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November 14, 2022 Patch
Iced Out Pathfinder
Iced Out skin for Pathfinder.
Version number 15.0.2
Previous patch November 08, 2022 Patch
Next patch November 30, 2022 Patch

The November 14, 2022 Patch is a minor patch aimed at fixing some bugs.[1]

Bug fixes[ | ]

  • Mark All Replicator Zones prompt is available in the dropship
  • Seer can use Survey Beacon Survey Beacons again
  • Catalyst ability audio has been tweaked to be less noisy for those nearby
  • The camera is now correctly placed for victims of Catalyst's finishers
  • Seer's Heart Seeker passive heartbeat sensor no longer goes through Catalyst's Dark Veil ult
  • Onscreen effects now display the correct VFX on Nintendo Switch Switch
  • Resolved a freeze affecting some players on Broken Moon and other maps

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