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Minor characters are characters that seldom appear or do not play a major role in the setting of the Apex Legends universe.

Seen characters[ | ]

Aleki Gibraltar[ | ]

Aleki Gibraltar

Dr. Aleki Gibraltar was a scientist and, as part of "The Group" working on Project Iris, one of Pathfinder's creators. He also was Gibraltar's grandfather.

He was one of the first people to warn Lillian Peck about an upcoming energy crisis in the Outlands. He died on December 25, 2658 due to the explosion caused by the Phase Runner accident on Olympus.[1]

Anastasia Oliveira[ | ]

Anastasia Oliveira

Dr. Anastasia "Stay" Oliveira was a mechanical engineer and, as part of "The Group" working on Project Iris, one of Pathfinder's creators. Afraid that Reid would betray the group somehow, she implemented a fail-safe system into Pathfinder, allowing him to operate the security measures by himself.[1]

She died on December 25, 2658 after being shot by Ashleigh Reid.[1]

Armen Fletcher[ | ]

Armen Fletcher

Dr. Armen Fletcher was a medical doctor and, as part of "The Group" working on Project Iris, one of Pathfinder's creators. He was known to like dessert, especially ice cream.

He died on December 25, 2658 due to the explosion caused by the Phase Runner accident on Olympus.[1]

Chico Sawtelle[ | ]

Chico Sawtelle

Chico Sawtelle is a presumed blogger who likes to gossip about the Legends. He is the brother of Creighton Sawtelle.[2]

During the events of Season 9 The Legacy Antigen, he was contacted by Lifeline after finding out about a recording detailing Torres Silva's involvement in the terrorist attack at Malta led by Creighton.[3][4]

Conan Shelley[ | ]

Conan Shelley

Dr. Conan Shelley was an engineer and, as part of "The Group" working on Project Iris, one of Pathfinder's creators.

He died on December 25, 2658 due to the explosion caused by the Phase Runner accident on Olympus.[1]

Egobunma and Oluwademilade Edolasim[ | ]

Egobunma Edolasim

Egobunma Edolasim

Oluwademilade Edolasim

Oluwademilade Edolasim

Egobunma and Oluwademilade Edolasim are the parents of Seer. Despite Seer's reputation as a "cursed child", they loved and supported their son throughout his life, calling their son after each of his fights.[5] While raising him, Oluwademilade taught Seer about technology, introducing him to his micro-drones, and Egobunma taught him dance.[6]

After protests broke out on Boreas against Seer's actions in bringing the Apex Games to Cleo, Torres Silva relocated them to a safehouse.[7]

Franklin Humbert[ | ]

Caustic wallpaper

Franklin Humbert's death.

Dr. Franklin Humbert was the head of Humbert Labs, a manufacturer of pesticide gases in Zaldana City, Gaea. Humbert was murdered by Caustic after he discovered his experiments on living tissue. Caustic later faked his own death to avoid justice.

Gauge[ | ]

Seer Versus Gauge

Seer fights Gauge.

Gauge is an Arenas fighter who once fought Seer. Near the end of the fight, both men ran out of ammunition and had to resort to dueling with their blades. However, Seer ended up victorious.[8]

Gauge is possibly Filipino, as his earrings are the color of the flag of the Philppines.[9] He was designed by clarepngart.[10]

Grace Rasheed[ | ]

Grace Rasheed

Grace Rasheed is the Director of Security (presumably of the Syndicate[11]).

She was with Angela Fazia inside the Icarus examining the ship when the latter was infected with the mysterious disease brought by the ship.[12]

Huamaní Family[ | ]

Huamani Family

Luis and Julian Huamaní, as well as their unnamed father, were the family of Fade. The family found their business in salvaging lost military tech and selling it to the highest bidder. The family was killed in a sting operation by a group of mercenaries after raiding a crashed IMC ship that had been found by Fade.[13]

The family's prized heirloom was the Constellation, a set of blades that could combine into one weapon. One blade was looted from the corpse of one of Fade's brothers, but he was able to recover it.[14]

Johann and Brigida[ | ]


Johann and Brigida were the parents of Bloodhound.

