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Non-player characters are characters relevant to the setting of Apex Legends that are not playable Legends.

Seen characters[]

Aleki Gibraltar[]

Aleki Gibraltar.png

Dr. Aleki Gibraltar was a scientist and, as part of "The Group" working on Project Iris, one of Pathfinder's creators. He also was Gibraltar's grandfather.

He was one of the first people to warn Lillian Peck about an upcoming energy crisis in the Outlands. He died on December 25, 2658 due to the explosion caused by the Phase Runner accident on Olympus.[1]

Amélie Paquette[]

Amelie Paquette.png

They're almost here. MRVN, we need you. Your existence is proof that the Outlands can survive. People must be told about [...] You are our Pathfinder. We made you for a great purpose.
— Amélie's message to Pathfinder.

Dr. Amélie Paquette was a geologist and, as part of "The Group" working on Project Iris, one of Pathfinder's creators. She also was the mother of Luc Paquette and grandmother of Wattson.

She died on December 25, 2658 due to the explosion caused by the Phase Runner accident on Olympus.[1]

Amer Singh[]

Amer Singh.png

Dr. Amer Singh was an IMC scientist and lead scientist of the Project Wraith. Originally a colleague of Wraith, he evidently turned on her once she became the primary test subject for the project.[2] The Singh Labs are presumably named after him.

Though he is deceased in Apex's main dimension, he is alive in Wraith's home dimension, and is the reason Voidwalker Wraith stayed there.[2]

Anastasia Oliveira[]

Anastasia Oliveira.png

Dr. Anastasia "Stay" Oliveira was a mechanical engineer and, as part of "The Group" working on Project Iris, one of Pathfinder's creators. Afraid that Reid would betray the group somehow, she implemented a fail-safe system into Pathfinder, allowing him to operate the security measures by himself.[1]

She died on December 25, 2658 after being shot by Ashleigh Reid.[1]

Angela Fazia[]

Angela Fazia.png

Angela Fazia is a reporter for the Outlands Journal. She frequently reports on stories surrounding the Apex Games, including an interview with Bangalore and a report on the damage to Kings Canyon following the collapse of the Repulsor tower.[3]

She was on Olympus in the aftermath of the Icarus Fleet's return to Olympus. She was with Grace Rasheed inside the Icarus when she was infected and designated "Patient Zero" of a disease coming from the genetically mutated Medusa Vines.[4]

Armen Fletcher[]

Armen Fletcher.png

Dr. Armen Fletcher was a medical doctor and, as part of "The Group" working on Project Iris, one of Pathfinder's creators. He was known to like dessert, especially ice cream.

He died on December 25, 2658 due to the explosion caused by the Phase Runner accident on Olympus.[1]


Artur and his raven.

Nei, young one. Nei. I lived to see you pass the test. It was not the gun that protected them. It was you... Perhaps there is more to the old ways, than the weapon we chose. A beast none has slátra. You... will be the first... Blothhundr...
— Artur's last words.

Artur was a hunter living in a village on Talos that rejected technology and worshipped the Norse gods, with a particular focus on Odin, the Allfather. After his brother Johann was killed in a flash freeze, Artur took care of his brother's child, Bloodhound, for ten years. Artur was killed by a Goliath that attacked the village. Before dying, he gave Bloodhound his hatchet and his blessing.[5]

Artur also had a raven who after his death helped Bloodhound slay the Goliath. This raven eventually became Bloodhound's and was named after him.

Big Sister[]

Big Sister.png

Big Sister is a masked figure who leads a gang on Gaea. Her gang attacks Rampart's shop after the latter wins a gauntlet match.

Chico Sawtelle[]

Chico Sawtelle.png

Chico Sawtelle is a presumed blogger who likes to gossip about the Legends. He is the brother of Creighton Sawtelle.

During the events of The Legacy Antigen Quest The Legacy Antigen, he was contacted by Lifeline after finding out about a recording detailing Eduardo Silva's involvement in the terrorist attack at Malta led by Creighton.[6][7]

Conan Shelley[]

Conan Shelley.png

Dr. Conan Shelley was an engineer and, as part of "The Group" working on Project Iris, one of Pathfinder's creators.

He died on December 25, 2658 due to the explosion caused by the Phase Runner accident on Olympus.[1]

Creighton Sawtelle[]

Creighton Sawtelle.png

Creighton Sawtelle is a violent man who aspires to rule the Outlands. Chico Sawtelle is his brother.

