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Marcos Andrade
Marcos andrade
Real Name Marcos Andrade
Gender Male
Age 41
Relatives Alanza Andrade (wife, deceased)
Loba Andrade (daughter)
Homeworld Talos
Occupation Thief
Status Deceased
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Unknown
Appearances Season 4 Launch Trailer

Marcos Andrade was Loba's father and a prolific thief. He was murdered by Revenant.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Marcos Andrade, born in 2667 on Talos,[1] was a petty thief who dreamed of riches. He started his thieving career small, surviving off of pickpocketed wallets, but soon moved to more daring and rewarding endeavors. He became a frequent guest at many of the parties held by the rich and elite of the Outlands, at first sneaking in before being personally invited.

One night, he snuck into a party and noticed a woman named Alanza with an exquisite gold and pearl bracelet. Seeing his next treasure, he approached her and struck up a conversation. He was quickly fascinated by her warm personality and enticing stories, but eventually got away with his quarry. This prize, though, felt like an empty win for him.

Returning to his ship, he realized that his communicator, containing access codes for his ship and evidence that could end his thieving days with an arrest, was missing. He quickly put the pieces together and returned to the party, where he was confronted by a pistol-brandishing Alanza. The two talked, and eventually came to know that they were both of the same profession. Marcos and Alanza agreed to become partners in crime, and later married, running a Bonnie-and-Clyde operation together. Alanza gave birth to their daughter, Loba Andrade in 2699.[2]

Marcos was a small-time thief until 2702, when he raided the Ivy Vale Chateau.[1]

Season 4 Launch Trailer[ | ]

In 2708, Marcos stole a valuable object from a wealthy client.[1] In celebration of another successful job, he surprised Alanza and Loba with dinner at Tenmei, a prestigious restaurant on Olympus, gifting a new dress to his wife and a silver wolf's head statuette to his daughter.[3] However, unbeknownst to him, a large bounty had been placed on his head by the client. It was accepted by the simulacrum hitman Revenant, who crashed in through the window during dinner. During the carnage, Alanza fired at Revenant in self defense, causing him to kill her in retaliation. Marcos safely secured Loba in an elevator shaft before he was defenestrated by Revenant.[1]

Appearances[ | ]

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  • Season 4 Icon Exhibit C
  • Season 4 Icon Just Business (mentioned)
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Trivia[ | ]

  • Marcos is 6'4".[1]
  • He speaks Portuguese and English.[1]

References[ | ]

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