They were engineers who settled in World's Edge before the meltdown.[15] They were killed in the flash freeze accident, with Johann being killed in front of a young Bloodhound. After their death, Bloodhound was taken in by Johann's brother, Artur.

Kit Siang Phua[ | ]

Kit Siang Phua

Kit Siang Phua (潘吉祥) was the brother of Sok Leng Phua and the brother-in-law of Ballistic. The three fought together in the Thunderdome from 2705, until Ballistic's antics resulted in Kit Siang's death in 2718.[16][17]

Larissa Craig[ | ]

Larissa Craig

Larissa Craig is Jackson Williams' daughter. She was born on May 3, 2731 in Harris Valley, Solace.[18]

Leeki[ | ]


Leeki is Gibraltar's aunt.

She was with her great-niece Samaria and her nephew Makoa to take part in the festivities for Pathfinder's heroism organized by the Syndicate when the Medusa Vines disease outbreak occurred.[19]

Margo[ | ]


Margo was a friend of Catalyst and a member of her "coven." She and her friends held a deep concern for Cleo, the shattered moon of Boreas.

In 2720, Margo and Catalyst broke into a Hammond Robotics facility on Boreas, seeing them as perpetuating the damage to Cleo. Once inside, Margo brandished a bomb in an attempt to break into the facility's depths, alerting the patrolling Spectres to their presence. Margo was quickly apprehended, but she took the opportunity to detonate the device. Her current status is unknown.[20]

Milly Delgado[ | ]

Milly Delgado

Professor Milly Delgado was a scientist and, as part of "The Group" working on Project Iris, one of Pathfinder's creators.

She died on December 25, 2658 due to the explosion caused by the Phase Runner accident on Olympus.[1]

Mouth[ | ]


Mouth is a mercenary of the Cracked Talon on Salvo. He gave information to Lifeline and Fuse after a confrontation at their hideout on Salvo.[21]

Newcastle's son[ | ]

Newcastle's Son

After starting his new life in Harris Valley, Newcastle had a son. He is noted to have a dislike of the IMC and its members, especially Bangalore.[22]

Newcastle's son is voiced by A.J. Beckles.[23]

Pravina Reddy and Rose[ | ]

Pravina Reddy and Rose

Pravina Reddy and Rose are friends of Catalyst and members of her "coven." After Catalyst joined the Apex Games, Pravina and Rose assisted in modifying her Cleo Recovery Council-issued terraforming gear into an effective weapon for use in the bloodsport. They also brainstormed various fandom names for Catalyst's potential fans, including "KittyCatalysts", "LuKnights", and "Mooners" - much to the distaste of Catalyst, who hated all three.[24]

Rene[ | ]


Rene is the former bearer of the mantle of Newcastle, the Hero of Harris Valley. Rene was idolized by the people of Harris Valley, despite failing nearly forty times to enter the Apex Games.[25] He came closest to entering in the 128th season, where he was the runner-up to Forge.[26]

In truth, however, Rene had sold the town to the Forgotten Families to pay off his debts, and was attempting to enter the Games to fully pay them off. After his final failed attempt, he was assaulted by the gang in a local warehouse and shot. Despite the intervention of Jackson Williams, Rene succumbed to his injuries, and Williams took on the name of Newcastle to pay off his debts and save the town.[22]

Samaria[ | ]


Samaria is Gibraltar's niece.

She was with her great-aunt Leeki and uncle Gibraltar to take part in the festivities for Pathfinder's heroism organized by the Mercenary Syndicate when the outbreak of the Medusa Vines disease occurred.[19]

Sok Leng Phua[ | ]

Sok Leng Phua

Sok Leng Phua (潘索倫) is Ballistic's wife and the mother of Nathaniel Phua. Sok Leng competed with Ballistic and her brother, Kit Siang, in the Thunderdome from 2705 to 2718, when Ballistic's selfish fighting style led to Kit Siang's death. After Ballistic's guilt led to him becoming a bitter recluse, she separated from him, taking Nathaniel with her.[16][17]

Thorne[ | ]


