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Mad Maggie
Mad Maggie
Real Name Margaret Kōhere
Nickname Mags (by Fuse)
Gender Female
Pronouns She/her
Age 56
Relatives Manu and Tangaroa Kohere (parents, deceased)
Aroha (sister, deceased) [1]
Homeworld Salvo
Occupation Warlord
Mercenary (formerly)
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Nicola Kāwana
Appearances Good as Gold
The Perfect Son

Margaret Kōhere, more infamously known as Mad Maggie, is a character first introduced in Season 8 Season 8 of Apex Legends, and a Legend first introduced in Season 12 Season 12. A notorious Salvonian terrorist and the leader of the Cracked Talon warband, she was forced to enter the Apex Games as punishment for her crimes against the Syndicate.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Margaret "Mad Maggie" Kōhere was born on Salvo in 2679 to Manu and Tangaroa Kohere[2] growing up in a rough part of the planet. Her parents, along with her sister Aroha, died when she was a child, likely killed in the same unknown incident. After their deaths, Kōhere did not have family growing up, but she did have her closest friend, Walter Fitzroy. She gifted him his first guitar in 2687.[3] One day, while exploring, the two came across a golden hand grenade clutched by the corpse of a deceased freedom fighter. The two claimed the grenade as their own, occasionally passing it back and forth as a symbol of their bond.[4]

Transition Legend Impressions- Mad Maggie

Maggie incites an anti-Syndicate riot.

Kōhere was seen as a troublemaker throughout her schooling years, and she and Fuse were often separated during classes.[5] One famous stunt of hers during this time was freeing one class’s birds at the behest of Fuse.[6] She did, however, gain a strong sense of patriotism and nationalism for Salvo at a young age, as shown by an essay written by her in seventh grade,[5] According to her, she's been prepared to die for her planet since the age of 12. [4]

As the pair grew older, Kōhere and Fitzroy led a variety of escapades together, including robberies, heists, and bomb defusals. However, their goals began to drift apart as they grew older. While Fuse felt the allure of bloodsport and began fighting in Salvo’s famous Bonecage, Kōhere became fully invested in Salvo’s independence movement, founding and leading a warband known as the Cracked Talon.[4] She conducted a variety of anti-Mercenary Syndicate operations, including riots and raids on supply ships, the spoils from which she redistributed to the citizens of Salvo.[7] In 2734, Salvo became the seventh planet to join the Syndicate Alliance of Free Worlds.[8] Fuse was soon selected as the first representative from Salvo to compete in the Apex Games. Kōhere was infuriated by this, wanting nothing to do with the Syndicate, for herself or Salvo. The two friends got into a fight as a result, with Kōhere pulling the pin on their grenade and using it to blow off Fuse’s right arm.[4]

Armageddon[ | ]

Salvo merger attack

Maggie opens fire at the merger ceremony.

Fuse's introduction to the Apex Games occurred during the Salvo-Syndicate Merger Ceremony, riding into Kings Canyon on a refurbished IMS Thermopylae.[9] Kōhere, however, planned to sabotage Fuse’s entrance into the Apex games to expose how weak the Syndicate was, in hopes it would spark rebellion on Salvo. She quickly hacked into the Thermopylae’s systems, demanding the delivery of Fuse’s other arm. She then hijacked the ship’s artillery cannons and attacked the spectators, causing Fuse to destroy them with a well-placed grenade. Kōhere finally detonated a vast array of explosives she had planted across the island, devastating the area and wrecking the Thermopylae with the debris.[10]

Fuse, Bloodhound, and Lifeline confronted Kōhere in an attempt to stop her attacks.[11] However, she quickly captured the three Legends, seeking to convince Fuse to return to the side of Salvo. He refused,[12] and as a result, she took control of the Apex Games, modifying the ring to behave erratically.[13]

After a few weeks of torment, Fuse decided to pursue Kōhere to stop her chaos. She soon shot his ship down,[14] causing it to disastrously land in a park.[15] Kōhere and Fuse attacked each other with explosives, with both being blown off a ledge by the blast.[16] Fuse, wishing to help her up, offered her his arm, but Kōhere refused, letting go and falling[17] to what Fuse assumed was her death.[6] However, she survived, and was later found inciting riots and resistance on the Fringe World of Págos.[18]

Kōhere fled in a custom Goblin fighter, and was later shot down during a dogfight in the skies of Gaea. She was phased away after her aircraft was struck, and was later apprehended on Olympus. Wreckage from the fight landed on Olympus [19] and Storm Point. [20]

After her arrest, the Mercenary Syndicate claimed to have "creative punishments" planned for her.[21] Believing her execution to be imminent, Kōhere used her last request to write a letter to Fuse, musing on the different definitions people have for freedom. [22]

Judgment[ | ]

Mad Maggie almost executed

Mad Maggie chuckles at her executioners.

