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Michael Gentile
Real Name Michael Gentile
Gender Male
Relatives Nikolas Gentile (father)
Vanessa (mother)
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Appearances The Legacy Antigen

Michael Gentile is the son of Nikolas Gentile.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Michael Gentile was born to Nikolas Gentile and Vanessa. Nikolas and Vanessa separated by 2727.

Growing up, he idolized his father's old friend, Makoa Gibraltar, and was starstruck to know someone famous.

In 2728, Nikolas attempted to sue for sole custody of Michael. In retaliation, Vanessa told their son about his father's past, including Gibraltar's involvement in the incident that led to Nikolas going to prison. As a result, Michael's opinion of Gibraltar immediately soured. Nikolas tried to tell Gibraltar about this at a park, but Michael quickly discovered his presence.[1]

At some point, during his middle school "My Hero" writing contest, he wrote his own essay about his father and the hardships he went through raising him.

The Legacy Antigen[ | ]

Before a celebration of Pathfinder on Olympus, various houses on the arena became rentable between Apex Games matches. Gibraltar rented one of these houses with his family and invited Nik and Michael for dinner. Before arriving, Michael remarked to a Mercenary Syndicate official that he wanted to "make [Gibraltar] pay for what he's done."[2]

The Medusa outbreak quickly spread, leaving Michael sick. Gibraltar piloted a S.A.R.A.S. vessel to bring him to a hospital, but their landing area was overrun by Medusa vines. He jumped down to clear the area, breaking his leg in the process. In the hospital, Gibraltar consoled Gentile, assuring him that a cure will be found and Michael will live.

After the cure was developed, Gentile thanked Gibraltar for keeping him sane, though remarked that Michael might never come around to realize the latter’s role in saving him.[3]

Weekend Warriors[ | ]

One weekend near the anniversary of the Apex Games, Michael and a couple of his friend stole a fleet of Tridents for a joyride. He tested his Trident at Norlock Lake if it could float over water, only to have it run out of power and sink into the lake. Desperate for help, he called for S.A.R.A.S. and eventually was rescued by Gibraltar.

While grateful for the help, Michael was worried about Nik finding out about the incident, not wanting his father to worry, and asked the Legend to keep it a secret. Gibraltar accepted, and Michael left.[4]

Appearances[ | ]

In-Game Online Media
Transition Blurbs
  • Season 9 GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER? (mentioned)
  • Season 9 The Capture of M. Kōhere (mentioned)
  • Season 13 Icon My Hero
Quest side stories

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