Thorne is the leader of the Locust Network mercenary corps, and possibly an associate of Pythas. A stoic manipulator, Thorne blackmailed the leaders of the Mercenary Syndicate into granting her a leadership position.[27][28]

Vittoria De Luca[ | ]

Vittoria De Luca

Vittoria De Luca is the leader of the Dragon Company. She is a brutal warrior who believes that might makes right.[29] At some point, De Luca purchased the Constellation, a set of blades owned by Fade's family, from an auction house.[14]

Williams siblings[ | ]

Williams Siblings

Bangalore and Newcastle have three other brothers who also served in the IMC Armed Forces, Monty; Zeke (most likely Ezekiel), who became a scientist on Typhon instead of being a soldier; and Zaia (Isaiah) Williams.[30]

The night before Zeke was to be deployed to Typhon, he spent the night with his girlfriend, Catelynne, instead of attending his Williams Sendoff. As a result, the family did not get to see Zeke in person before his death in 2715, during the Battle of Typhon.[31] The status of the other two is currently unknown.

Mentioned characters[ | ]

A.[ | ]

A. is the alias of an unknown operative. In 2734, A. attacked Jaime in order to steal Revenant's source code.[32] They later received payment from and promised to deliver the source code to another operative.[33]

Abram Rozerie[ | ]

Abram Rozerie is a Thunderdome competitor. Born on Solace, he was active between 2703 and 2708.[34]

Al Stern[ | ]

Al Stern was a member of the IMC's Adonis Squad, as well as a close friend of the Williams family. In 2658, he and the Adonis Squad was tasked to protect, and presumably monitor, the members of Project Iris.

He was shot dead during the Phase Runner accident on December 25, 2658.[1]

Adaeze Nwadiwe[ | ]

Dr. Adaeze Nwadiwe is a professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Boreas. He once gave an interview on Norma and Waldorf's "Talkin' Legends" podcast, discussing the ubiquity of moths in the planet's culture and folklore. However, the professor was bewildered to receive outlandish questions regarding Seer, such as whether or not the Legend sleeps.[35]

Aristeidis Terzeas[ | ]

Aristeidis Terzas is a blogger for The Modder's Corner, a publication focused on weapon modding. They reported on the release of the Nemesis Burst AR.[36]

Arthur Rutherford Nox[ | ]

Arthur Rutherford Nox was Caustic's father. He was a farmer. The supposed death of Caustic caused him to die of broken heart.

Bettelstrem[ | ]

Bettelstrem is an employee of Silva Pharmaceuticals involved with the planning for Torres Silva's anniversary celebration for the Apex Games.[37]

Bilal[ | ]

Bilal is a former Hammond Robotics employee who have been featured in a couple Transitions.

Initially a member of the settlement near the ruins of the IMS Hestia 01, he was part of the crew that salvaged parts from the Storm Catcher for use on their settlement.[38] He eventually was able to land a job at Hammond Robotics and was stationed on the Planet Harvester in Talos.[39] Eventually noticing that the Planet Harvester was doing damage to the planet itself, Bilal notified the higher-ups of Hammond with this information, after which they eventually purged all evidence of the company knowing about the issue. After the ecological disaster that this caused and the temporary shutting down of the Planet Harvester, Bilal sent evidence to a journalist that the "solutions" Hammond Robotics constructed in the form of the Climatizer and the Lava Siphon were doing nothing to mitigate even more disasters like the one that justified their creation.[40]

After this, Bilal left Hammond Robotics and got himself a job working on the Syndicate's Phase Driver project. Like with the Planet Harvester, he saw through the security issues and foresaw an eventual catastrophe.[41]

Bob Woods[ | ]

Bob Woods was a man who lived in the Outlands in the 2400's. A water filtration worker, Woods witnessed a deal with the Mercenary Syndicate gone wrong. After reporting the misdeed to the Syndicate, a bounty was placed on his head in order to tie up loose ends. A mercenary named Kaleb Cross was sent to eliminate Woods.

Cross first killed Woods's wife, leaving her severed face on the floor of the entrance to Woods's home. Woods immediately fled with his two children to Gaea, where they were promised protection from the Gaea Global Task Force. However, the next morning, Woods found that his children had been killed by Cross. Cross was immediately arrested, but was quickly freed by the Syndicate.

