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Map Features are areas in World's Edge, Olympus, Kings Canyon, and Storm Point that have special interactions, from simply giving the player gear or getting them to a certain area, to relaunching into the sky.

Common Map Features[]

These are Map Features that can be found in the available maps. While not all have these features, map features listed here appear on at least two of the maps.

Care Package[]

An open Care Package.

Main article: Care Package

Care Packages are special supply packages from the sky. When looted, this package guarantees more high-end loot and sometimes premium loot exclusive to these care packages, giving the player a higher chance of survival.


Regular metal doors typically come in single or double pairs, with another large, unbreakable variant being present in certain areas. These can be opened and closed by pressing the interact (E) key, by shooting the handle with certain weapons, or using Crypto's Surveillance Drone.svg Surveillance Drone.

Bullets do not go through doors but doors can be either destroyed by explosive damage, destroyed by shooting it with a Heavy Rounds Revved Up.png Revved Up Rampage, or by kicking it open using a melee attack on it twice.

Hot Zone[]

At the start of each match, a random location on the map is designated as a Hot Zone, indicated by a pulsing blue circle marker. Indicating that, around that area, there will be higher quality loot and a chance of finding a fully kitted weapon.


  • Often times, Hot Zones attract many players upon landing, and therefore can start an early fight almost immediately after landing.

Jump Tower[]

Players taking flight using a Jump Tower.

High altitude red balloons, connected by a vertical zip-line that are scattered throughout the map. Interacting with one of these jump towers will send the player up the zip-line and automatically deploy the glide upon reaching the top, allowing the player to traverse the map quickly. The player can drop off of the zip-line at any time by pressing the jump key, but this will cause the player to fall instead of glide.

  • It takes 10 seconds to scale the zipline leading to the balloon.
  • When the player is launched off of the jump tower, a trail follows the character, making it very easy for observers to follow the flight path.
  • Jump towers can be used to reach high places or even high, out of bounds areas.

Jump Towers are found on all Battle Royale maps except Storm Point.

Phase Runner[]

Phase Runner on Olympus.

Close up of Phase Runner Arenas, the map feature the defines its namesake.

The Phase Runner is a large portal connecting two points of the map, similar to Wraith's Dimensional Rift.svg Dimensional Rift. Unlike Dimensional Rift.svg Dimensional Rift however, players are not immune to ring damage while using it. The player cannot be downed in the phase runner's portal however, and as an exception players low enough to die to a single ring tick won't take ring damage until they exit again.

On Olympus, entry points are located at Hydroponics, Hammond Labs and Rift Aftermath. An alarm will sound on the other side of the portal, letting other players know that someone is exiting the Phase Runner. Additionally, after exiting, players will be invincible for a few seconds.

On the Phase Runner Arenas map, Two Phase Runners are located on the northern side. Unlike Olympus, this Phase Runner does not grant invincibility upon exiting.


A Replicator on World's Edge.

Main article: Crafting

Replicators are orange interactibles that allow players to craft gear, weapons, attachments, ammo, and healing supplies using Materials.svg Materials.

Respawn Beacon[]

A Respawn Beacon.

Main article: Respawn Beacon

Respawn Beacon.svg Respawn Beacons are scattered all across the map so that players may respawn dead teammates, as long as at least one squad member has retrieved their banner. Respawn Beacons are a one-use feature but up to two team members may be respawned at once. Respawn Beacons can be used by any player, but once used, is deactivated for the rest of the match. These beacons are often surrounded by 1-3 supply bins to resupply the respawned teammate. To activate a beacon, hold the interact key while close to it, and after a few seconds teammate will be airlifted in. Unlike while looting a death box, the player cannot strafe while activating the beacon, much like reviving a downed teammate.

Supply Bins[]

A Supply Bin.

A blue Supply Bin.

Supply bins are found throughout a map around beacons, named location, or at random points between Points of Interests.

Supply bins are the main source of finding Gear, Regen items, Ammo, Weapons and, once a day, a Treasure Pack. They carry 3 to 4 items and can be found scattered across a map. They can be opened with the Interact key and pinged to show open or closed bins. They can also be opened by Crypto's Surveillance Drone.svg Surveillance Drone.

Special Blue Supply Bins can be found randomly on the map. These rare supply bins have an extra compartment that only Lifeline can open. The secondary compartment will always contain some mixture of Health Kits and weapon attachments.

  • The loot inside a supply bin can be seen just before it finishes opening as the items will clip through the model if they are big enough.

Survey Beacon[]

Twelve Survey Beacon.svg Survey Beacons are devices scattered around the map that Recon.svg Recon Legends can interact with to provide them with the location of the next ring. Their locations are randomized each match. The player can only use a Survey Beacon once per round and can use one beacon as often as desired. It takes seven seconds to fully interact with the beacon.


