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A Nessie.

Nessies are plushies resembling the Loch Ness Monster, and are a recurring Easter Egg originated from the Titanfall game series. While generally green, a couple of plushies found on maps are shown to have a different color, like blue. Charm Weapon Charms also depict a wide variety of Nessies with different colors or dressed in different types of clothing.

The Nessies scattered around Kings Canyon were said to be left there by Wattson, who grew up in the arena as a child.

Playing as Wattson, Nessies may be placed on the ground and seen by everyone thanks to the Easter Egg Emote. Up to twenty Nessies placed this way can exist in the same server, with the oldest one getting deleted if a twenty-first is placed.

Giant Nessie easter egg[ | ]

Ten Nessie plushies are hidden across Kings Canyon. Hitting one of them will produce the message "A Nessy Appears..." in the obituaries in the top right corner of the screen. Discovering and hitting them all in a certain order will cause a giant Nessie to briefly appear in Swamps, along with the message "A Nessy Surfaces!". This easter egg can be done in Preseason Preseason, Season 1 Season 1, Season 8 Season 8, and Season 14 Season 14 versions of Kings Canyon. In all of these versions, the Nessies are located in different positions.

Other easter eggs[ | ]

Besides the giant Nessie easter egg, Nessies can be found in various other places:

  • Multiple in the Firing Range
  • One inside Big Maude on World's Edge
  • Multiple on Olympus
  • One on Storm Point
  • Multiple inside Wattson's Pylon on Storm Point:
    • One of these Nessies can be carried in a player's inventory.
    • Winning the game with the Nessie triggers an easter egg.
  • One on Overflow
  • Four on Broken Moon
  • One in Season 5 Season 5's main lobby background
  • One in Season 6 Season 6's main lobby background
  • One in Season 11 Season 11's main lobby background
  • One in Season 15 Season 15's main lobby background
  • Wattson's Energy Reader melee weapon skin:
    • In one of the weapon inspections, Wattson feeds a Tamagotchi Nessie on the screen of her Energy Reader. The Nessie subsequently dies and gets replaced by a new one.
    • In another weapon inspection, a Nessie plush peeks from the bottom of the screen, and then gets thrown in the air and hugged by Wattson while producing a squeaky noise.
    • In one of the weapon draw animations, Wattson pulls a Nessie instead of the weapon. It then gets quickly holstered and replaced with the Energy Reader.

The Nessies found on maps outside Kings Canyon won't trigger any easter egg if shot.

Nessies also appear in almost every Season video trailer.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Despite seemingly being genderless, the official Apex Legends Twitter account refers to Nessie as female.[1][2] This is because the Loch Ness Monster has always been referred to as a female in Scottish folklore.
  • It was previously consistently spelled as Nessy, and it is also still referred to as Nessy even during the Kings Canyon easter egg. Recent appearances of it spells it Nessie however, which is also the spelling used by the developers.
  • There is a Nessie hidden out of bounds in the Firing Range, inside a rock.
  • The Nessies can be considered the successor of the Teddy Bears from Infinity Ward's Call of Duty series, of which many Respawn employees previously developed.

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