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Newcastle's voice actor is Gabe Kunda, speaking English.

Character Select[ | ]

  • "Defender of the weak, the innocent, and-- Who am I kidding? I've got everyone's back."
  • "Just trying to hold it down for the folks in Harris Valley."
  • "Big shield, bigger heart. Let's do this."
  • "Get to the battefield, get the win, then get home."
  • "Don't make me have to drag ya' "
  • "I'm not good until we're good."
  • "We win together, or we lose together. No in between."
  • "There may be dents in my armor, but the battle is far from over."
  • "I'll make sure everyone makes it home."
  • "If we win this one, I swear I'll bake y'all a big red velvet cake."
  • "Stand for what's right or fall in any fight."
  • "We're not soldiers. We're a team."
  • "Time to teach y'all a few things."
  • "If you need a shield, give me a holler."
  • "Don't get so caught up in the past that you miss your chance at a better future."
  • "Okay... Let's see if you've still got it, Newcastle."
  • "(laughs) And just like that, everyone's a little more safe."
  • "Think you can break through my defenses?"
  • "Alright, let's do this. We can do this. One more time."
  • "Just make sure your bullets hit them. I'll make sure theirs don't hit you."
  • "I bring hope to the hopeless. I'm Newcastle."
  • “Hold up, we’ve got a buster here.”

Intro[ | ]

  • "As long as you're near me, you're safe."
  • "I can cook, clean, and defend my teammates. (laughs)"
  • "We've got a game to win. And I've just polished my shield."
  • "The wicked don't rest, so I can't either. (laughs)"
  • "When I clock in, I make sure we win."
  • "For Harris Valley."
  • "Get behind me and you're untouchable slick
  • "Listen, I can't do this without you."
  • "I must be a broken lift, 'cause I don't plan on letting you down."
  • "I won't let you down, even when you're downed."
  • "No matter what happens, I'll be here. I'll always be here."
  • "I'll be your shield, if you don't mind being my sword."
  • "I'll keep you in the fight, even when it's tight."
  • "It's an honor to be your protector."
  • "Put it all on the line for what you believe in."
  • "If you need my strength, stand behind my shield."
  • "Stand strong. Stand together."
  • "When it's time to put yourself on the line, that's when heroes are made."
  • "For now, the arena's my home away from home. Food's not as good, though."
  • "The best move isn't always the easiest. But I'll get it done."
  • "You know I have your back, so have mine."

Kills[ | ]

  • Season 13 Icon "Real heroes get back up."
  • Season 14 "I move a lot quicker than I look, don't I? (sigh)"
  • Season 16 "Sorry, slick, I have a reputation to uphold. I'm a hometown hero."
  • Season 19 "We all fight. Make sure you're doing it for what's right."
  • "Another story added to the legend of Newcastle."
  • "Small suggestion: avoid the guy with the big shield."
  • "Newcastle's been waiting a long time to get here. Can't hold back now."
  • "Caught you trippin' without a passport. (laughs)"
  • "Checkmate."
  • "Don't beat yourself up. I already did that."
  • "Don't forget what you're fighting for."
  • "Folded you like some laundry. (laughs)"
  • "If justice is really on your side, get back up and fight another day."
  • "Guess this old dog still has a few tricks."
  • "Hard to win matches on your back, slick."
  • "Now, I could tell you where you went wrong, but I want to win."
  • "Got your head in the clouds, so I had to ground you."
  • "Look, I have no choice but to win. People are depending on me."
  • "Come on, I know you can do better than that."
  • "Oh, I see where you were going with that. But that's why I was able to stop you."
  • "If it makes you feel any better, I'll be hurting more tomorrow."
  • "I'm getting too old for this shield."
  • "Look, I'm not mad at you. Just disappointed."
  • "Sorry, slick. I've come too far to ease up now."
  • "You almost had me. But it wasn't enough to crack my shield."
  • "It's hard keepin' up with you youngins. And oldins."
  • "Life has its ups and downs. Unfortunately, you're down."
  • "Next time maybe I'll be where you're sitting, slick."
  • "Nice try, slick. But my try was just a little bit nicer."
  • "Not everyone gets second chances. So I'm making the most of mine."
  • "Not much to it. You need a protector."
  • "Nothing personal, kid. Someone's gotta take the L, and I can't let it be us."
  • "Thanks for making me look good in front of my team."
  • "Oh, I know the folks back in Harris Valley are probably loving this."
  • "The tides of battle left you washed up on shore, slick."
  • "You're standing on the wrong side of the shield."
  • "Can I level with you for a sec' ? This suit is tight as hell."
  • "This wouldn't have happened if you had me watching your back."
  • "Too much flair, slick. Too much flair."
  • "True to this, not new to this."
  • "We're all hiding a piece of ourselves. Gotta fight to protect it."
  • "While you were sleepin', I was leapin'."
  • "You look like you could use a rest, slick."
  • "You only lose the battle when you choose to stay down."
  • "I know weapons. You're gonna need a lot more firepower than that."

