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Release date Apr 19, 2021
Production Digital Domain [1]
Length 8:17
Promotes Season 9
Disambig This article is about the animated short. For the Titan from Titanfall 2, see tf:Northstar.

Northstar is a Stories from the Outlands animated short released on April 19, 2021, to promote Season 9 Season 9.

Synopsis[ | ]

In the past, young Kairi Imahara is the daughter of the renowned Apex Predator Viper, a mercenary and Pilot of a modded Northstar titan. Though Kairi is enamored with the idea of flying in the Northstar, Viper never wanted her to - so one day, she sneaks into the family's barn and takes it for a joyride. Ignoring her father's warnings over the comms, Kairi accidentally flies the titan into an active war zone. To make matters worse, she accidentally fires a barrage of missiles, causing an aircraft to shoot her out of the sky. Viper manages to arrive in time to eject Kairi to safety and crash lands the titan in an empty field. Viper manages to survive relatively unscathed.

After repairing the Northstar, Viper gave Kairi flying lessons for some time, but eventually he was called away by Kuben Blisk to fight defend the IMC's Fold Weapon on Typhon. There, he would be killed by an enemy pilot, and the sabotage of the Fold Weapon would destroy the planet.

Years later, Kairi, now a smuggler, has made it to the shattered pieces of Typhon to recover her father's body, suit, and titan. She brings the scrap to the buyer, but isn't satisfied with the payment, and demands to meet the buyer face to face. This turns out to be Blisk, and the two take their conversation to a nearby bar. Kairi reveals her intention to kill him as revenge for sending her father to his death, but Blisk talks her out of it by telling her that Viper wished she would forge her own path. Armed with new resolve, Kairi instead shoots the glass in Blisk's hand, declares that her callsign is Valkyrie, and takes her father's titan for herself. With help from Rampart, the Northstar is rebuilt into a custom jetpack and suit of armor.

Details and easter eggs[ | ]

  • This short was the first to use a custom countdown sequence in the Youtube premiere. For two minutes before the premiere, viewers could hear Rampart talking to herself while working on Valkyrie's suit.[2]
    • In this sequence, Rampart refers to her AI assistant as 'Zehra'. Zehra Fazal is the voice actress for the announcer in-game.

References[ | ]