He led mercenaries hired by Eduardo Silva[8] to attack a party that the Ches are attending in Malta, in hopes that the Ches could relay his demands to the Syndicate to relinquish Psamathe. His plans are thwarted by Lifeline, Gibraltar, Octane, and Pathfinder; and is arrested by the authorities.

During the events of The Legacy Antigen, he was questioned by Lifeline in his custody about his involvement with Eduardo Silva during the attack in Malta.

Darion and Cherisse Che[]

The Che family.

Darion and Cherisse Che are Lifeline's parents. Darion is the CEO of Chevrex, the Outlands branch of robotics company AI Logic, while Cherisse has connections with the Syndicate. War profiteers from the Frontier War and presumably also the Outlands Civil War, they appear as kind and loving while in public, but are actually cold and cruel, even to their only daughter, who left home in disgust after finding out about their war profiteering.

Darion collects antique robots; Gibraltar calls him "the drone guy." Darion is childhood friends with Eduardo Silva.

When the Apex Games came to Olympus, Lifeline reunites with her parents at a party. To her surprise, they hug their daughter, though Cherisse makes it clear that it is only for show. Darion demands Lifeline to come home, but their conversation is interrupted by an attack on the party. Lifeline deals with the attacker, Creighton, and Darion gives her an antique MRVN battery as a reward.

Cherisse has connections to the now-Supreme Warlord of Salvo, Sandringham Kelly, seemingly having a hand in the negotiations that led to the admission of Salvo into Syndicate Space. She is also aware of Eduardo Silva being the one behind Icarus Fleet's arrival on Olympus, but instead tells Eduardo how to get Lifeline off his back.

Eduardo Silva[]

Eduardo Silva from the comic Checkmate.

Eduardo Silva, informally nicknamed as "Duardo", is the CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals. He is Octane's father and a childhood friend of Darion Che. When Eduardo was young, he played around in Pecks Lab with Darion.

After Octane's gauntlet accident, Octane forged a letter from them stating they were offering him an office job, which Lifeline knew was something he didn't want. This would lead to her putting her job down the line to get him his bionic legs.

Despite basically not caring about his son, he still nonetheless warned Octane of the attack (orchestrated by him) during the events of Family Portrait. However, when confronted by Octane, he instead becomes dismissive toward his son as a disappointment, unlike him, who is going to achieve greatness. When he tried to leave the Silva mansion, Eduardo is confronted by Lifeline, who had discover he was the one that sent the Icarus fleet. However, he persuaded Lifeline to back away from her investigation by revealing it was Octane who scrubbed the name of Silva Pharmaceuticals from the Icarus fleet. Nonetheless, his name eventually "mysteriously reappeared" on the ships. When confronted, Eduardo stated that it's one of the many conspiracies to distract from the failures of the Syndicate, and suggested that it needs new leadership. Lifeline believed that Eduardo is trying to take over the leadership himself, which Octane agreed, as many of his schemes made the Syndicate look bad.[9]

His company then sponsored a podcast hosted by Lisa Stone, purportedly unravelling the truth behind the Syndicate.

Shortly before Mad Maggie was set to be executed, Eduardo intervened, telling the Magistrate to cancel this penance. As a result, Maggie was conscripted to compete in the Apex Games as penance. [10]

Evelyn Witt[]

Evelyn Witt.png

Evelyn Witt is Mirage's mother and a famed engineer specializing in Holo-Pilot Tech who used to work for the IMC. She helped modify the unit used by her son in the Apex Games and is popular enough that Wattson knows and respects her work. She is presumably suffering from memory loss as implied by a recording of a phone call between her and her son.

She was in Olympus to participate in the celebration for Pathfinder when the Medusa Vines disease outbreak occurred.

It is implied Droz from Titanfall 2 is her brother.

Evelyn is voiced by Deborah Marlowe.



Frances is a member of Big Sister's gang. Frances calls Rampart, telling her to lose the underground gauntlet match because people have money on it.[11] After Rampart wins, Frances and five others from the gang attack Rampart's shop.

Frances is voiced by Allegra Clark.[12]

Franklin Humbert[]

Franklin Humbert's death.

Dr. Franklin Humbert was the head of Humbert Labs, a manufacturer of pesticide gases in Zaldana City, Gaea. Humbert was murdered by Caustic after he discovered his experiments on living tissue. Caustic later faked his own death to avoid justice.

