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Meltdown Launch Trailer
YTtn s03 launch
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Release date Sep 27, 2019
Production The Mill [1]
Length 2:27
Promotes Season 3

The Meltdown Launch Trailer is an animated short released on September 27, 2019 to promote Season 3 Season 3.

Synopsis[ | ]

All of the legends are inside the dropship, Bloodhound sharpens their knife while Octane plays on a console waiting to arrive on Talos for their first match on World's Edge. Mirage, chatting with Wraith, Lifeline, and Gibraltar, is happy for the change of scenery and mentions he wants to thank whoever took down the Repulsor tower for causing it. Gibraltar suggests he ask the new contestant, Crypto, since he's a knowledgeable hacker. Mirage approaches Crypto and puts a hand on his shoulder, and Crypto grabs Mirage and puts him in an arm lock. Just then, the dropship arrives at World's Edge; Mirage, Crypto, and Lifeline are all placed on a squad together. Preparing for the drop, Mirage and Crypto immediately start to mock each other, but Lifeline pushes them both out to skydive.

Throughout the match, Mirage and Crypto compete with each other for a higher elimination count. Towards the end of the match, Mirage, with 9 eliminations, tries to sneak up on Wraith and Pathfinder on the Train, but Crypto downs both before Mirage can approach. Crypto then aims a Charge Rifle, and Mirage believes he is the target, but the shot blows past him and downs Caustic. Missiles from Bangalore's Rolling Thunder Rolling Thunder start to rain on the train, and the two jump off just in time.

Several other scenes in the short show other legends in combat elsewhere on the map. Some noteworthy moments include:

  • Bloodhound saying "For Artur" before sniping Pathfinder
  • Caustic locking multiple enemies in a room with his Nox Gas Trap Nox Gas Traps blocking the door
  • In midair, Crypto hitting Gibraltar in the head using his drone as a melee weapon

Details and easter eggs[ | ]

  • By the end of the trailer, Mirage has 9 eliminations, while Crypto has at least 10.

References[ | ]