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Official Launch Trailer
YTtn game launch
Watch here
Release date Feb 04, 2019
Production The Mill [1]
Length 2:19

The Offical Launch Trailer, also called the Apex Legends Reveal Trailer, is an animated short released on February 04, 2019, to promote the release of Apex Legends.

Synopsis[ | ]

Wraith, Mirage, and Pathfinder enter a building on Kings Canyon, during a match of the Apex Games. After Mirage shuts up and Pathfinder snipes an enemy with his Longbow, the three find a piece of Legendary loot, and begin to debate who should get it. Wraith reminds Mirage of the time he was downed by Caustic and she phased in to defeat him. He retorts by reminding her how she got cornered by Bangalore and he saved her by tricking Bangalore with a decoy. Pathfinder mentions that he has 10 kills, and recalls how both of them were trapped on a bridge and he grappled in to defeat the enemies pinning them down. As Mirage begins to argue, an enemy Frag Grenade flies into the room; Pathfinder and Mirage are downed, but Wraith manages to phase out in time. Lifeline, Gibraltar, and Bloodhound enter and are about to have their own argument over loot; meanwhile, Wraith reappears outside and aims a Triple Take at them.

After the fight, Wraith returns to grab Mirage's banner card and leaves through a portal.

Details and easter eggs[ | ]

  • Many enemies in this short are represented using alternate skins of various legends. These are not meant to be literal clones of the legends, just placeholders to represent other, nameless competitors.
  • Gibraltar refers to his, Lifeline, and Bloodhound's squad as "Kodai Squad". It is speculated this may be referencing a scrapped sponsor mechanic similar to Titanfall 2's factions.

References[ | ]