Grace Rasheed[]

Grace Rasheed.png

Grace Rasheed is the Director of Security (presumably of the Syndicate[13]).

She was with Angela Fazia inside the Icarus examining the ship when the latter was infected with the mysterious disease brought by the ship.[4]

Jackson Williams[]

Jackson Williams alive in 2727.

Lieutenant Jackson Williams was a Pilot for the IMC and one of Bangalore's four older brothers.

Jackson was presumably the highest ranking officer aboard the IMS Hestia if not the commanding officer during the Battle of Gridiron. He ordered a retreat despite orders from command for a final assault.[14]

The Hestia retreated and eventually crashed on Storm Point, Gaea in the Outlands. Settling on a settlement near the crashed ship, he eventually led this community if not founded it. When his sister Anita woke up, she reported him to nearby IMC remnants for desertion. He was about to be summarily executed before his sister stopped it and a fight broke up between them and the leader of the IMC remnant, Commander Scryer. They eventually won the fight and took control of the ship Scryer came from, rechristening it the "IMS Hestia II".[14]

For the next 5 years, Jackson and Bangalore took various odd jobs to secure enough money and supplies for the trip back to Gridiron. In 2721, Jackson went missing in action in an accident while in the Hestia II, apparently falling to his death above Solace[15][16]. Despite this, Bangalore is convinced he's still alive and well, though her memory of the battle is hazy and unreliable.

She last saw evidence of him being alive in 2727 while looking through IMC files on one of the abandoned labs in Kings Canyon. Said evidence is then taken by Voidwalker Wraith.[7]

According to the manifest in the spherical pod on Olympus, he is considered AWOL.



Jaime is a friend of Loba, skilled in electronics. In the past, Loba saved him from a group of thugs and they became partners.[17] He discovers Revenant's whereabouts online and informs Loba also giving her the access key to Revenant's source code hidden in the IMC base beneath Kings Canyon.

During the Medusa Vines Outbreak, he hired the mercenaries guarding Bangalore when Loba was on her quest to find a cure for the Medusa Vines Outbreak.[18]

He was last seen on a day out with Loba and Valkyrie, seemingly in danger.[19]

James "Forge" McCormick[]

Main article: Forge

Forge Up Close and Personal.png

Look, the legends are great, and they deserve respect but they've NEVER faced anyone like me. And when we hit the ground, I dare anyone to bring the fight up close and personal.
— Forge moments before his assassination.

James McCormick, also known as Jimmy, was a five-time champion of the Hyperfighting Federation. James was sponsored and ready to join the Apex Games looking for a new challenge; however, during his interview with Lisa Stone, he was killed by Revenant.[20]

There was a Forge museum on Gaea, but it soon filed for bankruptcy.

Johann and Brigida[]


Johann and Brigida were the parents of Bloodhound.

They were engineers who settled in World's Edge before the meltdown.[21] They were killed in the flash freeze accident, with Johann being killed in front of a young Bloodhound. After their death, Bloodhound was taken in by Johann's brother, Artur.

Katerina Ticacek "Mystik" Nox[]

A photograph of Mystik, Mila Alexander, and Crypto.

Katerina Ticacek Nox (born 2663), nicknamed "Mystik", is Caustic's biological mother, and Crypto and Mila Alexander's foster mother at Ticacek Orphanage in Suotamo, Gaea. After the supposed death of Caustic and the death of her husband, Katerina bought out an orphanage. Through unknown means, Crypto knows about Caustic real identity and thus his relationship with Mystik, but kept it to his heart until the events of The Legacy Antigen Quest The Legacy Antigen. Even after reinventing his identity, Crypto still maintains contact with Mystik, and she is partially involved in his efforts to infiltrate the Apex Games. Her nickname, as Pathfinder proposed, is that as a schoolteacher, Katerina only use her maiden name, and since "Ticacek" is hard to pronounce, her students shortened it to "Ms. Tic", which eventually became "Mystik". She named Mila's last name after her son who "died". She is a fan of Mirage, despite Crypto's annoyance with him.

Kuben Blisk[]

Kuben Blisk.png

It's simple, eh. They kill you, they're better. You kill them, you're better.

Kuben Blisk is a South African mercenary pilot and prominent antagonist in Titanfall 1 and Titanfall 2.[22] He is the leader of the Apex Predators, an elite mercenary unit within the Mercenary Syndicate that was frequently contracted by the IMC during the Frontier War.

