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November 01, 2022 Patch
S15 catalyst over brokenmoon
Catalyst looking at Perpetual Core.
Version number 15.0
Previous patch October 14, 2022 Patch
Next patch November 08, 2022 Patch

The November 01, 2022 Patch is a major patch introducing the fifteenth Season of Apex Legends.[1]

New content[ | ]

Balance changes[ | ]

Crate Rotation
Gold Weapon
Anvil Receiver Anvil Receiver [‎R-301, Flatline‎]
  • Added to floor loot and crafting bundles
Double Tap Trigger Double Tap Trigger [‎EVA-8, G7 Scout]
  • Rarity tier increased to legendary
  • Improved Recoil for burst fire Scout
Turbocharger Turbocharger [‎Devotion, HAVOC]
  • Damage reduced by 1 when equipped
Hammerpoint Rounds Hammerpoint Rounds [‎Mozambique, P2020, RE-45‎]
  • Removed from floor loot and crafting bundles
Boosted Loader Boosted Loader [‎Hemlok, Wingman]
  • Removed from floor loot and crafting bundles
Kinetic Feeder Kinetic Feeder [‎Peacekeeper, TripleTake‎]
  • Removed from floor loot and crafting bundles
Replicator Crafting Rotation
Rampage LMG Icon Rampage LMG
  • Begins charged on first-time pickup from the supply drop
  • Removed heat decay over time
Rampage LMG Icon Rampage
Sentinel Icon Sentinel
  • Can re-charge the Rampage and Sentinel before previous charge has expired
Mastiff Shotgun Icon Mastiff
  • Ammo capacity increased from 4 to 5
  • Widened blast pattern
  • Damage per pellet reduced from 14 to 11
  • Projectile growth reduced
  • Reload can now be canceled with ADS
RE-45 Auto Icon RE-45
  • Damage increased from 12 to 14
  • Disruptor Rounds Disruptor Rounds increase damage against shields by 30%
L-STAR EMG Icon L-Star
  • Reduced recoil at the beginning of the pattern
  • Stow animations adjusted to better match timings
Volt SMG Icon Volt SMG
  • Reduced projectile speed
  • Increased projectile gravity
Triple Take Icon Triple Take
  • Rate of fire increased from 1.2 to 1.35
  • Choke charge time reduced from 1.1 to 0.75
R-99 SMG Icon R99
Peacekeeper Icon Peacekeeper
  • Projectile growth reduced
All Battle Royale Maps
  • Ring 1 Preshrink Time increased from 60 seconds to 90 seconds.

Quality of life[ | ]

  • Updated the UI tabbed navigation system and presentation.
  • Updates various menus to use the updated tabbed navigation system.
  • Ziplines can now be pinged from a distance.
  • Decreased the time required to pick up two teammates' banners from their deathboxes by canceling the initial banner pickup animation when you grab a second banner.

Stability, performance, bug fixes[ | ]

  • [‎Storm Point] Fixed an issue where a zipline was missing in the building on North Pad.
  • [‎Kings Canyon] Fixed bug where players could not ping Wraith's Portal in her Town Takeover
  • Fixed a bug where decimal numbers showed up on the Stats screen when they shouldn't.
  • [‎Vantage Icon Vantage‎] Fixed a bug where Sniper's Mark Sniper's Mark damage multiplier would continue even after a player is downed.
  • [‎Vantage Icon Vantage] Fixed bug with Vantage's passive ability displaying "Team of 3" when less than 3 players are alive in the squad.
  • [‎Revenant Icon Revenant‎] Fixed a bug with the Gaiden Themed Event "Revelations" skins where players would experience the camera clipping into Revenant's shoulder after exiting Shadow Form.
  • [‎Valkyrie Icon Valkyrie‎] Fixed bug for cases where Valkyrie would remain in her Skyward Dive Skydive animation after interacting with a Replicator.
  • [‎Crypto Icon Crypto‎] Fix for bug where Crypto's "Biwon Blade" heirloom wouldn't be visible while using a Survey Beacon Survey Beacon.
  • Fixed a bug during the tutorial where the first loot bin could become inaccessible if a player attempted to open it while standing between the bin and Bloodhound.
  • Fixed the bug where some players with custom controls couldn't jump.
  • Fixed the bug where the timer would show the incorrect time for when the next Ranked Season will start.
  • Fix for cases where loot bins could crush a player to death if they got caught between the lid and a wall.
  • Fix for cases where players could get stuck inside the Replicator Replicator if they were knocked down while using it.
  • [‎3030 Repeater and Mastiff‎] Fix for cases where players were unable to aim down sights until reloading is complete when done at certain times.
  • Fixed bug where the User Location on the minimap wouldn't update properly to show the direction the player is facing during the skydive sequence.
  • Fix for bug where the Legend Ability Ui would flicker when going into Legend select before the match starts.
  • Fix for Firing Dummies to take damage appropriately based on hit location.

Undocumented changes[ | ]

References[ | ]