Woods then decided to take justice into his own hands. Following Cross to his hotel, Woods drugged the assassin's scotch and took him to a sewage plant in Zaldana City, where he drowned Cross. Woods was almost immediately gunned down by Syndicate members lying in wait.[42]

Catelynne[ | ]

Catelynne was the girlfriend of Zeke Williams. The night before Zeke was to be deployed to Typhon, he spent the night with Catelynne instead of attending his Williams Sendoff with the rest of his family. As a result, his family did not see him in person before his death. She garnered resentment from the rest of the Williams family because of this, especially Bangalore, who punched her in retaliation.[31]

Cheryl Amacci[ | ]

Cheryl Amacci is the head of the legal department of Hammond Robotics. She was involved in the cover-up and containment of Revenant after his murder of Forge.

Cody Duncan[ | ]

Cody Duncan is a young fan of Seer. A member of Seer's fan club, he once wrote to the Legend, and got a response, much to his surprise.[43]

Dion Bakar, Grimes and Nix[ | ]

Dion Bakar, Grimes and Nix are customers of Rampart. They are voiced by Niecy Nash, Danny Trejo, and Jordan Fisher, respectively.[44]

DK[ | ]

DK is a conspiracy theorist who hosts a pirate radio talk show. During one broadcast, he discussed the mysterious beast that had attacked Storm Point and the IMC Armories that arose in response. He additionally took time to heavily criticize Torres Silva's new leadership of the Mercenary Syndicate. This broadcast was cut short by the Syndicate.[45]

Eduardo Silva[ | ]

Eduardo "Duardo" Silva was Octane's father and a childhood friend of Darion Che. When Eduardo was young, he played in Lillian Peck's Lab with Darion. To the public, he is the CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals, a philanthropist and interstellar genius, as well as the designer of a 9 vs 9 "Control" mode for Apex games[46].

After Octane's gauntlet accident, Octane forged a letter from them stating they were offering him an office job, which Lifeline knew was something he didn't want. This would lead to her putting her job down the line to get him his bionic legs.

Despite the fact that Duardo hated Torres, Torres actually sees Eduardo as his joy. At some point, Eduardo caught a disease, and his father Torres Silva founded Silva Pharmaceuticals in order to research for a cure.[47] While the company eventually discovered the cure in the form of Stim, unfortunately it came too late, and Eduardo ended up dead; Torres then assumed his identity. Eduardo's death certificate was stolen by Torres and hidden in the Silva estate. Octane eventually destroyed the certificate, removing any physical evidence that the man currently known as "Eduardo" is an imposter.

Elon, Ricky and Roger Witt[ | ]

Elon, Ricky and Roger Witt are Mirage's older brothers. All three of them enlisted in the Solace Military during the Outlands Civil War and were in one of the transport ships that were shot down during Solace's invasion of Gaea and was subsequently declared MIA.[48]

Felicia and Ronald Williams[ | ]

General Felicia Williams and Sergeant Ronald Williams are Bangalore and Newcastle's parents. As with the rest of the Williams family, they served in the IMC armed forces, with Felicia serving as a Pilot.[31][4]

Gabriel Mora and Roy House[ | ]

Gabriel Mora and Roy House were employees at Hammond Robotics roughly 300 years ago. Mora ran tests on remote neural projection and degradation abatement in the year 2420, the year Revenant was first uploaded as a simulacrum. He found each transfer results in "infinitesimal" data corruption, and the subject will suffer significant program collapse if repeated indefinitely. He reported his findings to Roy House, though House was more concerned about the cost.

Gryz Witt[ | ]

Gryz Witt is Mirage's great-grandfather. He was responsible for their family's famous pork chop recipe.

Hannah[ | ]

Hannah is a four year old girl rescued by Gibraltar after the transport craft she and her aunt were on collided with a Flyer and crashed. Hannah later wrote Gibraltar a thank you letter.