Born on Earth in the Core Systems, Blisk began his career as a fighter at a young age in the old Thunderdome games on Kings Canyon. When the Titan Wars began, Blisk enlisted in the IMC’s army and quickly climbed the ranks to commander. However, the politics and corruption of war pushed him into the life of a mercenary, where he could control his own fight and answer to no one but himself. He eventually went on to lead the Apex Predators, the Mercenary Syndicate's elite mercenary unit.

During the early days of the Frontier War he served as a direct advisor to Vice Admiral Marcus Graves of the IMC Frontier Command. Following the discovery of a then-unknown colony on Troy, he led the expedition to the planet which resulted in a massacre of the colonists, the surviving members of which sent a distress signal that was picked up by the Frontier Militia's First Fleet. During the resulting Battle of Troy, Blisk led a team of pilots to assassinate the leader of Colony G21 and former IMC commander James MacAllan, an attempt that ultimately failed. He also led an assault team during the Battle of Airbase Sierra, with the intent of killing Militia commander Sarah Briggs. The mission ultimately also ended in failure although they were able to wound Briggs.

He would then take part on the Battle of Demeter, leading a portion of the ground troops tasked with making sure MacAllan does not overload the refueling facility's reactor. He was able to corner MacAllan in the reactor but had to resort to hand-to-hand combat due to the danger of damaging the reactor. When the reactor's meltdown was not stopped, Blisk would evacuate and come out as one of the few survivors of that battle.

In 2715, he took part on the seminal Battle of Typhon, leading the Apex Predators. During the early stages of the battle, he and Ash, another Apex Predator, would mortally wound Tai Lastimosa of the Frontier Militia Special Recon Squad and disable his Titan BT-7274. After the crash of the hijacked IMS Draconis, Blisk was present in the mop-up operations and personally oversaw the capture of Militia Pilot Jack Cooper, who he threatened to kill if his Titan won't open up his hatch that contained the Ark, a power source for the weapon the IMC is fielding on Typhon. He would eventually be able to get the Ark after nearly being wounded/killed by the defiant BT-7274.

After Slone's death, he offered Cooper a place in the Apex Predators, stating that his contract with the IMC was up and that he doesn't work for free, ignoring the General Marder of ARES Division's orders for him to kill Cooper. He would eventually be able to escape the destruction of Typhon and rebuild the Apex Predators.

After the Frontier War, Blisk would relocate to the Outlands and became the commissioner of the Mercenary Syndicate's bloodsport, the Apex Games.

In 2732[23], for reasons unknown, Blisk decided to go off the grid without telling the Syndicate. Before doing so, he was recommended to add Rampart to his "list" by an unknown person. Blisk ceased contact with anyone for a year but kept a watchful eye on Rampart in Gaea. Blisk eventually returned when he saw Rampart's shop being attacked by Big Sister's gang. Impressed by her performance, Blisk personally hands Rampart his card which allows her to join the Apex Games.

Later, Blisk moves to Solace. After noticing that Ash has returned, he personally visits her and informs her that an old friend of hers is back.

In 2734, he met up with Valkyrie, the daughter of deceased Apex Predator Viper. In a uncharacteristically heartfelt talk with Kairi, he would encourage her to pursue a legacy of her own, free from the one of his fathers'. He also gave her an Apex Card, which allowed her to join the Apex Games.

Afterwards, he would sanction the expansion of local Arenas matches and asked Ash to oversee them.



Leeki is Gibraltar's aunt.

She was with her great-niece Samaria and her nephew Makoa to take part in the festivities for Pathfinder's heroism organized by the Syndicate when the Medusa Vines disease outbreak occurred.[24]

Lillian Peck[]

Lilian Peck.jpg

Lillian Peck was a billionaire humanitarian who created the floating city of Olympus.

The Peck Foundation is presumably named after her. Peck was very close to Horizon and was the godmother to her son, Newton.

Lisa Stone[]

Lisa Stone.png

Lisa Stone is an interviewer for Outlands Television. She was interviewing Forge when he was killed by Revenant. She made it out alive with no physical harm. She later interviews Mirage at his bar after Loba sunk Skull Town.

Sometime after the events of the Medusa Vines Outbreak, she started her own podcast, sponsored by Silva Pharmaceuticals, purportedly unravelling the truth behind the Syndicate.[25]

She is voiced by Anna Graves.

