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Olympus is a map released in Season 7.svg Season 7 located on the planet Psamathe.


Olympus was a city built on dreams. Built in 2640 by billionaire humanitarian Lillian Peck[1], this utopia floating in clouds above Psamathe was once a place where the brightest minds in the Outlands could gather and exchange ideas, leading to breakthroughs in the sciences and arts. Olympus produced a number of breakthroughs for the Outlands including developments in eco-friendly Jump Drives for short-distance vessels, a Phase Technology for immediate transportation called the Phase Runner, and drone technology for health and security systems.[1]

All dreams come to an end however, and this one ended explosively: the Phase Runner accident in an experimental research facility led to the creation of the Phase Rift (a massive bubble of Phase energy), and the Outlands’ best and brightest quickly abandoned the city.

However, Olympus itself was maintained by advanced computer systems, so it quickly found new buyers in the Outlands’ elite. For 40 years, it served as a lavish vacation spot with the Rift as a tourist attraction. Unfortunately, the Rift grew unstable overtime, and Olympus was fully evacuated six months ago. Now Hammond Robotics, with the support of the Mercenary Syndicate, has transformed Olympus into a new stage for the Apex Games – though why is anyone’s guess.


Name Loot Tier Description Supply Bins
Agriculture Entry Low Tier
Antechamber Low Tier Antechamber is a passageway going to Central Turbine.
Autumn Estates High Tier An oval-shaped area featuring small buildings surrounding the edges. A 3-story building in the center acts as a centerpiece for the area. Another 3-story building is located just north of the central building.
Bonsai Plaza Mid Tier The crown jewel of Olympus, on the south part of the map, features multiple large skyscrapers and restaurants.
Bonsai Hillside Low Tier
Arcadia Supercarrier High Tier A somewhat large location on Olympus where close-quarters combat will most likely happen. Features other buildings in the area alongside the namesake ship.
Central Turbine Mid Tier This POI has a double slow moving fan in center, and the majority of the loot surrounds the edge. Close quarters combat is inevitable here. It also connects many other POI's, therefore becoming a shortcut.
Defense Perimeter Low Tier
Docks High Tier A circular area compromised of several buildings. It is located on the northwest of the map, between Carrier and Power Grid.
Elysium High Tier A floating vessel in the far southwest side of the map connected by two ziplines. The loot in the POI is mainly in the middle area and around the edges of the vessel. The middle area always has a gold item and/or a purple item.
Energy Depot High Tier A large roofed area compromised of several small buildings. It is located near Turbine and Hammond Labs.
Farmstead Low Tier
Grow Towers Mid Tier Three spinning towers located on the east side of the map.
Golden Gardens Mid Tier A collection of four 2-story, 3-room buildings located on the east side of the map. It consists of a shallow, crescent-shaped pond, as well as many trees and flowers.
Hammond Labs Mid Tier A large lab in the center of the map, between Estates, Turbine, Energy Depot, and Solar Array.
Hydroponics High Tier A collection of buildings southwest of the map, southeast of Elysium.
Ivory Pass Low Tier
Lab Annex Low Tier
Maintenance Low Tier
Orbital Cannon Test Site High Tier A large site located on the southeast of the map, south of Grow Towers.
Pathfinder's Fight Night High Tier A town takeover that consists of a boxing arena with a ring where players can only use melee attacks. However, if a player dies within the ring and is respawned, there is a that bug that only allows them to use melee attacks as if they were still in the ring.
Phase Gateway Central Low Tier The entrance to the Phase Runner south of Hammond Labs. 4
Phase Gateway West Low Tier The entrance to the Phase Runner north of Hydroponics. 4
Primary Power Grid Mid Tier
Rift Aftermath High Tier A large dome made of Rift energy located on the northeast part of the map. It features a glowing orb of Rift energy in its center that acts as the east entrance/exit to the Phase Runner.
Research Basin High Tier
Secondary Power Grid Low Tier
Shipyard Low Tier
Solar Array Mid Tier A collection of small buildings. The central building has a large solar panel on the top, and is a guaranteed spawn for sniper rifles.
Supply Track Low Tier
The Icarus High Tier The red ship. Also the location of the vault.
The Reverie Lounge High Tier An area above Bonsai Plaza that connects two of the buildings.
Underpass Low Tier
Velvet Oasis Mid Tier Velvet Oasis mainly has two tall buildings with an inside having ziplines leading towards the underground Oasis Cafe. There are other smaller structures around the buildings so you can retreat to there if you manage to escape from a fight at the buildings.
Welcome Center Low Tier
Wildflower Meadow Low Tier

Former Locations[]

Name Loot Tier Description Current Location
Cargo Hold Low Tier Pathfinder's Fight Night
Crossroads Low Tier The Icarus

Map Features[]

  • Phase Runner
  • Trident
  • Loot MRVNs
  • Icarus Bridge




An early iteration of Olympus from May, 2019.

  • Olympus began development in late 2018.[2]
  • Dave Osei was credited as the main figure behind Olympus.[3] On the side of Hammond Labs, a list of people who worked on the map can be seen.
  • In early iterations of the map, Olympus was surrounded by floating cities full of skyscrapers.[4] The idea was scrapped because it was too hard to tell which areas are actually part of the map, both on the drop ship and on the ground.[5]
  • In early iterations, the red balloon-like aircrafts were floating above the map (similar to as seen in the Season 4 launch trailer). One of them was a playable area. In the finalized version, the red balloon-like aircrafts are attached to Olympus and the POI (Elysium) was moved to to a corner of the map.


  • Olympus is seen in the Season 4 Launch Trailer.
  • Olympus is mentioned several times in the Season 4 loading screens. It is said to be "high above" Psamathe.
  • In the Season 5 Launch Trailer, Revenant's head is teleported to Psamathe where Olympus is located in. After Revenant scans Loba, it says she is last seen on Olympus.
  • In "The Broken Ghost" quest, after Ash is revived, she says "Welcome to Olympus." Lifeline and Octane then discuss about going home to Olympus.
  • On October 23rd, 2020, the red aircrafts seen on Olympus were added to the backgrounds of Kings Canyon, World's Edge, and Firing Range.
  • On October 26th, 2020, "Promise" was released which teases Olympus.
  • On October 28th, 2020, the Season 7 Launch Trailer was released which reveals the Olympus arena for the Apex Games.


The background of the Season 4 launch trailer.

  • Olympus is the home of Lifeline, Octane, and Horizon. Pathfinder was also assembled on Olympus.
  • One of Olympus' restaurants, Tenmei, was where Revenant killed Loba's parents. The plaza where Tenmei was located, The Reverie Lounge, is a POI on the map.
  • When asked why Olympus looks different in the game compared to the Season 4.svg Season 4 launch trailer and loading screens, Ashley Reed (through Manny Hagopian's Reddit account) replied that Olympus can transform.[6]
    • Previous iterations of the map were in fact surrounded by flying skyscraper cities. See Development.
  • The Arcadia Supercarrier is the rocket that was previously on World's Edge during Season 6.svg Season 6. It launched to Olympus during the Season 7.svg Season 7 launch trailer, and it is now a POI on the map.
  • The Phase Runner accident is actually a purposeful self-destruction initiated by the scientist of Project Iris (and creators of Pathfinder) to prevent the theft of Branthium by a traitor on December 25, 2658.