legends, your games are mine now, should have given me Wally when you had the chance."
  • "It’s Mad Maggie, I’m done waiting, it's time to bring a little mayhem to these games of yours."
  • "It's Maggie, you’re taking your sweet time turning on Wally, so let's turn the heat upon you."
  • "Mad Maggie here, don't want to name names, but someone went and messed with that ring of yours."
  • "Tick-Tock legends, all this time on my hands I decided to tinker with that ring of yours."

Before champion announcement[ | ]

  • "Welcome to my games, mind your mullets ladies, I’m about to start some fires."
  • "Look at this lot, you don’t know what you're in for."
  • "Name’s mad Maggie, and these little games of yours, they’re mine now."
  • "All you had to do was bring me his other arm, bet you’re regretting those morals now."
  • "Looking quite confident now are we? Well, Maggie’s got a lot of tricks up her sleeve."
  • "Time for some Salvo hospitality. How do you like your tragic ends, quick or slow?"
  • "You like to call yourselves heroes eh, if you survive what I got in store, then you will."
  • "How do you like your skin, extra crispy or burnt to a crisp?"
  • "The heat is on legends, and you only have yourselves to blame."
  • "Oi hotshots, let's see you shoot your way out of this one eh."
  • "Things are a little too predictable around here, let's see what Maggie can do."
  • "You mantas better put on your sunnies, it’s about to heat up around here."
  • "Look at this lot, yeah, Nah, gotta kick the bucket someday eh."
  • "You lot better stretch, you’re about to run for your lives. Kia kaha folks."

Arena Status[ | ]

  • "This is your champion. Looking about as spry as my eighty-year-old mum. That's a compliment."
  • "Introducing your champion. Ace mate, let's see you do it again."
  • "Got ya champion here, the one to look out for."
  • [when the champion is Fuse] "Here’s your champions, what are you standing around for, he is right there take his arm."
  • [when the champion is Fuse] "Here’s your champions from last match. Watch yourself with that Fuse one, just sayin'."
  • "Here's your champion. Not bad, not bad, for a Syndicate dog."
New kill leader
  • [when the kill leader is Fuse] "That old man you call Fuse? He's the kill leader now. Watch your back. He'll stab you in it.
  • "Hold onto your knickers ladies. New kill leader appointed."
  • "Got a new Kill Leader. Let's see how long this lasts."
  • "Listen up. There's a new Kill Leader."
  • "Looks like you got a new Kill Leader."
Kill leader eliminated
  • "Attention. Your kill leader's kicked the bucket."
  • "Your kill leader's dead. Disappointing effort mate."
First blood
  • "That's First Blood. Let's keep the good times rolling, shall we?"
  • "Attention. First blood. Gettin' rowdy."
  • "Attention. First blood. Love it."
  • "And we got First Blood. Best way to start the day."
  • [when First Blood is Fuse] "First blood and it's Wally? Come on, ya egg. Do Salvo proud."
  • [when First Blood is Fuse] "Wally's our First Blood, ay? Let me guess. He ran in without a plan with that simple head of his."
Champion eliminated
  • "Champion's dead. R.I.P mate."
  • "Attention all, your champion's carked it."
  • "Aw, your champion's dead. I'm gutted."
  • "Champion's eliminated. Bit too dead to be a proper champion, ay?"
Care Package Dropping
  • "Care Package being delivered. Should I send bottles and nappies next?"
  • "Care Package incoming. Some of you eggs lookin' like you need it."
  • "Chin up - Care Package incoming."
  • "Care Package comin' your way."
Replicator Replicator Dropping
  • "Delivering Replicator. Who bloody wants it?"
  • "Replicator's getting delivered."
  • "Delivering Replicator. Mind your head."
Supply Ship
  • "Got a supply ship comin’ at ya."
  • "Supply ship comin'. You'll be good as gold."
Game over
  • "Looks like we have a winner here, ay?"
  • "You got yourselves a winner. That was fun, ay?"
  • "Here's your Apex Champions. Drink it in, fellas. These games won't last long."
  • "Look at you. All Apex Champions."
  • "Lookee here - Apex Champions. Good on ya."
  • [when one Squadmate is Fuse] "Here's your Apex Champions. And la dee da: look at Wally. Remember us little people, will ya?"

Ring Status[ | ]

Ring countdown
  • "Alright. Round 1. Beginning ring countdown."
  • "Round 2. Let's get that countdown going."
  • "Round 3, tick-tock, here we go, son."
  • "Round 4. Ring countdown starts now."
  • "Round 5. Times are whizzing by."
  • "Final Round. Chin up. It'll all be over soon."
  • "Better watch it… Ring's closing."
  • "Listen up, eggs. Ring's closing."
  • "Ring's moving, run, run, run."
  • "Ring's moving, better run for it."
  • "Ring's closing. Let's see some movement, shall we?"
Opening Ring Flare
  • "Alright, Game Changer ready."
  • [Multiple] "Got a bunch of my Ring Flares incoming."
  • [Multiple] "Multiple Ring Flares incoming. Too much."

Lobby[ | ]

Ring's Fury

  • "Mad Maggie here. Don't wanna name names, but someone went and messed with that Ring of yours."
  • "Tick tock, Legends. All this time on my hands, I decided to tinker with that Ring of yours."

For other interactions with Legends, see Special Interaction.

  1. Based on Maori proverb: "He aha te mea nui o te Ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata" - What is the most important thing in the world?  It is the people, it is the people, it is the people