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Newton Somers
Newton Somers
Adult Newton
Real Name Newton Somers
Gender Male
Relatives Dr. Mary Somers (mother)
Lillian Peck (godmother)
Homeworld Psamathe
Occupation Researcher
Status Unknown
Real-world Info
Appearances Season 7 Teasers
Ashes to Ash

Newton Somers is Horizon's son. He was part of the group working on Project Iris, and subsequently one of Pathfinder's creators.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Newton Somers was born to Dr. Mary Somers on Psamathe. Growing up in the floating city of Olympus, he had a very close relationship with his mother.

Promise[ | ]

In 2646, Dr. Somers and Dr. Ashleigh Reid left on a journey to a black hole to extract a newly-discovered element known as branthium. Before departing, Dr. Somers promised her son that she would return to him. However, only Dr. Reid would return. To Newton's knowledge, his mother had died on the voyage.[1]

After Dr. Reid's return, she would act as a mentor figure for the boy in his mother's stead.[2] Growing up, Newton greatly admired Reid's physical prowess and training. When he was 14, he begged Lillian Peck to buy him an exquisite set of nunchaku, but gave up practicing with them after hitting himself in the face twice.[3]

The Event[ | ]

After growing up, Newton would follow in his mother's footsteps and become a researcher, much to the protests of Reid.[3] He joined the group of scientists conducting Project Iris as an intern. Shortly before starting his position, he gifted the nunchaku to Reid.[3]

By January 2nd, 2658, the Group encountered many setbacks during their research, particularly relating to the refinement process. Newton hypothesized that these issues were due to the refinery requiring constant internal calibration - a task that was impossible for the human scientists due to the inhospitable conditions within. Dr. Reid proposed the use of a custom-built MRVN for the task, and the Group set to constructing the robot, which was completed on February 4th.[2]

On December 25th, Dr. Reid dismissed Newton early before enacting her plan to steal the Group's branthium supply.[4]

Appearances[ | ]

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  • Season 11 Her Mother's Child (mentioned)
  • Fight Night Collection Event A Matter of Time (mentioned)
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