"Which one of you gets to be the hero who killed Mad Maggie, eh? You? Mate, I've been ready to die for Salvo every day since I was twelve."
— Maggie

Kōhere was tried by the Syndicate for 27 counts of sedition, including 18 counts of inciting riots and 9 counts of attacking Syndicate supply ships, as well as for her attack on Kings Canyon. A defiant Kōhere, insistent that it was all justified in the name of freedom, bit the bars in front of her and spat a dislodged tooth at the presiding Magistrate, impaling and blinding his right eye. She was then taken to be executed by firing squad. However, before the strike team could pull their triggers, Kōhere was saved by the intervention of Eduardo Silva. As an alternative punishment, the Magistrate dictated that Kōhere become a competitor in the Apex Games, where her fellow competitors would become her executioners. She was indefinitely detained afterwards, sending a letter to the Salvonian zine Backs\ash to encourage her followers to keep fighting.[23] Eventually, Kōhere was transferred to an isolated cell, having caused one too many riots with her fellow prisoners.[24]

During her first match of the Apex Games, a bound Kōhere was launched from a dropship in handcuffs, but not before mercilessly tearing out the throat of a Syndicate soldier with her teeth. Kōhere evaded several squads before dropping through a hatch on Olympus to find Silva working at a console below, declaring his plan to establish her as a "villain" in his quest for control of the Syndicate. Grabbing his green spectacles, she was sent back to the surface, after which Silva activated a protocol to teleport the arena over a metropolitan area on the surface of Psamathe using the newly installed Phase Driver. After another chase she met with Octane and Lifeline, whom she was paired with for the match. The two Legends begrudgingly allied themselves with the warlord, with Octane giving her an EVA-8 shotgun. [25]

Lifeline Maggie and Octane

Maggie and her new allies.

After the match's conclusion, Silva immediately hosted a broadcast to blame Kōhere for the sudden relocation of Olympus. Kōhere presented Silva's glasses to prove her innocence. The three agreed to work together in an attempt to take down Silva. Kōhere additionally tells Lifeline to find her "when [she's] ready to unleash." [26]

The Perfect Son[ | ]

During an Apex Games match on Storm Point, Kōhere was placed on a team with Lifeline and Fuse. She and Fuse focused their fire on a swarm of Carthage spiders while a distraught Lifeline lamented about Octane's impulsiveness. The two offered their own advice - Kōhere stated that the only person Lifeline can depend on is herself, and Fuse stated that it's good to rely on one's friends, but they should always be given space. The two began to bitterly fight over their responses, with Kōhere branding him a traitor and Fuse defending his departure from Salvo, stating that "it takes strength to walk away from everything ya know." During their argument, Lifeline had to single-handedly fend off a second swarm of spiders, with the two only joining after personally being attacked. [27]

After Silva was elected as the leader of the Syndicate council, Kōhere was approached by Lifeline. Satisified that her advice was taken, she asked Lifeline of her plan, to which she responded that she intends to "burn [the Outlands] down."[28]

The Fight Against Silva[ | ]

Kōhere was visited by Lifeline in her prison cell in Malta, who intended to venture out to Salvo. The warlord tried to dissuade her, warning her that its dangerous to go there without an accompanying Salvonian - especially for the daughter of the Che family. After Lifeline returned, she met with Kōhere to discuss her findings, having been given the name "Skudge". Kōhere called the name a dead end, stating that without her help, Lifeline would be running toward her death. In response, Lifeline disabled the security cameras and attacked a guard, breaking Kōhere out of her cell. On the way out of the prison, the two were stopped by the warden, who Kōhere quickly incapacitated. She then turned on Lifeline, knocking a tooth out of her mouth to make it seem as if she had tried to stop Kōhere. The two then departed for Salvo.[24]