Luc Paquette[]

Luc Paquette with his daughter.

Luc Paquette was the lead electrical engineer for the Apex Games and the father of Wattson. He worked with her to create The Ring, only to die the day it was completed. However, he would rather have it be called "The Forcefield".

Margaret Kōhere[]

Margaret Kohere.png

Margaret Kōhere, better known as Maggie or Mad Maggie, is a childhood friend of Fuse and the boss of the Cracked Talons.

She was discontent with the fact that Salvo is now part of Syndicate Space and viewed anyone who did not share her opinion as "traitors" to Salvo. Maggie and Fuse had a falling out after Fuse decided to join the Apex Games, and she accidentally blew off Fuse's arm in a fit of rage. During Fuse's official introduction to the Apex Games in Kings Canyon, she hacked into the ceremony ship and attacked the gathering civilians, before blowing off the mountains at the north of the map with explosives. She made numerous attacks on the Syndicate after this, including hacking into the Ring system of the Apex Games and blowing up Fuse's ship on Solace City. She was presumed dead after refusing help from Fuse and subsequently seemingly falling to her death after the attack in 2734.

However, she somehow survived the fall, and was brought to trial on counts of sedition and inciting riots. She was sentenced to death, but narrowly avoided the execution by the word of Eduardo Silva. Instead, she was sent to fight in the Apex Games.

Maggie was the announcer of the Ring Fury takeover during the Chaos Theory Icon.svg Chaos Theory event and the War Games Icon.svg War Games event takeovers.

Maggie is voiced by Rachel House.

Marcos and Alanza Andrade[]

The Andrade family.

Marcos "Griftor" Andrade was a notorious con-man and thief. He ran a Bonnie-and-Clyde operation with his wife, Alanza Andrade, and they had a daughter, Loba. A huge bounty was offered for his death after he stole an artifact from an unknown person, which led to his murder by Revenant in 2708. He was 41 at the time of his death.

Michael Gentile[]


Michael Gentile is Nikolas Gentile and Vanessa's son.[26]

He first met Gibraltar in 2727, awestruck that a famous person was in front of him, calling him "Jibrodder". He eventually learns the truth from his mother about his father and Gibraltar's relationship and the fallout from a lie they made before, and came to hate Gibraltar.[26]

He and Nikolas were invited by Gibraltar to the celebration of Pathfinder's heroism on Olympus.[27][24] During the security check at the entrance to Olympus, he reportedly said that he wants "to make [Gibraltar] suffer for what he's done."[28]

While unpacking their bags on Olympus, he contracted the Medusa Vines disease that came from the Icarus.[24] He was eventually taken to the quarantine facilities, only having 49 hours left to live until a cure was made for the disease.[26]

Mila Alexander[]

Mila Alexander.png

But imagine what this could do for us! It's one time, one risk to give us that second chance we've been searching for! The chance for a new life.
— Mila about a new chance for life after finding out about the prediction algorithm.

Mila Alexander is Crypto's foster sister. Her last name is named after Mystik's son who "died". She and Tae Joon had day jobs as computer engineers for drone software but were more notorious as hackers. Mila was captured by the Mercenary Syndicate after discovering their prediction algorithm for the Apex Games, and Crypto was quickly framed as her murderer. After her capture, Mila escaped the Syndicate and laid low. Mila later contacts Crypto, tells him about her escape and warns him that someone inside the Syndicate is watching him.

Mila is voiced by Alison Jaye.

Milly Delgado[]

Milly Delgado.png

Professor Milly Delgado was a scientist and, as part of "The Group" working on Project Iris, one of Pathfinder's creators.

She died on December 25, 2658 due to the explosion caused by the Phase Runner accident on Olympus.[1]

Newton Somers[]

Newton Somers.png

Newton Somers is Horizon's son. He was part of "The Group" working on Project Iris, and subsequently one of Pathfinder's creators.

After his mother was left stranded in space, he became close with his mother's colleague Ashleigh Reid, and eventually wound up as an intern on Project Iris. In the Ashes to Ashes trailer it shows Ashleigh Reid letting Newton go shortly before she raided the lab.

During Horizon's attempts to research a way to get back to him on 2734, she uncovered video messages from a child Newton that showed her being able to fulfill her promise to him.

