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The Syndicate
Mercenary Syndicate
Leader Torres Silva (currently)
Syndicate Council (formerly)
Headquarters The Outlands
Services Political governance
Founded Prior to 2440

The Mercenary Syndicate, also called the Syndicate Alliance of Free Worlds or simply the Syndicate, is the ruling body of a coalition of seven planets in the Outlands that are together called Syndicate Space. They are also the main organizer of the Apex Games.

History[ | ]

The Mercenary Syndicate is a conglomerate of various mercenary companies that was said to have "brought life and order" to the Outlands after the devastation brought about by the Frontier War, the withdrawal of both the IMC and the Frontier Militia, and the subsequent Outlands Civil War.

The earliest mention of the group's existence was in 2440, when the simulacrum Revenant was first delivered to them for their use. One of its mercenary companies, the Apex Predators, were contracted in 2658 for an operation at Peck Labs on Olympus.

Following the conclusion of the Outlands Civil War in 2723, all six planets who signed the Mercenary Syndicate Treaty came under the rule of the Syndicate, while the rest of the planets in the Outlands became the Fringe Worlds, free from Syndicate control.[1] They then planned to revive the Thunderdome, an old bloodsport based in the IMC base at Kings Canyon. These games would come to be known as the "Apex Games" after the infamous Apex Predators. The games, started sometime in 2729, were one of the Syndicate's biggest endeavors and would become wildly successful.

Following the devastation to the arena at Kings Canyon due to an EMP attack on the island's Repulsor Tower[2], the Syndicate set about on rebuilding and adding new areas to their aging five year old arena. Subsequent attacks on Kings Canyon continued even after the EMP blast, including a hack to the arena's announcer system.[3] This forced the Syndicate to temporarily relocate the Apex Games to another arena at World's Edge on Talos, where the Syndicate was reported to recently have had a run-in with Hammond Robotics.[4] After this small skirmish, a partnership with Hammond Robotics was penned before the entry of their sponsored competitor, Forge, who was subsequently murdered on World's Edge.

Salvo formally joined Syndicate Space in 2734 after the warlord Sandringham Kelly was able to establish his rule on the planet. However, a terrorist attack by Margaret Kōhere, a Salvonian warlord, during Fuse's introduction to the Games threatened to complicate relations between Salvo and the Syndicate.[5] Kōhere was later captured by the Syndicate and put on trial for her crimes.[6]

Due to the numerous incidents and tragedies that have befall the Syndicate, more people have been challenging its more than a decade of undisputed rule. Eventually, the CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals, Torres Silva (publicly acting as "Eduardo Silva") was elected as the Syndicate's sole leader in 2734.[7]

Structure[ | ]

As its name suggests, it is a conglomerate of numerous mercenary companies, the Apex Predators being one of their most elite[8]; how and why they banded together is still unknown. It was led by a "Syndicate Council", presumably composed of the leaders of its most powerful mercenary companies, until 2734 when its governing and decision-making powers were consolidated to the position of "One Voice of the Syndicate", currently occupied by Torres Silva.

The Syndicate rules seven planets that have signed the Mercenary Syndicate Treaty, commonly known as "Syndicate Space". Legally called the Syndicate Alliance of Free Worlds[9], the actual contents of the treaty and the obligations that come with being under Syndicate rule are mostly unknown though the general content have been eventually revealed:

  • The treaty gave the Syndicate complete authority over the planets Talos, Boreas, Solace and Tartarus.
  • Psamathe and Gaea were given considerable autonomy; maintaining their own governments and law enforcement, but otherwise agree to the rest of treaty. [10]

The Syndicate also provide magisterial judicial functions. Alongside providing social, medical, and economic development throughout the Frontier through the Syndicate Corps.

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Factions[ | ]

Subdivisions[ | ]

  • Apex Games Commission
  • Office of Public Relations
  • Committee of Unification Board
  • Syndicate Corps

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