Hannah's two favorite Legends are Gibraltar and Newcastle.[49]

Heinrich Hammond[ | ]

Dr. Heinrich "Harry" Hammond is the founder of Hammond Engineering and other companies and its various subsidiaries that make up the core of the IMC, a megacorporation based in the Core Systems.

Born sometime in the 2080s, he was exposed to an unknown element brought about by the impact of Sheffield's Asteroid.[50][51] In 2127, he founded Hammond Engineering[50] and Hammond Robotics in 2131.[52] His company was responsible for the creation of Jump Drives that allowed for the colonization of the Core Systems and subsequently the Frontier. He eventually became known as the "Father of the Frontier" for the key role the company he founded had in the discovery and colonization of the Frontier.

Hammond is rumored to still be alive in 2733 and if so would be over 650 years old. One man by the name of Ransin Mandaleigh claims to be him.

Jacob Young[ | ]

Jacob Young is the Prime Director of Public Relations for the Apex Games.

Along with Cheryl Amacci, he was involved in the cover-up and containment of Revenant after his murder of Forge.

Jim[ | ]

Jim is a patron of the Paradise Lounge.[53]

Kewo[ | ]

Kewo is a mercenary of the Cracked Talon on Salvo.[21]

Lowell[ | ]

Lowell was a member of the Syndicate who was killed by Revenant after the latter became aware that he is a simulacrum. Lowell's body parts were then sent to his kids.

Lydia Edmont[ | ]

Lydia Edmont was a security guard at the Mandrake Hotel and Casino on Angelia. One night, she witnessed Valkyrie stealing a slot machine using her jetpack. Edmont quit on the spot.[54]

Manny[ | ]

Manny is Bangalore's second cousin. He currently resides in an asylum.[31]

Marr and Skud[ | ]

Marr and Skud are "kickers" on Salvo. Formerly of the Black Rattler, they later defected to the Cracked Talon.[55]

Maxine Bateman[ | ]

Dr. Maxine Bateman is the Medical Chief of Staff for the Apex Games. She is mentioned by the newspapers in the opening cinematic.

Miko Gibraltar[ | ]

Miko Gibraltar is a volunteer for SARAS alongside his wife and son Gibraltar.

He lost an arm saving Gibraltar and Nikolas Gentile from a mudslide. Eventually, he received a prosthetic arm that was modded by Rampart.

Minh Hà Lý[ | ]

Minh Hà Lý was a doctor who served aboard the GDS Vantage.[56]

Muzza[ | ]

Muzza is a mercenary of the Cracked Talon on Salvo.[21]

Norma and Waldorf[ | ]

Norma and Waldorf are hosts of The Talkin' Legends Podcast. The pair run the podcast in a tabloid style, even more so than the Outlands Journal, hosting outlandish content such as denying that the energy crisis occurred[57] and asking a cultural studies professor from Boreas if Seer sleeps.[35]

Waldorf, under the handle "@D0RF_L3G3NDZ," was blocked on social media by Mirage while attempting to obtain tickets for Fuse's welcoming ceremony.[58]

Norman Brennan[ | ]

Norman "Nomad" Brennan is a Thunderdome competitor. Born on Troy, he was active between 2706 and 2711.[34]

He likely references Nomad, a conceptual Legend that had been found in datamines of Apex Legends.

Pio Gibraltar[ | ]

Pio Gibraltar is an early ancestor of the Gibraltar family. Having traveled to the Outlands on the IMS Nostros nearly four hundred years ago, Pio settled the Gibraltar family's roots in the town of Little Mouse on Solace.[59]

Ransin Mandaleigh[ | ]

Ransin Mandaleigh is a resident of Talos interviewed by Outlands Journal's Angela Fazia. He claims to be Dr. Heinrich Hammond, aged 650 at the time of the interview.

In 2734, Mandaleigh held a rally on Talos with a low turnout.[60]

Reeves[ | ]

Reeves is a woman in charge of Peck Labs. According to Cherisse Che, she does not like children.

Reginald[ | ]

According to Tom Casiello, Reginald[61] is supposedly a male gunsmith from Psamathe who desperately wants to join the Apex Games but gets last in the qualifiers every time he tries.[62]

This is potentially a fake character that Tom created to trick the people who thought Rampart, who was not yet released at the time, was male.

