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Meet the Constellation
Meet the Constellation
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Release date October 13th, 2022
Length 2:14
Promotes Apex Legends Mobile

Fade's Signature Weapon, "Constellation"

The Meet the Constellation Trailer is an animated short released on October 13, 2022 to promote Apex Legends Mobile.

Synopsis[ | ]

Loba arrives late to a meeting with Fade at Bonsai Plaza, who is looking for her advice regarding a potential armoury heist to retrieve the stolen Fourth Blade of the Constellation, which used taken from the body of one of Fade's brothers. The blade was then sold to Marlowe's Depot.

Loba then narrates Fade breaking into the vault through a low profile side entrance, which is less thoroughly protected, by killing some guards and evading others. Fade then uses his Flashback to run away from the remaining soldiers. The trailer ends with Loba waiving her fee with a friendly gesture, and Fade discovering that the Fourth Blade had been purchased by Vittoria De Luca before he had retrieved it.