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Mayhem Launch Trailer
YTtn s08 launch
Watch here
Release date Jan 21, 2021
Production The Mill [1]
Length 2:32
Promotes Season 8

The Mayhem Launch Trailer is an animated short released on January 21, 2021, to promote Season 8 Season 8.

Synopsis[ | ]

To celebrate Salvo officially joining Syndicate Space, the Mercenary Syndicate hosts a merger ceremony on the north end of Kings Canyon. Atop a firework-launching IMS Thermopylae, the new Apex Games competitor Fuse steps out onto the deck. As he is about to make a speech, the broadcast system is hijacked by the Cracked Talon, and the voice of Mad Maggie demands that the other legends bring her Fuse's other arm, with Horizon, Crypto and Loba watching from a distance. Fuse tries to keep the crowd hyped in spite of the unexpected interruption, but Maggie hacks into the ship's cannons and begins opening fire on the crowd. As various legends help the audience get to safety, Fuse runs to the controls and shoves a grenade inside, successfully disabling the ship's systems. Maggie then detonates a mass of bombs hidden inside the mountains, and a large piece of rock takes off the front of the ship. Fuse grabs the MRVN manning the ship and barely manages to make it off unharmed.

Later, Fuse has been placed on a squad alongside Caustic and Bloodhound. After relaxing by a bonfire near the crashed ship for a bit, Fuse gets up, smacks Caustic's ass, and attempts to do the same to Bloodhound but instead gets a Wingman pointed at him. He laughs it off and fires a Knuckle Cluster Knuckle Cluster at Bangalore and Rampart on a cliff above.

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