Nikolas Gentile[]

Nikolas Gentile.png

Nikolas Gentile, commonly called Nik, is Gibraltar's ex-boyfriend and Michael Gentile's father.

The two had a reckless relationship: they shared their first kiss in the cage at Thunderdome and got caught in a landslide after stealing Gibraltar's dad's motorcycle. The two broke up after the landslide accident, as a result of Nik taking the blame for the accident and being sent to juvenile detention. His stint at the juvenile jail led him to have a hard life. During this time, he had a son, Michael, with a woman named Vanessa. Their relationship ended badly in 2727, they were fighting for custody of Michael[26] which Nik presumably have won.

Nik eventually stumbles upon Gibraltar in a party down in Malta, much to his annoyance. The party gets attacked by Creighton Sawtelle and Nik aids the Legends in defeating Sawtelle. In the aftermath of the attack, Nik and Gibraltar begin to reconnect, but as friends.[29]

He and Michael were invited by Gibraltar to the event honoring Pathfinder on Olympus when the outbreak of the Medusa Vines disease occurred.[27]



Samaria is Gibraltar's niece.

She was with her great-aunt Leeki and uncle Gibraltar to take part in the festivities for Pathfinder's heroism organized by the Mercenary Syndicate when the outbreak of the Medusa Vines disease occurred.[24]


Commander Scryer was an IMC Pilot.[14]

Active around Gaea after the Frontier War, he intercepted an S.O.S. signal from the IMS Hestia, getting information that the deserter Lt. Jackson Williams was in Storm Point. As he was about to execute Lt. Williams for desertion, his sister Anita Williams tried to stop it and a fight ensued.

He was eventually killed by the Williams'.[14]

Shadow Revenant[]

Shadow Revenant.png

"Shadow" Revenant is Revenant from a reality where he overthrew his dimension's Mercenary Syndicate and now rules over Solace, hosting the Apex Games for his entertainment.

During Halloween, Shadow Revenant meets Pathfinder after the latter took a portal to his dimension. Shadow Revenant is the host of the Shadowfall and Shadow Royale game modes. In The Broken Ghost Quest The Broken Ghost quest, the Legends search Shadow Revenant's dimension for pieces of Ash's head, and Shadow Revenant helps them at the end.

Victor Maldera[]

Victor Maldera.png

Victor Maldera is a former lieutenant and detective for the Malta Police Department. He solved many cases, however, he could not solve the arson of Humbert Labs in 2723. It was deemed an accident and the case was closed a year later. Maldera was convinced that the culprit was Caustic and had an altercation with his superior officers, which resulted in him getting dishonorably discharged. Despite this, he remained obsessed with finding Caustic and proving his theory right.

While working as a security officer for a restaurant, an accident occurred involving a MRVN: Pathfinder. Maldera mistakenly believed Pathfinder was a criminal and extracted Pathfinder's memory files. He found out that Pathfinder was actually just a clumsy worker bot and was there at Humbert Labs at the time of the incident; he saw that Caustic really was the one who burned down the Labs and is still alive. A group of criminals showed up and tried to take Pathfinder, but Maldera was not willing to let go of his case's witness. He and Pathfinder escaped together, but Pathfinder was shot in the process, damaging the files. Maldera tried to extract the files related to Caustic, but having briefly bonded with Pathfinder during the escape and believing that the robot is dying, he allowed Pathfinder to instead see a memory file of the latter's creator. Unbeknownst to Maldera, Pathfinder survived.

In 2734, Victor was given a second chance with the Malta Police Department and is assigned to Crypto's case.

Maldera is also a boxer and has a picture of him and Forge.

He is voiced by Anthony Alabi.



Viper was a Pilot for the Apex Predators, and the father of Valkyrie. He utilized a heavily modified Northstar-class Titan that provided him vastly increased flight time and better missile tracking.

He was killed in 2715 during the Battle of Typhon by Jack Cooper. His helmet and Northstar were eventually retrieved by his daughter.

"Voidwalker" Wraith[]

Loadingscreen Voidwalker.png

The "Voidwalker" is a nickname given to the current dimension's original Wraith.

While attempting to find information on Amer Singh, she found a dimension where she was still being experimented on by the IMC: the IMC of that dimension was not defeated in the Frontier War and thus still exists in the Outlands. Voidwalker Wraith freed that reality's Wraith and gave her her Kunai. The two Wraiths switched dimensions: the Voidwalker Wraith stayed behind to pursue Singh, and the escaped Wraith traveled into Voidwalker's dimension and entered the Apex Games.

