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Real Name Octavio Silva
Nickname Zippy (by Maggie)
Gender Male
Pronouns He/him
Age 26
Relatives Torres Silva (grandfather, deceased)
Eduardo Silva (father, deceased)
"Number Two" (mother)
At least two step-mothers
Homeworld Psamathe (Olympus)
Occupation Daredevil
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Nicolas Roye
Appearances The Broken Ghost
Family Portrait
The Legacy Antigen
The Perfect Son
Family Business

Octavio Silva, better known as Octane, is a Legend introduced in Season 1 Season 1 of Apex Legends. A famous and energetic stuntsman, he entered the Apex Games to experience the ultimate thrill.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Octavio Silva was born in 2709 in Olympus, Psamathe to Eduardo Silva, CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals, and his second wife, whom Silva refers to as “Number Two.” He began to do stunts at a young age, with his endeavors growing to greater magnitudes after he began to bribe a governess. [1]

Transition Legacy - noxlotl

Young Octane and his bunny Navi.

When Silva was 11, he asked for a dog for Christmas, but instead received a rabbit from his father’s assistant (who soon became his third wife). Naming him “Navidad,” or “Navi” for short, he took the rabbit with him on many of his early stunts. Navi eventually died in his sleep, but Silva found this boring, changing the story of the rabbit’s death to involve a rocket crash. [2] After Navi's death, Silva held a small funeral, with Lifeline giving a brief eulogy. [3] Navi was buried in a small makeshift grave near Olympus's Autumn Estates. Silva and Lifeline would later say that this was the last time their friendship had nothing to do with their parents.[4]

When Silva was in his tween or early teen years, he broke away from his father’s fourth wedding out of boredom, wishing to perform a major stunt. After gathering materials -  which included plywood, duct tape, fireworks, labor contracts, and a hovercar - he arrived on Dionysus, where the wedding was hosted, and began to livestream his preparations to his friends. A ramp is stealthily constructed on a nearby hill, which goes unnoticed due to his father’s distraction.

After Eduardo and “Number Four” take their vows, Silva began his performance. He jumped the ramp in the hovercar (which had since been lit on fire), dismounted it mid-jump, set off several firecrackers secured to his jacket, and landed in the resort pool. After guards removed him from the pool, he recovered the camera, where he found that nearly a hundred thousand people had viewed his livestream. From this moment, Silva found a new passion - performing grandiose stunts to the roaring cries of a passionate audience. [1]

At some point, Silva took part in a racing competition on Gaea where he met a punk band known as the Flyer Liars. [5]

In 2728, Silva and Lifeline attended a gala in celebration of the opening of Chevrex Inc.'s newest drone production facility. That night, the two discovered Chevrex’s true nature as a war profiteering company, causing Lifeline to become fully disillusioned with her family and wish to leave Psamathe. Silva invited her to accompany him to Solace, where he was set to compete in a Gauntlet competition.

After arriving on Solace, Silva and Lifeline first entered the Paradise Lounge, but immediately left after being utterly repulsed by the atmosphere. After stopping at a more favorable bar, Silva departed (having burned off all of his hair) [1] while Lifeline remained behind with the Flyer Liars, who were performing that night. [5]

Family Business[ | ]

Octane livestream FB

Octane briefly livestreams his own burglary.

Four months after Lifeline left Psamathe for good, she enlisted the help of Silva to gather supplies for the Frontier Corps' field hospital. He agreed, initially telling her that his father would be donating the goods. However, he had truly brought her along to steal the supplies from a Silva Pharmaceuticals compound. After breaking in, Silva attempted to livestream the heist, much to Lifeline's immediate disapproval.

The two entered the compound seamlessly and made their way to a storage room, where they began to fill their bags with Silva products. However, Silva was nearly apprehended by two guards after attempting to steal large amounts of Stim, but was saved by quick action from Lifeline. Despite this, the two had been caught, and a swarm of security drones arrived to corner them. The two were able to escape their grasp, and bombastically made their way out of the compound, flying away with wing suits. Silva, however, was shot in the leg during the escape.

After returning to the hospital and delivering the supplies, they were confronted by Cherisse Che and Eduardo Silva, who had witnessed the heist. Ordering her daughter to come home, the two attempted to have their guards open fire on the patients in the hospital as a lesson to her prodigal child. However, this was thwarted when Silva began to livestream the hostage situation. Afterwards, a recovering Silva reassured Lifeline that she was not like her parents.[6]

The Gauntlet Run[ | ]

Transition Record Breaker

Octane's last moments with functional legs.

