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October 31, 2023 Patch
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Version number 19.0
Previous patch October 02, 2023 Patch
Next patch November 20, 2023 Patch

The October 31, 2023 Patch is a major patch introducing the nineteenth Season of Apex Legends.[1]

New Content[ | ]

  • New legend: Conduit
  • Several changes to Storm Point
  • Cross Progression
  • Notifications in kill feed when a player is banned via anti-cheat systems

Weapon balance changes[ | ]

Crafting Rotation
  • RE-45 and 30-30 Repeater leave the crafter and are back on the floor
  • R-301 and Volt enter the crafter
  • Boosted Loader removed from crafting rotation
  • Digital Threat optic removed from crafting rotation
  • Hammerpoint Rounds added to crafting rotation
  • Returned to ground loot
  • Removed Disruptor Rounds
  • Projectile size reduced
  • Improved recoil pattern
  • Reduced randomness in the early part of the recoil pattern
  • Damage increased to 17 (was 16)
  • Barrel attachment improved to match other weapons
  • Now in the care package
  • New hop-up - Skullpiercer Elite: ignores helmet headshot damage reduction
  • Boosted Loader hop-up attached
  • Base damage increased to 50 (was 45)
  • Projectile size increased
  • 110 ammo
30-30 Repeater
  • Increased hipfire spread
Bocek Compound Bow
  • Faster initial draw speed
  • Select Fire button now toggles Shatter Caps
  • Tightened Shatter Caps blast pattern
Charge Rifle
  • Improved bullet drop ballistics
  • Increased projectile size
Hemlok Burst AR
  • Damage reduced to 21 (was 22)
Longbow DMR
  • Increased projectile size
  • Increased Amped Shot projectile size
Care Packages
  • Care Packages will now always have 1 weapon at all stages of the game
Gold Weapons Rotation
  • Havoc, RE-45, C.A.R. SMG, L-Star, Longbow DMR
  • Boosted Loader: removed from floor loot
  • Turbocharger: Removed 1 damage reduction when equipped

Legend balance changes[ | ]

  • Double Time: reduced duration to 2s (was 3s)
  • Smoke Launcher: smoke lifetime reduced to 18s (was 23s)
  • Rolling Thunder: stun duration reduced to 6s (was 8s)
  • Piercing Spikes
    • Core no longer blocks projectiles, allowing bullets to pass through
    • Max in-world count reduced to 2 (was 3)
    • Throw range decreased by about 50%
  • Dark Veil
    • Cooldown now starts after the wall comes down
    • Reduced lifetime to 25s (was 30s)
  • Insider Knowledge: can now scan Care Packages after allies have already scanned them
  • Voices from the Void: reduced look time required to trigger (feels more reliable/consistent)
  • Castle Wall
    • Reduced recovery time on landing
    • Increased max leap height
  • Forged Shadows: reduced time extension window for assists to 3s (was 30s)
  • Sniper’s Mark: bullet count increased to 6 (was 5)

Game mode changes[ | ]

Battle Royale
  • Players now respawn with the shields and weapons that they had when they were eliminated
    • Body shield and helmet level are preserved
    • Knockdown shield is reset to white
    • Backpacks are removed
    • Inventory will contain some ammo for their weapons, two syringes, and two shield cells
    • Weapons are maintained, unless that weapon was a care package weapon, and all weapon attachments are removed, including from kitted weapons
  • Replicator, Ring Console, and Survey Beacon spawn rates have returned to being even across all POIs
  • Map rotation: Broken Moon, Olympus, Storm Point
Gun Run
Team Deathmatch

Quality of Life[ | ]

  • Added Offscreen Portraits setting
  • Caustic: restored “Shield Cracked” VO in German
  • Firing Range: blue Nessie stays hidden for now… but a new challenger has appeared
  • Implemented additional security measures
  • Improved PC controller support
    • Controller input will no longer be processed when a different window has focus
    • Added native support for PS4 and PS5 Bluetooth-connected controllers. Players who have been relying on Steam Input to use PS4 and PS5 controllers over Bluetooth should disable that setting in Steam.
  • Mixtape: assists are now awarded for Assisted Kills by ALL Teammates in modes where multiple squads are teamed together
  • Pings
    • Ping Enemies on the map: double-clicking the Ping Button will place an Enemy Ping on the map at that position
    • Reply to Enemy Pings with Ok, Hold On, and Wait ping reply options
  • Rampart: players can now pick up their amped walls while in placement mode
  • Revenant
    • Add vibration support when Forged Shadows shield is damaged, and when the shield reforms or breaks
    • Improve vibration support when charging Shadow Pounce

Bug Fixes[ | ]

  • Addressed a number of bugs and rat spots on Kings Canyon, Olympus, and Storm Point
  • Closed an exploit that allowed players to survive ring damage longer than expected using the Phase Runner on Olympus
  • Death Boxes can no longer fall into unreachable areas - or lava
  • Heat Shields can no longer stick to Tridents
  • Heat Shields no longer provide protection above them on higher ground
  • Holster weapon UI no longer appears when healing outside the ring
  • Knockdown Shield FX no longer remains on while spectating
  • Longbow’s Dawn’s Awakening skin no longer has visible barrel with scopes
  • Nemesis’ Demon’s Whisper skin no longer obstructs player view
  • Provisional badge icon restored on Ranked match summary screen
  • Rarity display now updates after equipping from store or pack opening
  • Resolved occasional “[UI] Array index 100000000 is out of range (array size 45)” error when launching the game
  • Revenant now faces direction he is shooting in third person view
  • Skydiving into an exiting respawn dropship will no longer propel the player along with it
  • Squad sorting now consistent between HUD and Inventory
  • Swapping to lower tiered armor after taking damage no longer requires refreshing the Death Box
  • Audio: Resolved rare cases where the priority system would kill certain local player weapon sounds at an incorrect time
  • Fixed squads’ animated poses sometimes ghost slightly on each other
  • PC
    • Fixed Intel ARC graphics cards defaulting to suboptimal video settings
    • Fixed issue with low resolution textures when using adaptive supersampling or after changing resolution
  • PC DX12: fixed occasional bad triangle rendering on AMD cards
  • Loba: Tactical is no longer canceled when thrown on a tower near Containment
  • Mirage: resolved not breaking cloak sometimes when switching weapons
  • Revenant
    • Assassin’s instinct
      • Digital threats now highlight enemies after being highlighted by Assassin’s Instinct
      • Fixed cases where enemies were not being highlighted correctly
      • Highlight no longer interferes with other legend highlights
      • Highlight now applies to Mirage decoys
      • Forged Shadows shroud no longer gets stuck on indefinitely (previous hotfix)
  • Wattson: fences now collapse when the round ends, preventing ongoing damage audio in post-match screen

References[ | ]