Gameplay[ | ]

I'm jumpmaster
  • "I'll be leading the charge on this jump."
  • "I'm jumpmaster, but open to suggestions."
  • "I'm jumpmaster. Start whining, and I'll turn this whole drop around."
  • "I'm the jumpmaster. Taking the flight to the fight."
Here we go / Diving as jumpmaster
  • "Together we have this. To battle!"
  • "I got your back. Let's charge!"
I got you / Reviving Squadmate
  • "We're still in this."
  • "Let's get you back on your feet."
  • "Fight doesn't stop here.""
  • "I'm not gonna let you down
  • Season 13 Icon [to Bangalore Icon] "You're always needing me."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Bangalore Icon] "Just like old times, huh?"
  • "My battle doesn't end here."
  • "Don't count me out just yet."
  • "Alright! Thanks for keeping me in the game."
  • "Thanks for having my back. You know I got yours."
Finishing Bangalore Icon Bangalore
  • "And you never could beat me."
Taking damage
  • "Being targeted."
  • "Shots on me."
  • "Under attack."
  • "Taking hits."
Enemy shield broken
  • "Busted a buster's shield."
  • "Enemy shield busted."
Downed an enemy
  • "Took down a fool."
  • "Buster downed."
Opening fire on the enemy
  • "Shooting."
Whole squad down
  • "That was the last buster in their squad."
  • "That was the last one. There will be no reinforcements."
  • "That squad fought great, but they're done."
  • "That squad is cooked."
Another squad attacking
  • "Got some uninvited busters."
  • "Buncha fools just joined in."
Throwing ordnances

Battle Royale Status[ | ]

First blood
  • "Looks like someone was fast to the fight and snagged first blood."
  • "Some eager beaver got first blood."
New kill leader
  • "New kill leader. The tides of battle have changed."
  • "Take note, there's a new kill leader."
Half the squads remain
  • "Half the squads have been sent home."
  • "The competition has been sliced in half."
  • "Squads have been cut in half. Makes it easier to eat."
  • "Half the squads are left. The only fraction I do like."

Ring Status[ | ]

Full squad inside next ring
  • "Take a breather. We're already in the ring."
  • "We're in the ring. Time to hold court."

Arenas Status[ | ]

Pings[ | ]

Go/suggested a location
  • "Let's march toward this spot."
  • "We should scout this area."
  • "Let's camp out over here."
  • "Pick it up, this way."
Enemy Castle Wall Castle Wall
  • "Buster dropped a castle wall here."
  • "Fools got a castle wall there, and it's energized too."

Cargo Bot
  • "Cargo bot over there. You deserve the best."
Dropped Cargo
  • "Dropped cargo over there. Take what you need."
  • "Geyser over there. Looks like a blast! (chuckles)"
  • "Gondola there. Care for a ride?"
  • "Tie your shoes. No trippin' into this lava."
  • "Careful, the floor's actually lava there."
  • "Train right here. Who's all aboard?"
  • "Train over there."
  • "The train's at the station. I got a mini one at home, you know."
  • "Locks need keys? Let's find that sucker."
Vending Machine
  • "Vending machine here. No pretzels though."
Pathfinder Icon Pathfinder statue
  • "Pathfinder statue here. A fitting tribute."
  • "Pathfinder statue there. A hero's honor."
  • "Statue here."
  • "Statue there."
  • "Spectre here. Get behind me."
  • "Got a Spectre over there."
IMC Armory
  • "IMC Armory sittin' right here. Where'd they find those?"
  • "Ugh... Got a IMC Armory over there."