Silva eventually decided to perform what would become his most famous stunt - setting a record time for a Gauntlet run by propelling himself using a grenade. He achieved this - at the cost of his legs. Despite nearly blowing off two limbs, all Silva could think about in the moment was the roar of the crowd and the beating of his heart. [7] [8]

At the hospital, rather than attempting a long and potentially unsuccessful recovery, he guilted Lifeline into forging an order for him to receive metal prosthetics. He left the hospital immediately after receiving them, greatly alarming Lifeline and the doctors. After an ensuing argument regarding this, Lifeline blocked Silva on their messaging app. [9] Soon after, he joined the Apex Games.

The Broken Ghost[ | ]

After Loba joined the Apex Games, she solicited the assistance of the other Legends (sans Revenant) to hunt down pieces of an artifact on an alternate Kings Canyon, in the Shadowfall dimension. [10]

During a meeting to discuss Loba’s intentions, Bangalore mentioned that she had eavesdropped Loba talking to Yoko Zepnewski, a Hammond employee. Silva commented that he had a date scheduled with “someone named Yoko from Hammond.” The other Legends decided to use this as an opportunity to find some much-needed intel. [11] During the date, Silva easily blows his cover, leading him to offering Zepnewski an autograph from Bangalore in exchange for information. She tells him about Revenant’s source code, but is pulled away by Wraith when Wattson is injured during an expedition. [12]

Returning to the Paradise Lounge, Revenant reveals himself and begins taunting the Legends. Silva attempts to reach for an RE-45 to fight him off, but Bangalore, Gibraltar, and Bloodhound return from the Shadowfall dimension in time to fend off the simulacrum. Silva wishes to go to the dimension himself, but Bangalore refuses to let him until he finds concrete proof of what Zepnewski told him. Lifeline seconds this motion, jokingly comparing his date attire to that of an accountant. Silva, distraught and taking such a comment personally, confides in a comatose Wattson that he is going to the Shadowfall dimension and not returning until he recovers each piece of the relic. [13] Before departing, he leaves behind a note for Lifeline. [14]

A bloodied, legless Silva is later recovered from the Shadowfall dimension. [15] He later decides to give Lifeline the silent treatment. [16] However, after the artifact is completed and revealed to be Ash’s disembodied head, this treatment is broken, with Silva and Lifeline discussing the reactivated simulacrum’s mentioning of Olympus. [17]

Overtime[ | ]

One Saturday in 2733, Silva and Lifeline complete an Apex Games match on Kings Canyon, signing autographs in the streets of Solace City. Afterward, the two arrive at a club. Their celebration is interrupted by a wounded Pathfinder, who was pursued by scrappers. The scrappers enter the club and open fire, grievously wounding Lifeline.

Silva quickly springs into action, contacting Bloodhound and requesting for them to track down the scrappers. He then takes Lifeline to a local hospital, but the power is quickly cut. [18] After the hospital was leveled by a crashing aircraft, Silva assisted in rescuing patients from the rubble, eventually recovering Lifeline.[19]

Family Portrait[ | ]

Silva, Lifeline, Gibraltar, and Pathfinder attended a Chevrex benefit dinner in Malta, Psamathe in an attempt to obtain an antique MRVN battery from Lifeline’s father, Darion Che. [20] After arriving, Silva enters the restroom, where he is warned that a band of terrorists hired by his father would imminently attack the party’s museum. [21] Thirty seconds after, he is thrown through the restroom wall by an explosion. [22] To fight off the attackers, Silva improvises a stunt with a frag grenade, Lifeline’s D.O.C. drone, and a broken statue’s hand, propelling it as a sled and trapping Creighton Sawtelle, the group’s leader, against a pillar. [23]

Pq octaneface

Octane unmasked.

Before departing, Silva, unable to tell his friends about the true perpetrator, confides this in D.O.C., not realizing that the drone’s audio recording was turned on. [21]

The Legacy Antigen[ | ]

After the arrival of the Icarus fleet in Olympus, Eduardo convinced Silva to erase the name of Silva Pharmaceuticals from each ship’s hull.

During the Medusa outbreak, Silva remained at his family’s estate, tagging items with graffiti and drinking root beer. Eduardo enters the mansion and disowns his son, abusively regarding him as a broken failure. Silva flings his bottle at Eduardo as he leaves, to which his father responds by striking his son across the face. Before he can depart, Lifeline arrives, having discovered Silva’s recording, holding Eduardo at gunpoint with a Peacekeeper.