Voidwalker Wraith presumably had some connection to Crypto, since she used a program with his logo to access IMC computers. She also currently holds the evidence of Bangalore's brother Jackson Williams being alive.[7]

Mentioned characters[]

Al Stern[]

Al Stern was a member of the IMC's Adonis Squad. In 2658, he and the Adonis Squad was tasked to protect, and presumably monitor, the members of Project Iris.

He was shot dead during the Phase Runner accident on December 25, 2658.[1]

Arthur Rutherford Nox[]

Arthur Rutherford Nox was Caustic's father. He was a farmer. The supposed death of Caustic caused him to die of broken heart.

Bangalore's brothers[]

Aside from Jackson, Bangalore has three other brothers also in the IMC Armed Forces, Monty; Zeke (most probably Ezekiel), who became a scientist on Typhon instead of being a soldier; and Zaia (Isaiah) Williams.[30]

Zeke Williams died on 2715, during the Battle of Typhon.[31] The status of the other two is currently unknown.


Boone is someone Bloodhound mentions in Bloodhound's Trials as a person they wished they could speak to their uncle about. Fuse is said to remind them of him.[32] His story is told in Pathfinder's Quest. He was a well known tracker of rare beasts in the Outlands with a device that could detect pulses. Boone was described as having night-black hair and a sharp chin. Twenty winters prior to the events of Pathfinder's Quest he visited Blooudhound's home in search of an elusive creature that is referred to as the óséður for the Thunderdome. Unaware of the reason for his hunt, Bloodhound felt compelled to offer their aid which Boone only accepted after testing their loyalty and capabilities over time. The two became close enough that Bloodhound referred to him as their elskhugi. His device was modified by Bloodhound so that it could detect body heat, which moved him to offer it as a gift to them. It allowed them to find the óséður in hibernation. This caused a heated argument between the two as Bloodhound deemed capturing a hibernated creature for a blood sport to be dishonorable and forbade it. Boone captured the creature regardless and silently departed from the planet. Bloodhound found him in the Thunderdome with the awakened óséður, which killed him shortly after. Boone's death was tainted with dishonor and disqualified him from entering Valhalla. Bloodhound fights in the Apex Games in his name, presumably using his device, with the hopes of exchanging the glory they win for his soul's passage into Valhalla.

Boss Willis[]

Boss Willis is an owner of a Design Laboratory and works under the Syndicate. One of his employee later sought out Crypto's protection.[33]

Cheryl Amacci[]

Cheryl Amacci is the head of the legal department of Hammond Robotics. She was involved in the cover-up and containment of Revenant after his murder of Forge.

Dion Bakar, Grimes, and Nix[]

Dion Bakar, Grimes, and Nix are customers of Rampart. They are voiced by Niecy Nash, Danny Trejo, and Jordan Fisher, respectively.[12]

Felicia and Ronald Williams[]

General Felicia Williams and Sergeant Ronald Williams are Bangalore and Jackson's mother and father. They were stationed on Gridiron.

Gabriel Mora and Roy House[]

Gabriel Mora and Roy House were employees at Hammond Robotics roughly 300 years ago. Mora ran tests on remote neural projection and degradation abatement in the year 2420, the year Revenant was first uploaded as a simulacrum. He found each transfer results in "infinitesimal" data corruption, and the subject will suffer significant program collapse if repeated indefinitely. He reported his findings to Roy House, though House was more concerned about the cost.

Miko Gibraltar[]

Miko Gibraltar is a volunteer for SARAS alongside his wife and son Gibraltar.

He lost an arm saving Gibraltar and Nikolas Gentile from a mudslide. Eventually, he received a prosthetic arm that was modded by Rampart.

Gryz Witt[]

Gryz Witt is Mirage's great-grandfather. He was responsible for their family's famous pork chop recipe.

Heinrich Hammond[]

Heinrich Hammond is the founder of Hammond Engineering and other companies and its various subsidiaries that make up the core of the IMC, a megacorporation based in the Core Systems.

Born sometime in the 2080s, he was exposed to an unknown element brought about by the impact of Sheffield's Asteroid.[34][35] In 2127, he founded Hammond Engineering[34] and Hammond Robotics in 2131.[36] His company was responsible for the creation of Jump Drives that allowed for the colonization of the Core Systems and subsequently the Frontier. He eventually became known as the "Father of the Frontier" for the key role the company he founded had in the discovery and colonization of the Frontier.

