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There are three maps in Apex Legends: Kings Canyon, introduced at launch; World's Edge, added in Season 3.svg Season 3; and Olympus, added in Season 7.svg Season 7.

At the start of each season, either a new map will be added, or one of the current maps will receive a map update (MU).

Minor map changes, called Town Takeovers (TT), occur sparingly and they come with events. Town Takeovers are modeled after a Legend.

Only two maps are available per season and they rotate between each other. For Trios and Duos, the maps rotate once every 60, 90, or 120 minutes (current schedule). For Ranked Leagues, the maps rotate between the two splits. When a new map or map update comes out at the start of a new season, that map will be in rotation for one or two weeks to allow players to get used to it; it will also be the map for the first ranked split. When a map receives a new Town Takeover, that map will be in rotation for a few days.

List of maps[edit | edit source]

Map Planet Unique features Town Takeovers Overview
Loadingscreen Kings Canyon MU3.png
Kings Canyon
  • Supply ships
  • Loot ticks
  • Flyers
  • Charge towers
  • Observation towers
  • Explosive holds
  • Loot bunkers

Kings Canyon MU3.png
Loadingscreen World's Edge MU2.png
World's Edge
  • Geysers
  • Cargo bots
  • Loot vaults
  • Lava fissures
  • Rising blast walls
  • Train

World's Edge MU2.png
Loadingscreen Olympus.png
  • Tridents
  • Phase Runner
  • Loot MRVNs

Olympus REV1.png

Map variations[edit | edit source]

Maps have many variations. Each variation exists as its own map and has its own loading screen.

Public name Code name Description Status
The Firing Range mp_rr_canyonlands_staging The Firing Range in Kings Canyon. Permanent.
Kings Canyon mp_rr_canyonlands_64k_x_64k The original Kings Canyon (Season 1). Replaced with mp_rr_canyonlands_mu1.
Kings Canyon mp_rr_canyonlands_mu1 Kings Canyon map update #1 (Season 2). Replaced with mp_rr_canyonlands_mu2.
Kings Canyon After Dark mp_rr_canyonlands_mu1_night Night version of Kings Canyon map update #1. Only available in certain LTMs.
Kings Canyon mp_rr_canyonlands_mu2 Kings Canyon map update #2 (Season 5). Replaced with mp_rr_canyonlands_mu3.
Kings Canyon mp_rr_canyonlands_mu3 Kings Canyon map update #3 (Season 8). In map rotation with Olympus.
World's Edge mp_rr_desertlands_64k_x_64k The original World's Edge (Season 3). Replaced with mp_rr_desertlands_mu1.
Winter Express mp_rr_desertlands_holiday Holiday version of the original World's Edge. Only available in Winter Express.
World's Edge mp_rr_desertlands_mu1 World's Edge map update #1 (Season 4). Replaced with mp_rr_desertlands_mu2.
World's Edge mp_rr_desertlands_mu2 World's Edge map update #2 (Season 6). Out of map rotation.
Olympus mp_rr_olympus The original Olympus (Season 7). In map rotation with Kings Canyon.

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