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YTtn sfto metamorphosis
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Release date Jul 19, 2021
Production Passion Pictures [1]
Length 1:53
Promotes Season 10

Metamorphosis is a Stories from the Outlands animated short released on July 19, 2021, to promote Season 10 Season 10.

Synopsis[ | ]

On the planet Boreas, citizens watch as a meteor strikes the moon Cleo with enough force to shatter half the surface. Meanwhile, Obi Edolasim is born, and the coincidence combined with his unusual, piercing blue eyes cause Obi to be considered a cursed child throughout his youth. Regardless, his parents love him greatly; his mother teaches him to dance and his father teaches him to use micro-drones. As an adult, Obi makes use of both talents in the Arenas, and garners a large fanbase for his style, elegance, and pride.

Details and easter eggs[ | ]

  • The song used in this short is "No Peace" by Vector and Mastaa, remixed by Phoenician Order Music.

References[ | ]