Main article: Trident


The Trident vehicle is the first vehicle in the game. On Olympus, it can be found in 12 locations. On Storm Point, it can be found in 10 locations.

It has a "boost" feature, where it will boost the vehicle's speed for ~0.5 seconds, and has a 25-second cooldown for each boost.

The vehicle can fit multiple legend abilities on it. These include:

The vehicle cannot be destroyed unless it falls off the map. Shooting the vehicle will do 20% damage to each player in the vehicle. The Trident can be stunned with an Arc Star.svg Arc Star, Crypto's Drone EMP.svg Drone EMP, or Wattson's Perimeter Security.svg Perimeter Security fences.

If the vehicle falls off the map, players inside of the vehicle will automatically be launched to the air instead of falling out of the map with it. However, the player is unable to travel long distances after being ejected.


MapIcon Vault.png Vaults are locked rooms full of Epic and Legendary loot. There are three Vaults in World's Edge, while Olympus only has one, specially named Bridge in Icarus.

In World's Edge they can only be accessed with a Vault Key.svg Vault Key from a Cargo Bot while on Olympus the player will need to take the keycard from a corpse inside the Icarus. They take three seconds to unlock. The Bridge takes an additional four seconds before the doors will open.

It can also be opened with Crypto’s Surveillance Drone.svg Surveillance Drone if he has a key in his inventory. Loba can steal one piece of loot from a locked vault using a Black Market Boutique.svg Black Market Boutique, but will instantly collapse the Black Market and cause an alarm to sound. The player near the Black Market will also take very minor damage.

Weapon Racks[]

Weapon Racks

Weapon Racks are loot racks that guarantee a single gun. Only guns will be on the rack, and ammo will not spawn around them.

On World's Edge, these are located at Survey Camp, on the S-shaped buildings around Harvester, the observation areas near Launch Site, and inside of Bloodhound's Trials.

On Olympus, weapon racks can be found inside the Icarus.


Yellow ziplines are set between certain locations across the map. Players can use them to travel between points across large distances and are activated with the Interact Key.

They come in two variants: vertical, and horizontal, bi-directional lines that can carry players far distances. Players can drop off with the Jump Key and reconnect to ziplines after a brief delay. Ziplines that are part of the map are permanently connected with tall zipline poles or are connected directly into the environment. Horizontal zip-lines can be traveled across in either direction, regardless of incline.

Pathfinder can create ziplines with Zipline Gun.svg Zipline Gun, but can only establish them up to a certain distance and on a mostly horizontal angle. Players cannot interact with zip-lines while downed. Wraith cannot use ziplines while Dimensional Rift.svg Dimensional Rift is active, as both of her arms are occupied.


Main article: Creatures#Flyer

Flyers are creatures that can be eliminated to access a death box with randomized loot. Some of them are caged and will alert other players to the player's presence by emitting a loud screech, but caged Flyers do not contain any loot.

Flyers can be found on Kings Canyon and Storm Point.

Map Features Exclusive to Kings Canyon[]

Main article: Kings Canyon

Supply Ship[]

A Supply Ship at its final destination.

Main article: Supply Ship

MapIcon Supply Ship.png At the start of the game a mobile supply ship travels to a random destination on the map (designated by MapIcon Supply Ship Landing Spot.png). Another supply ship will spawn halfway through the game. The supply ship has an outer deck and an inner hallway and contains a small quantity of mid to high-tier loot.

Loot Ticks[]

A Loot Tick/Apex Pack

Rare, stationary destructible containers harboring multiple pieces of valuable loot. They usually provide Epic or Legendary items. Their locations are randomized for each match.

Punching it, shooting it, or using Pathfinder's Grappling Hook.svg Grappling Hook breaks it, spewing loot onto the ground nearby.

  • They emit an electronic chirp/whir sound when nearby.
  • This noise gets louder when the player is closer or facing the direction of the loot tick.
A partially recharged Charged Tower

Charge Towers[]

Large towers that can be activated, fully charging the ultimate ability of all players standing on the platform. It takes five seconds to fully interact with the tower. Their internal cylinder drops to the bottom of the tower cylinder upon use and rises to the top again as it recharges. After use, charge towers in a Battle Royale map recharge in three minutes thirty seconds while in the Firing Range they recharge in eighteen seconds.

Loot Bunkers[]

Main article: Loot Bunker

Bunkers scattered over Kings Canyon that contain high tier loot, a fixed Legendary item, and a charge tower. They were removed in Season 8.svg Season 8.

Observation Towers[]

Located in ECHO camps, these towers can be raised by pressing a button. They will then create a vertical zipline anyone can ride. They will also usually spawn sniper weapons, ammo, and attachments.

Explosive Holds[]

An Explosive Hold located in Crashed Ship.

