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Out-of-game media are a general term for comics, motion comics, audio recordings or videos that were released on the game's official social media channels. They are either made in-house by Respawn Entertainment or commissioned from members of the Apex Legends community. These content are considered canon to the lore of Apex Legends.

This page lists them by order of release and does not include Stories from the Outlands, paid content like Pathfinder's Quest or any of the trailers.

Invasion of Kings Canyon[]

These set of image teasers, released weekly starting on June 13 until June 26, 2019, features the events prior to the fall of Repulsor Tower and the invasion of wildlife into Kings Canyon.[1][2][3]

Wraith - DATA LOG 147 61137[]

This image teaser for the Voidwalker Stories from the Outlands, released August 29, 2019 features information from the IMC's Project Wraith concerning Wraith herself.[4]

Crypto Teasers[]

These set of image teasers, released from September 25 to 27 2019, feature Crypto's attempt to get information about World's Edge.

Mirage - Skills and Good Looks Award[]

These set of image teasers, released on December 06 and 12 2019, feature Mirage and contains testimonials from people in-universe.[10][11]

The Forge Interview[]

These are a set of images, released from January 25 to 28 of 2020, concerning Forge and his entry to the Apex Games.

The legend matchups and the subsequent replies are set right before his interview with Lisa Stone, while the last one is a statement made by Outlands TV following his murder by Revenant.

Hammond Break-ins[]

These set of teasers chronicle the break-ins on Hammond Robotics facilities conducted by Revenant after his murder of Forge and before his entry to the Apex Games.

Bloodhound - For Artur[]

This audio recording, released on April 17, 2020, features Bloodhound reciting a poem they made talking about their uncle Artur and Boone.[19]

Project 617[]

These set of images, released from April 28 to May 4 of 2020, contains files related to "Project 617", and shows how Revenant comes to be.

Loba - A Letter[]

This image, released on May 08, 2020, features Alanza Andrade's letter to her daughter Loba.[23]

The Broken Ghost- Epilogue[]

Main article: The Broken Ghost

This two-part comic, released on August 04 and 10 2020, is the epilogue for The Broken Ghost. The comics were illustrated by JEL.

Rampart Audio Teasers[]

This set of five audio teasers were released for Rampart.

The First Ship - Epilogue[]

This three-part comic, released weekly from October 09 to 23 2020, is the epilogue for The First Ship.[31][32][33]

Family Portrait - Epilogue[]

Main article: Family Portrait

This comic, released on December 23, 2020, is the epilogue for Family Portrait. The comics were illustrated by genta.[34]

Loba & Revenant - A Worse Fate[]

This motion comic, released on December 28, 2020, features Loba and Revenant and is a continuation of the storyline that started on Season 5.svg Season 5's quest, The Broken Ghost.[35]

Wattson & Crypto - The Truth[]

This motion comic, released on January 01, 2021, features Wattson and Crypto and is a continuation of the storyline that started on Season 5.svg Season 5's quest, The Broken Ghost.[36]

Fuse - Outlaw's Oath[]

This audio recording, released on February 27, 2021, features Fuse.[37]

Caustic & Wattson - A Shock To The System[]

This two-part comic, released on April 07 and 13 2021, features Caustic and Wattson following his absence after Part 1 of the Armageddon quest.[38][39]

Bangalore & Wraith - Cold Steel[]

This motion comic, released on April 03, 2021, features Bangalore and Wraith.[40]

The Legacy Antigen[]

Main article: The Legacy Antigen

During The Legacy Antigen Quest, numerous extra media was released as side stories to supplement the in-game comics

The Legacy Antigen - Prologue - Director's Cut[]

This comic, released on May 08, 2021, was released as an extended version of the prologue.[41] The comic was illustrated by JEL.

Gibraltar - The Boy Who Hated Gibraltar[]

The two comics from this storyline was released on May 08 and 16 2021.[42][43]

Bangalore & Wraith - Wrong Wraith[]

The two comics from this storyline released on May 22 and 29 2021. It also continues the story from "Cold Steel".[44][45]

Mirage, Rampart & Pathfinder - Measuring the marigolds[]

This comic was released on June 05, 2021.[46] The comic was illustrated by Rhonnie.

Octane & Lifeline - Runs In The Family[]

The two comics from this storyline, released on June 11 and 19 2021, was released as part of The Legacy Antigen Quest.[47][48]

Horizon - Red Flags[]

This motion comic, released on June 26, 2021, was released as a part of The Legacy Antigen Quest.[49] The motion comic was illustrated by Sarah Stone.

The following are stills released by the artist.[50]

Wattson - Reflections[]

This motion comic, released on July 03, 2021, is part of The Legacy Antigen Quest.[51] The motion comic was illustrated by Shaira.

The following are stills released by the artist.[52]

The Legacy Antigen - Epilogue[]

Main article: The Legacy Antigen

This comic, released on July 10, 2021, serves as the epilogue of The Legacy Antigen Quest.[53]

This comic was made with panels from the various artists that contributed during the run of the season's community comics.

Valkyrie - Rest Easy[]

This audio recording was released on June 10, 2021 and featured Valkyrie.[54]

The Truth[]

This short film, released on June 23, 2021, is an adaptation of the events of Pathfinder's Quest Chapter 11.[55] The animation was made by GoldenLane Studios.

Seer - The Moth and the Flame[]

This series of motion comics were released in three chapters from July 16 to 18, 2021, as a teaser for the then upcoming legend, Seer.

Seer Audio Teasers[]

This set of three audio teasers were released as a teaser for Seer's abilities and lore.

Crisis into opportunity[]

This video, released on July 29, 2021, is presented as official communications from Hammond Robotics for the changes incoming to World's Edge on Season 10.svg Season 10.[62] It also has additional narration from Bloodhound.

With love, from Obi[]

This motion comic was released on Aug 25, 2021, a letter from Seer to his parents. [63]

Season 10 Side Stories - Horizon and Ash[]

The following series serves to continue the Horizon's story line of reuniting with her son 87 years in the past, and a stealth lead up to Season 11 and announcement of Ash

Finding a Path[]

This comic was released on Oct 11, 2021.[64]

How to Wake Up[]

This comic was released on Oct 13, 2021.[65]

You're Not alone[]

This comic was released on Oct 15, 2021.[66]

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