As she attempts to arrest Eduardo, he reveals Silva’s involvement in concealing Silva Pharmaceuticals’ involvement, declaring his intent to produce the cure to the Legacy Antigen and brand himself as a hero to the Outlands. Eduardo leaves, after which Lifeline tends to Silva’s wounds and reassures him, telling him that he is not what his father says he is, and that he won’t end up like him. [24] Reinvigorated, the two later place the Silva Pharmaceuticals logo back on the hull of the Icarus. [25]

Season 12 Launch Trailer[ | ]

During Mad Maggie's first Apex Games match, Eduardo used the latest installation on Olympus, the Phase Driver, to teleport the floating city to the surface of Psamathe. Though most of the Legends believed that Maggie was the perpetrator, she meets with Silva and Lifeline after being placed on a team with them, showing Eduardo's green glasses that she had stolen during an engagement below the city to prove her innocence. [26]

After the match, the three discussed Eduardo's intentions, agreeing to work together in an attempt to curb his ambitions. Silva offers to snoop around his family's estate to search for intel. [27]

The Perfect Son[ | ]

Silva attempted to crack the safe in Eduardo's study, only to be interrupted by his father, having been audibly talking to himself about the Legends' plans. He proposed that his son endorse his campaign to join the Syndicate's council. Silva initially and immediately refuses. However, after listing several demands to probe whether or not his father was serious - including a pet flyer and passage to the surface of Tartarus - he agrees, wanting to use this opportunity to gain insider information. Eduardo happily leaves, calling his son "Octane," much to Silva's pleased surprise. [28]

Eduardo soon requested that Silva infiltrate the Frontier Corps headquarters in an attempt to glean information about the Syndicate. Using a drive given to him by his father, he successfully obtained the intel. Much to Silva's surprise, Eduardo then remotely took control of the computer, transferring a large sum of money to the Corps as a donation from Silva Pharmaceuticals. After hearing a Frontier Corps member approaching, Silva was able to escape without suspicion, giving the excuse that he was simply editing a speedrunning video. [29]

Silva reported back to Lifeline, who had found out about the sudden donation. When she learned that the money had come from Eduardo, she lashed out, declaring that there must be an ulterior motive. After talking, the two decided to once again try to break into Eduardo's safe. When he was told to stand guard, Silva decided to investigate his computer, where he viewed a video of Eduardo at an award ceremony extolling his family and declaring how much he loves his son. At the same time, Lifeline opened the safe, finding a death certificate and unveiling a dark secret - the real Eduardo Silva has been dead for years, and the man claiming to be him was not Silva's father. [30]

Silva responded with incredulity, still wishing to give the man he has called his father a chance. He and Lifeline fiercely debated. She said that "Eduardo" views him as worthless, with Silva retorting with all that she has said about him over the years - "screw up," "baby," and "dead weight," just to name a few. Eventually, Silva let slip in an insult that Lifeline is simply jealous that his father loves him. Having crossed one final line, Silva stole the death certificate and burned it, declaring that his and Lifeline's friendship ended long ago.[31]

Eventually, "Eduardo" was elected as the "One Voice of the Syndicate", replacing the Syndicate council. During his acceptance speech, he announced that the Frontier Corps were to be rebranded into the more militarized Syndicate Corps, a statement which disturbed Silva. Confronting his "father", "Eduardo" attempted to rationalize the decision, additionally stating that Cherisse Che was to be its new leader. Feeling betrayed, Silva pressed into the man, bringing up the death certificate and asking who he truly is. He revealed that Eduardo Silva is in fact dead, and the man bearing his name is Silva's grandfather, Torres Silva. Giving an ambitious plan for the future of the Outlands, he and a defeated Silva gave a toast to family. [32]

Silva, wishing to be in his grandfather's good graces, quickly began to act as a spy for Torres. He reported to Torres about the growing relationship between Lifeline and Maggie, though he believed it to be an attempt to make him jealous.[33]

Season 13 Launch Trailer[ | ]

Silva assisted in fighting the beast that came ashore on Storm Point.[34]

Season 15[ | ]

Silva assisted Seer in developing plans for a new arena on Boreas. However, these plans were largely ignored, as the new arena was instead placed on Boreas's moon of Cleo.[35]

Reflections of the Moon[ | ]

Silva returned from an Apex Games match with Seer and Catalyst, facing a protest against what the crowd perceived as his actions. While walking to retrieve their winnings from a Mercenary Syndicate office, Seer continuously checked his phone for a message from his parents, which never came. Octane questioned this, finding such messages odd from his experiences with his own family.