Containers scattered around the map that contain weapons, ammo, and other high tier attachments that can only be accessed by planting a grenade into the door using the interact button on the door as opposed to throwing a grenade at the door. There are two doors, and once one of them is opened from the outside, the other one can be opened from the inside. There are 14 Explosive Holds that always spawn in Kings Canyon, but its contents are randomized.

  • Explosive holds can be opened without spending a grenade by going into the inventory and dropping the grenade.

Map Features Exclusive to World's Edge[]

Main article: World's Edge


The train at Refinery

MapIcon Train.png A Train that follows a rail encompassing most of the map, stopping at various points of interest. It carries several Supply Bins which contain high-tier loot. Its location is always visible on the map, and the front car emits a blue light similar to Care Packages. It is disabled and does not move in the current incarnation of World's Edge.

The train is made of six cars. The front car contains a control panel that can be used to stop the train while it is in motion. The other five cars alternate between open-air platforms, which have two supply bins on each, and indoor cars with no loot. The supply bins have a high chance of containing a fully kitted weapon.

The train will not do any damage from running into players but can crush them against some walls close to the track. However, do take note that the train can push players into The Ring as the game progresses in Rounds, which will likely eliminate the player(s).

It no longer moves, and is now separated into different sections around the map.


Season6 Springsend after.jpg

Geysers are similar to Jump Towers, relaunching the player into the sky, but work much faster and have a shorter glide distance.

Cargo Bots[]

Cargo orbs in Fight Night.

Cargo Bots fly around the map carrying orbs that cycle through Blue, Purple, and Gold colors. When shot, it will drop the orb, which contains loot appropriate to the color it was when it was shot. Some cargo bots also give off Red lights, indicating that they will drop a Vault Key.svg Vault Key. The bot itself deals a small amount of damage when it hits the ground.

Each color has different time windows for how long they are displayed, with yellow lights having the shortest windows and blue lights the longest. After shooting down the drone, the orb will not change the light colors. This requires players to carefully time their shots if they wish to receive Legendary items.

A cargo orb is used as a disco ball in the Mirage Voyage and works the same way. Two purple (sometimes a gold) would spawn if the party button is pressed. The orbs spawned by the party do not change their color and rarity of items.

Players can also find cargo orbs at Pathfinder’s Fight Night. They can be found inside the boxing ring and can be punched open. They can still contain weapons and grenades, but they can’t be used until the player exits the boxing ring.

  • Shooting down the bot itself as opposed to the orb is recommended, as the bot can be destroyed in a single shot with most weapons.
  • When aiming at a cargo bot, aim down sights on the bot and wait until the color to turn gold. As soon as it does, shoot down the bot to have the best chance at receiving high-tier loots.
  • There is a glitch in which a player is crushed by a cargo orb when punching it on a rising Blast Wall.

Map Features Exclusive to Olympus[]

Main article: Olympus

Loot MRVNs[]

Loot MRVNs are MRVNs that give players loot after interacting with them. They work in a slot machine-like fashion, and drop 3 loot items of the tier corresponding to the face on their screen. After that, they power down and require time to recharge before being used again.

  • White sad face = Common loot
  • Neutral blue face = Rare loot
  • Pleased purple face = Epic loot
  • Very happy yellow face (requires MRVN Arm) = Legendary loot

All Loot MRVNs are initially single-armed. However, if its arm sparks, when it dies it will drop a MRVN Arm that players can pick up and attach to another single-arm loot MRVN. When the arm is picked up, a prompt will comes up to ping the closest single-arm MRVN. Interacting with the other MRVN will make it so happy that it now has 2 arms that it will drop 3 Legendary items before deactivating forever. The map will spawn a maximum of 24 MRVNS, with a maximum of 5 of them able to drop a MRVN Arm. [1]

Loot MRVNs can be damaged and destroyed, but damage dealt to them will not count towards Evo Shield.svg Evo Shield progress.

  • Loot MRVNs make sounds when nearby and look different from enemy Pathfinders.
  • To guarantee Epic loot, interact with the MRVN when the face on its screen is white.

Map Features Exclusive to Storm Point[]

Gravity Cannon[]

Large launching devices that will send the player across to another Gravity Cannon. Players have full access to shooting, grenades, tactical and ultimate abilities while flying.

Prowler Den[]

One of the wildlife nests, Prowlers will spawn from dens to attack players if they stray too close. Killing them will drop loot and ammo. Fully clearing a den will award crafting materials.

Spider Eggs[]

One of the other wildlife nests, Spiders will spawn from Spider Eggs if destroyed. Spiders will attack the player at range with webs. Killing them will similarly drop loot and ammo. Fully clearing a den will award crafting materials.

IMC Armories[]

Scattered across Storm Point are four IMC Armories, elevated bunkers containing several Weapon Racks and multiple initially locked Supply Bins. After activating the security system, players will have to fend off several waves of Spectres. After surviving for 60 seconds, loot will be revealed, with more loot being gained with more Spectres defeated. Players can then leave through a jump pad.