Hammond is rumored to still be alive in 2733 and if so would be over 650 years old. One man by the name of Ransin Mandaleigh claims to be him.

Jacob Young[]

Jacob Young is the Prime Director of Public Relations for the Apex Games.

Along with Cheryl Amacci, he was involved in the cover-up and containment of Revenant after his murder of Forge.


Lowell was a member of the Syndicate who was killed by Revenant after the latter became aware that he is a simulacrum. Lowell's body parts were then sent to his kids.

Maxine Bateman[]

Dr. Maxine Bateman is the Medical Chief of Staff for the Apex Games. She is mentioned by the newspapers in the opening cinematic.

Mirage's brothers[]

Elon, Ricky, and Roger Witt are Mirage's older brothers. All three of them enlisted in the Solace Military during the Outlands Civil War and were in one of the transport ships that were shot down during Solace's invasion of Gaea and was subsequently declared MIA.[37]


Newcastle is the runner-up in the qualifiers for the Apex Games, behind Forge. After Forge's death Newcastle was supposed to replace him, however the Syndicate added in Revenant instead.

Norma and Waldorf[]

Norma and Waldorf are hosts of The Talkin' Legends Podcast.


Q.W. are the initials of a person who contacted Crypto and Mila Alexander to install the Apex Broadcasts Monitoring System (ABMS), which led to them discovering the Syndicate's prediction algorithm. Chronologically, he was first mentioned in 2725, contacting the phone of a recently killed mafia member.[38]

The following work order concerning Crypto and Mila was uncovered in the Crypto ARG[39][40]:

Ransin Mandaleigh[]

Ransin Mandaleigh is a resident of Talos interviewed by Outlands Journal's Angela Fazia. He claims to be Dr. Heinrich Hammond, aged 650 at the time of the interview.


Reeves is a woman in charge of Peck Labs. According to Cherisse Che, she does not like children.


According to Tom Casiello, Reginald[41] is supposedly a male gunsmith from Psamathe who desperately wants to join the Apex Games but gets last in the qualifiers every time he tries.[42]

This is potentially a fake character that Tom created to trick the people who thought Rampart, who was not yet released at the time, was male.

Richard Witt[]

Richard Witt is Mirage's father. During the event of Legacy Antigen, He showed up in Olympus, but bribed Syndicate's officials to not tell Mirage about his presence[43].

Sandringham Kelly[]

Sandringham Kelly is the Supreme Warlord of Salvo. He was the warlord who ratified the Mercenary Syndicate Treaty that allowed Salvo to join the Syndicate Space.

Ms. Tobin[]

Ms. Tobin is a high-ranking Hammond Robotics employee. When Horizon returned to Olympus after 87 years, Tobin sent her condolences for Horizon's now-deceased son. Tobin offered Hammond Robotics' resources to Horizon for the latter's time travel research. However, Horizon declined the offer, stating that she would rather not rely on others after being betrayed by her assistant.


Vanessa is Michael Gentile's mother and the ex-partner of Nikolas Gentile.

She was the one who told Michael the truth about how Nik took all the blame for the landslide accident in which both him and Gibraltar were involved.

In 2727 she and Nik split up and the latter sued for custody of their son, which he presumably won.[26]

Yoko Zepnewski[]

Yoko Zepnewski is the assistant of Cheryl Amacci, Hammond Robotics' legal head. After Loba sinks Skull Town, Yoko was with Cheryl Amacci when Loba was announced as the new Legend. Octane was seen flirting with her, after which Yoko personally introduces herself to Loba, says her boss knows what Loba is really after, and offers to make a deal. This led to the search for the Broken Ghost. She goes on a date with Octane and tells him about Loba's search for Revenant's source code. Later she gives Bangalore the transcript of her conversation with Loba and Cheryl.

Yoko is a fan of Bangalore.


  • Gryz Witt is a reference to Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order character Greez Dritus. Both Apex Legends and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order were developed by Respawn Entertainment.[44]
  • The prediction algorithm requested by Q.W. is seen being used by Ash during Season 9.svg Season 9's launch trailer.
  • The official subtitles for "The Old Ways" Story from the Outlands originally spelled Artur's name as "Arthur", and has since been corrected.


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