Once on Salvo, Kōhere visited a bar with Lifeline and Loba and reunited with Skudge. After intimidating him and asking for Silva's whereabouts, Skudge directed them to an armored bunker nearby. Breaking in, the trio found several deactivated Specters and a console, on which Lifeline found information about several similar locations across the Outlands. Quickly growing bored, Kōhere playfully attacked one of the dormant Specters. Immediately after, however, Loba activated the facility's alarms while exploring[29], causing the facility's lockdown sequence to be activated. Kōhere, Lifeline, and Maggie fought through the horde, escaping just before the doors locked themselves.

Once outside, the three found themselves pinned down by the Specters, which were working to break through the door and continue their attack. The three were quickly rescued by Valkyrie, allowing them to regroup and deliver information to Crypto.[30]

While the Legends stepped out so Crypto could work on the decryption, he was attacked by Revenant, but the simulacrum was quickly apprehended by the Legends. Kōhere and the Legends made a brief truce with him to break into a Hammond Robotics facility in Malta in an attempt to destroy the simulacrum's source code to keep it out of the hands of Silva. Disguising themselves as Hammond Robotics employees, they were quickly discovered after Lifeline's shoddy cover was blown. They were soon cornered by a horde of Spectres, Reapers, and Ticks, and joined forces to fight their way out of the facility - despite some resistance from Loba, who wished for Revenant to stay alive and suffer. After taking out the Reaper, Revenant's source code was taken away by Silva using Loba's misplaced Black Market Boutique staff.[31]

Following the trail of a tracker placed on Octane by Lifeline, Kōhere and the other Legends tracked the Silvas to one final facility, where Revenant reclaimed his source code. As Loba attempted to destroy it, Torres revealed the full extent of Revenant's upgrades to the simulacrum: he was able to control any other manufactured shell as if it were his own body. Killing Torres, Revenant launched an attack against the Legends using his spare bodies. Kōhere and the others boarded a ship with the help of Valkyrie,[32] but were forced to fight and thin out Revenant's army in order to escape with the help of Crypto.[33][34]

After Silva's death, Maggie returned to Salvo, hoping to reinvigorate its people into fighting against the Mercenary Syndicate's yoke. However, she returned to find Salvo further developed by the Syndicate, with even the Cracked Talon's headquarters converted into a designer clothing store. Additionally, seeing the benefits of the Syndicate's occupation, most members of the Cracked Talon felt satisfied and lay down their arms. Despairing at the feeble death of her revolution, Maggie turned herself into Syndicate custody and was placed in a high-security facility. She was soon visited by Bloodhound, who encouraged her to never give up in her fight for her people.[35]

Appearances[ | ]

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  • Season 8 Icon Tea for Two (mentioned)
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Trivia[ | ]

  • Maggie is a New Zealander (a Kiwi), in contrast to how Fuse is Australian.[36] Some of her voice lines have her speak in the Māori language.
    • Maggie uses Kiwi slang which also naturally involves Te Reo Māori.
    • Maggie's voicelines, especially her quips reference New Zealand culture.
  • Maggie is kept in a prison cell beneath Olympus between Apex Games matches.[23][28]
  • Maggie kept Fuse's severed arm in a preserved canister. [12] She also kept the pin from the Golden Grenade as a toothpick.
  • Maggie's personal Goblin fighter is known as "The Māngōroa", named after a mythical shark that was placed into space by the demigod Maui. [37]
  • According to some in-game voicelines between Mad Maggie and Vantage, it is implied that Mad Maggie knows Vantage's Mother from her time in prison.[38]
  • Maggie's favored weapon is the Mastiff Shotgun.
    • This shares a connection with Fuse's favored weapon, the 30-30 Repeater: both are semi-automatic weapons that reload one round at a time, both at one point accepted the Dual Shell Dual Shell Hop-Up, and both (conditionally) act as shotguns.
  • Maggie's story was written by Sam Gill.[39]
  • Maggie enjoys tea.[40]

  • Maggie's Non-State Actor skin is based on Godzilla.

  • Mad Maggie's voice actress, Nicola Kāwana, has portrayed a variety of roles, including:

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