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Mirage Voyage
Miragevoyage 01
The original Mirage Voyage on World's Edge
Gamemode Battle Royale, Arenas
Location World's Edge, Storm Point, Broken Moon, Party Crasher, Kings Canyon (formerly)

The Mirage Voyage, and its successor the Mirage à Trois, are Town Takeovers found on multiple maps. It is a lavish, Mirage-themed hovercraft accessible by zipline.

The Mirage Voyage was first added to World's Edge in the Holo-Day Bash Holo-Day Bash event, over Spring's End. It was removed from the map in Season 6 Season 6, and was briefly moved to Kings Canyon (above Skull Town's sunken remains) from Season 7 Season 7's launch until the 8.1 Update. It then crashed and became a permanent fixture of the Party Crasher map in Season 9 Season 9.

Its successor, the Mirage à Trois, was added in Season 16 Season 16 in the same location on World's Edge, as well as to Storm Point (over the Fish Farms) and Broken Moon (over The Divide).

Gameplay[ | ]

The Mirage à Trois is a large party hovercraft and constitutes a Mid Tier loot zone. The whole ship is covered in Mirage decoys unaffiliated with any squad, dancing and sitting around the bar and hot tub. In the bar and hot tub room, a Loot Roller is affixed to the ceiling like a disco ball. On the roof toward the back, there is a Respawn Beacon and a panel which activates fireworks and large dancing decoys, and the first time it is activated it deploys two Loot Rollers on the middle deck. The ship has several Supply Bins scattered around it.

Lore[ | ]

Mirage's pleasure barge was the site of many parties hosted by Mirage himself. During one party over Solace, Mirage lost control of the ship and crashed it into the city of Kómma. Fortunately, the city was largely a ghost town, and Mirage was able to cover the insurance costs[1] by turning the wreckage into a locale for Arenas matches. His new ship, the Mirage à Trois, is an exact replica of the Mirage Voyage.

When it was in World's Edge in seasons 3, 4, and 5, nestled in the rocks below the ship, there was an audio log from a phone call between Mirage and his mother:

Hey! Well if it isn't the most beautiful woman in the world! I mean, I gotta get my good looks from somewhere... heh... How ya doin', Mom?... Oh, me? I'm perfect as usual. Hey, get this: They asked me to take over the games for a bit during the holidays. It makes sense, you know, I mean... Give the fine people of the Outlands what they want, right?... Yeah... yeah, that's right, Mom... Yeah, I'm your son, Elliot... Yeah, yeah, of course! Don't worry, I'll win for you today! Always for my number one fan. Yeah, you go enjoy your pork chops - I know they're your favorite. I'm gonna go win a cha-uh... the ahh... the abvah... the champ... I'm gonna be the best! Alright... love you, Mom! Bye. {exhales} What is R-E-C...? Oh no, how long has this been recording...

When it returned to Kings Canyon, a new audio log can be found:

(Imitating Kuben Blisk) Oi, Mirage, it's Blisk - the Apex Commissioner and holograms are now banned! Bamboozled you, honey! It's mom. I got the flowers. I love Marigolds. They're from our song... Ahh, how beautiful they are. They're for someone's birthday...it says 'Happy Birthday' on it. I'll check with my kids. I never know where they are nowadays... I don't have an answer. My brain's just...I think it's the thing...whatever you call it. I heard this happens. It happens to people...I'm tired. I had a dream the other night. Everyone kept telling me I'm dying, except Uncle Droz - miss my brother. And Davis. They always made me laugh, like Elliott. He's celebrating his second anniversary of competing in the games. Oh! And there's...there's a girl, too. He's started to talk about that. It's cute. He's grown up so fast. I'm looking at an old picture of Elliott when he was 10 or so, and next to him is his brother Elon, and ah...Ricky, and...and Roger. They're beautiful. Call me when you get the chance. You're gonna go far, my little Inchworm. I love you so much, even with your silly hair. Happy Anniversary, honey.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • The painting of Mirage in the rear stairwell is called the "Mirage o' Lust".[2]
  • Writer Tom Casiello implied that the reason the Paradise Lounge is low on funding in The First Ship is because Mirage has spent all his money on huge party boats.[3]

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