Rosie Casiello[ | ]

Rosie Casiello is a Thunderdome competitor. Born on Gaea, she was active between 2713 and 2719.[34]

Rosie likely references early concepts for Loba, as well as Tom Casiello, the former lead writer for Apex Legends.

S. Pebble[ | ]

S. Pebble is a public relations official. She was hired by Torres Silva after his takeover of the Mercenary Syndicate.[63]

Sam Sheffield[ | ]

Dr. Sam Sheffield was a scientist from Earth. Sheffield acted as the leader of an international research team dispatched to the impact site of Sheffield's Asteroid in St. Louis, Missouri. Sheffield possibly died during the expedition.[50]

Sandringham Kelly[ | ]

Sandringham Kelly is the Supreme Warlord of Salvo and the warlord of the Black Rattler.[64]

He was the warlord who ratified the Mercenary Syndicate Treaty that allowed Salvo to join the Syndicate Space.

Shayne Stella[ | ]

Shayne Stella is an esteemed poet active in the Outlands.[65]

Subject 0[ | ]

"Subject 0" was the codename of a test subject experimented on by Dr. Renee H. Blasey and the ARES Division. Much about Subject 0's past is unknown, as the majority of her file has been redacted by the IMC.[66] In the present day, she works as a mercenary for the Forgotten Families and wields a glowing gauntlet in battle.[67]

Suraj Varma[ | ]

Suraj Varma is the leader of the Emerald Leviathan mercenary corps. An infamous socialite, Varma used his grand wealth to form the Emerald Leviathan and purchase a seat on the Syndicate council.[68]

Ms. Tobin[ | ]

Ms. Tobin is a high-ranking Hammond Robotics employee. When Horizon returned to Olympus after 87 years, Tobin sent her condolences for Horizon's now-deceased son. Tobin offered Hammond Robotics' resources to Horizon for the latter's time travel research. However, Horizon declined the offer, stating that she would rather not rely on others after being betrayed by her assistant.[69]

Trev[ | ]

Trev is the host of the Legend Impressions show.[70]

Vanessa[ | ]

Vanessa is Michael Gentile's mother and the ex-partner of Nikolas Gentile.

She was the one who told Michael the truth about how Nik took all the blame for the landslide accident in which both him and Gibraltar were involved.

In 2727 she and Nik split up and the latter sued for custody of their son, which he presumably won.[71]

Yoko Zepnewski[ | ]

Yoko Zepnewski is the assistant of Cheryl Amacci, Hammond Robotics' legal head. After Loba sinks Skull Town, Yoko was with Cheryl Amacci when Loba was announced as the new Legend. Octane was seen flirting with her, after which Yoko personally introduces herself to Loba, says her boss knows what Loba is really after, and offers to make a deal.[72] This led to the search for the Broken Ghost. She goes on a date with Octane and tells him about Loba's search for Revenant's source code.[73] Later she gives Bangalore the transcript of her conversation with Loba and Cheryl.[74]

Yoko is a fan of Bangalore.

Woz[ | ]

Woz is a mercenary of the Cracked Talon on Salvo.[21]

Z.[ | ]

Z. is the alias of an unknown operative. They hired A. to intercept and deliver Revenant's source code.[75]

Zhou[ | ]

Zhou is a pilot for the Mercenary Syndicate.

Zhou has had a history with trying to apprehend Margaret Kōhere, with a confrontation on Págos referenced by Kōhere during the dogfight above Storm Point. He was able to eventually shoot down the Goblin aircraft carrying Kōhere.[76]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Gryz Witt is a reference to Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order character Greez Dritus. Both Apex Legends and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order were developed by Respawn Entertainment.[77]
  • Bilal is named after Bilal Arshad, a Narrative Designer at Respawn Entertainment.
  • The prediction algorithm requested by Q.W. is seen being used by Ash during Season 9 Season 9's launch trailer.
  • The official subtitles for "The Old Ways" Story from the Outlands originally spelled Artur's name as "Arthur", and has since been corrected.

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