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Challenge to Rise[ | ]

This motion comic features Bloodhound reciting a poem about Artur and Boone. Released April 17, 2020.[1]

A Fate Worse Than Death[ | ]

This motion comic features Loba and Revenant meeting and fighting on Olympus. Released December 28, 2020.[2]

The Truth Will Set You Free[ | ]

This motion comic features Crypto and Wattson reconciling after the events of The Broken Ghost. Released January 1, 2021.[3]

Outlaws' Oath[ | ]

This motion comic features Fuse performing a song he wrote. Released February 27, 2021.[4]

Get Into Her Business[ | ]

This motion comic features Bangalore and Wraith fighting over a Pilot's data knife. Released April 3, 2021.[5]

Rest Easy[ | ]

This motion comic features Valkyrie reading a eulogy for Viper. Released June 10, 2021.[6]

Red Flags[ | ]

Released as a side story to The Legacy Antigen, this motion comic features Horizon and Wattson meeting Ash beneath Olympus. Released June 26, 2021.[7]

Reflections[ | ]

Released as a side story to The Legacy Antigen, this motion comic features Wattson meeting Mystik in her hospital room. Released July 3, 2021.[8]

The Moth and the Flame[ | ]

These motion comics tell a folk tale from Boreas relating to Seer. Released July 16-18, 2021.

With Love, From Obi[ | ]

This motion comic features Seer reading a letter to his parents. Released August 25, 2021.

Ready for Takeoff[ | ]

This motion comic features Loba and Valkyrie meeting at the Firing Range and discussing revenge. Released October 29, 2021.[12]

Maggie's Last Words[ | ]

This motion comic features a letter to Fuse written by Mad Maggie before her presumed execution. Released March 16, 2022.[13]

An OTV Special Report[ | ]

This motion comic features Seer taking part in an interview with Lisa Stone. Released July 13, 2022.[14]

An Untrackable Beast[ | ]

This motion comic features Fuse and Bloodhound taking a hunting trip together. Released October 29, 2022.[15]

An Old Nemesis[ | ]

This motion comic features Frances visiting Rampart at her shop. Released April 12, 2023.[16]

Father of the Outlands[ | ]

This motion comic features Torres Silva visiting Ballistic at his estate. Released July 11, 2023.[17]

Kill Code: Interlude[ | ]

Kill Code: Interlude 1[ | ]

Kill Code: Interlude 2[ | ]

Kill Code: Interlude 3[ | ]

Unlucky Charm[ | ]

This motion comic depicts a brief reunion between Lifeline and Octane. Released July 11, 2023.[18]

A Little Voice[ | ]

This motion comic shows Crypto's reasons for leaving the fight against Torres Silva. Released December 11, 2023.[19]

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