The Legends left the Syndicate facility through a rear door to avoid the crowds. Seer ventured to his home, with Silva following him and pestering him along the way. Upon returning to a quiet house, Silva and Seer were faced with a scene of bricks, broken glass, and blood, as Seer's parents had been attacked.[36] After investigating the scene, Silva was directed by Seer to set up a meeting with "Eduardo." Silva was excited about a potential partnership with Seer, much to his chagrin.[37]

Season 16[ | ]

During the planning meetings for the anniversary celebration for the Apex Games, Silva proposed several impossible ideas, including an infinitely-looping water slide and a synchronized dance from trained Flyers.[38]

During a celebration held at the Silva estate, Lifeline broke into Torres' locked office and began scraping data from his computer. When Torres moved to investigate, Silva confronted his father, providing a distraction that allowed Lifeline to escape.[39]

Kill Code[ | ]

Lifeline invited Silva to a meeting at the Firing Range, where she gave him a homemade rabbit's foot keychain, claiming it to be a peace offering.[4] Unbeknownst to him, however, it was fitted with a tracking device.[40]

Soon after, the Legends followed the trail of the tracker, finding the Silvas at one final facility. After a threat from Revenant, Torres returned his source code to the simulacrum. Torres additionally revealed the full extent of Revenant's upgrades to the simulacrum: he was able to control any manufactured shell as if it were his own body. Relishing the newfound control over his life, Revenant stabbed Torres with a heartbroken and traumatized Silva watching. Lifeline pulled him away from the carnage as more Revenant bodies tore Torres apart, and the Legends escaped with the help of Valkyrie.[41]

Appearances[ | ]

In-Game Videos & Trailers Online Media Publications
Transition Blurbs
  • Season 2 Icon Record Breaker
  • Season 3 Icon Send in the Clowns (mentioned)
  • Season 5 Icon Qualified (mentioned)
  • Season 12 D.O.C. Audio Log 12.1.0084
  • Season 12 Eulogy for Navidad 'Navi' Silva (mentioned)
  • Season 13 Icon Inside the Outlands; Episode 1082.5 (mentioned)
  • Season 16 Important Secret Intel
  • Season 16 1000 Impossible Ideas (mentioned)
  • Season 18 D.O.C. Audio Log 10.15.0103 (mentioned)

Trivia[ | ]

  • According to one of the writers, Octane is half-Mexican and half-Spanish.[42]
  • Octane may suffer from motion sickness while grounded, as he has two ground emotes where he spins before quickly becoming nauseous. In his Sparkling Spin Cycle emote, you can even hear his stomach getting upset before he freezes and starts retching.[43]
  • Octane has a dialysis machine on his belt that filters his blood. This is why, in-universe, he can take stim so frequently and recover.[44]
  • Octane's endless supply of stim comes from Silva Pharmaceuticals, which Torres owns. However, Torres does not care about him enough to give him stim, so he just takes it.[45]
    • The stim was actually the end result of Torres' attempt to find a cure for Edurado's life-threatening disease.[46]
  • According to one of the writers and judging by the scar in his nostril, Octane used to have a nose piercing. What happened to it is not quite clear yet. [47]
  • Octane is good at math without realizing that he is good at math. Writer Tom Casiello posits that he would be skilled at trigonometry, and likely smarter than Caustic in that subject. [48]
  • Octane is considered very spoiled, and has never had to work for anything in life.[49]
  • It is possible that Octane may either wax or shave most of his body hair for aerodynamics. [50]
  • Octane had the option of waiting for his legs to heal up, but chose to instead have his legs replaced with robotic ones.[51]
  • Octane's legs are made of steel, referred by Octane himself in his character select quips: "Break a leg, mine are made of steel."
  • Octane dyes his hair. In the "Family Portrait" comic, he dyes his hair green. However, writer Tom Casiello implied that Octane dyes his hair a whole variety of colors.[52]
  • Octane's father remarries often. Octane feels no connection to his spouses, so he refers to them as numbers. He calls his biological mother "Number Two."[1]
  • Octane hates nothing more than wearing pants. [11]
  • When Octane spoke at Duardo's funeral, it is shown that he may own a motorbike.

  • The tattoo on Octane's left arm has the Latin phrase "Plus Ultra" which translates to "Further beyond". Additionally, he also says "Non terrae plus ultra" when dropping from the dropship, which means "No land further beyond".
    • The latter phrase originated from the supposed inscription on the Pillars of Hercules (the location of which is traditionally identified as modern day Gibraltar) which delineated the then known world, signifying that there is nothing beyond it but danger. The former phrase is the motto of the Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain Charles V, which is a boast signifying he intends to take the risk and conquer the world beyond the seas.
  • Octane's Gaiden Themed Event Sea Legs skin is based on Monkey D. Luffy from the One Piece series.
  • Octane's Beast of Prey Collection Event Die Tired skin references the Predator franchise.

  • Octane's voice actor, Nicolas Roye, has portrayed a variety of roles, including:

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