Quip[ | ]

  • Season 13 Icon [to Bangalore Icon] "Thanks for the loot, 'Nita."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Bangalore Icon] "Thanks for the loot. I'll get you back."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Valkyrie Icon] "Thanks for the loot. You know, you're the first pilot I've liked."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Valkyrie Icon] "Thanks for the loot. Next one's on me."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Wraith Icon] "Hey, big thanks. No need to be so tense. I've got your back."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Wraith Icon] "Thanks. You can loosen up. I'm here to be your shield."
  • Season 14 [To Mirage Icon] "Thanks, Witt."
  • Season 14 [To Mirage Icon] "Mirage, is it? Thanks again."
You're welcome
  • Season 13 Icon [to Bangalore Icon] "Ugh... You're welcome."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Bangalore Icon] "Hey! Come on. You're welcome."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Valkyrie Icon] "Hey, I'm just doing what I do best."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Valkyrie Icon] "You know the new guy's gotta make a good impression."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Wraith Icon] "Hey, quit bustin' my chops for being in the qualifiers for so long."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Wraith Icon] "Whatcha sayin' ? I've got a big heart and it don't discriminate."
  • Season 14 [To Mirage Icon] "Hey, keep it down, alright?"
  • Season 14 [To Mirage Icon] "Haa... Thanks, Witt. Haha..."
Thanks squadmate for first aid
  • Season 13 Icon [to Bangalore Icon] "Glad you don't hold grudges."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Bangalore Icon] "Feels like you're trying to tell me something."
You're welcome for first aid
  • Season 13 Icon [to Bangalore Icon] "All right, then."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Bangalore Icon] "You're welcome. Ouch."

Abilities[ | ]

Using Mobile Shield Mobile Shield
  • "Get behind my protector."
  • "Need a protector?"
  • "I got ya. here comes your protector"
  • "Mind if my protector steps in?"
  • "Got a protector for you."
  • "Stay behind this protector."
  • "Anyone call for a protector?"
  • "Protector keeping you safe."
Redirecting Mobile Shield Mobile Shield
  • "Gonna switch things up with my mobile shield."
  • "Moving my mobile shield. It's gonna take a little walk this way."
  • "My mobile shield's taking a turn."
  • "Heads up, making an adjustment to my mobile shield."
Using Castle Wall Castle Wall
  • "We don't run, we clamp down."
  • "Clamping down so we can fight on."
  • "Y'all ready to clamp down?"
  • "Clamping down."
  • "Make way and clamp down."
  • "Time to clamp down."
  • "We clamp down and we stick together."
  • "Clamping down. Just try and break through."
Using Castle Wall Castle Wall on teammate
  • "Leaping to our buddy."
  • "Leaping on our third. Assistant coming."
  • "Leaping to our squadmate."
  • "Newcastle here. Leaping to our buddy."
  • "Buckle up. I'm leaping on you."
  • "Leaping to you."
  • "Hold tight. I'm leaping to you."
  • "Leaping on you."
Castle Wall Castle Wall destroyed
  • "They busted up my castle wall."
  • "Uh-oh. Looks like they broke through my castle wall."
  • "Castle wall's been busted up. No respect."
  • "They busted my castle wall. Let's get payback."

Lobby[ | ]

Map[ | ]

Switching to World's Edge
  • "World's Edge? Hope it isn't too sharp. (laughs)"
  • "I've been to the edge of the world. But not like this."

Ranked[ | ]

New Ranked Season
  • "We got a new Ranked season, so let's make the most of it."
New Split
  • "Got a new Ranked Split today. A new beginning."
Rank up
  • "Hey, check it out! I ranked up!"
  • "Through justice, teamwork, and a big shield, I ranked up."
Rank down
  • "Ugh, looks like I ranked down."
  • "I ranked down, but won't let it get me down.
Silver Silver
  • "I made it to Silver! Something nice to hang on the wall."
  • "Made it to Silver, but the adventure's only begun."
Gold Gold
  • "Just hit Gold! Let me polish my shield."
  • "We're golden now. Look at that."
Platinum Platinum
  • "Made it to Platinum! Oh, you wait 'till I tell the kids."
  • "Platinum? All this hard work is paying off."
Diamond Diamond
  • "I'm a Diamond man. You won't crush me."
  • "Applied the pressure and made it to Diamond."
Master Master
  • "Yeah, I made it to Master. I won't let it get to my head."
  • "Master Newcastle! Has a nice ring to it."
Apex Predator Apex Predator
  • "At last... Newcastle is an Apex Predator."
  • "Made it to Apex Predator. And I will fight to stay here."

The Williams Sendoff[ | ]

Lore[ | ]