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Opening Cinematic
YTtn opening cinematic
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Release date Feb 04, 2019
Production The Mill [1]
Length 1:34

The Opening Cinematic is the animated short that used to play when starting up Apex Legends for the first time. Starting in Season 3 Season 3, this video would be replaced every season with the latest launch trailer.

Synopsis[ | ]

A man enters the Paradise Lounge and sits at the bar next to Kuben Blisk. Blisk explains to him the Apex Games; how competitors come from all over to test their skills and become legends, how the title carries with it fame, prestige, and respect, and how inside the arena all that matters is being the best.

During his monologue, the video focuses on several newspaper articles before showing a brief scene with each original legend; Caustic filling a laboratory with Nox Gas, Wraith throwing a man through a glass door, Bangalore practicing at a firing range, Gibraltar chopping down a tree, Pathfinder mimicking pushups, Mirage being photographed at a red carpet event, Lifeline skydiving into Kings Canyon, and Bloodhound throwing a dagger at an enemy.

Details and easter eggs[ | ]

  • The newspaper articles seen in this short reveal a number of details, including:
    • According to Jacob Young, the number of new applicants to the Apex Games has risen 60% since last season.
    • Wattson and Octane are both joining the Games in coming seasons.
    • The 30-year-old Thunderdome in Kings Canyon has been renovated.
    • Bloodhound joined the games in the 121st season, and won two games in four seasons. They asked for "bookends" as awards, i.e. the same award twice.[2]
    • Gibraltar took a month-long leave to work for SARAS, but is back for the 124th season.

References[ | ]