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Octane's Gauntlet
Gauntlet 01
Octane's Gauntlet prior to Season 5 Season 5.
Gamemode Battle Royale
Location Kings Canyon

Octane's Gauntlet is an Octane-themed Town Takeover found on Kings Canyon. It was added to Kings Canyon as part of the Iron Crown Iron Crown event, replacing West Settlement.

Gameplay[ | ]

Octane's Gauntlet is a mid tier loot zone positioned on the southwest coast of Kings Canyon, south of Airbase and west of Relic. It is a large outdoor racecourse with ramps and Launch Pad Launch Pads placed throughout the track. In the center of the course is a flaming ring, which always contains an item of Level 3 or Level 4 gear - two Launch Pads are positioned on either side to allow for a smooth jump through. There is a Respawn Beacon on the northwest corner of the stadium, beside a zipline leading across a pit towards Airbase.

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