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Medraut in Hero
Real Name Medraut
Gender Male
Homeworld Solace
Occupation Mercenary, gang member
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Unknown
Appearances Hero

Medraut[1] is a mercenary working for the Forgotten Families gang in Harris Valley, Solace.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Medraut was an IMC loyalist. At some point, he joined the Forgotten Families gang to hunt down and kill IMC deserters. When the original Newcastle, Rene, became indebted to the Forgotten Families, Medraut became his main point of contact, and allowed him to attempt to try to join the Apex Games as a means of paying his debt.

Hero[ | ]

After around forty failed attempts, Medraut grew tired of Rene's failures and tried to kill him. Rene's handyman Lamont Craig stepped in and defended Rene, swiftly defeating Medraut's companions and demanding that they leave Harris Valley. Medraut revealed that Rene had sold the town to them, and that the town isn't safe until his boss is paid. Lamont offered to take Rene's place and get into the Games, and Medraut agreed to give him one chance.

Family Secrets[ | ]

After Newcastle's first win, Medraut met with him to collect the winnings, and revealed that he knows Lamont's true identity as Jackson Williams, thanks to a witness to his fight against Scryer a few years back.[2] He and his fellow mercenaries began to move in to Harris Valley, knowing that keeping Jackson as a pawn would be very profitable.

Appearances[ | ]

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