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Semi-auto pistol.
Icon P2020 Icon
Type Pistol
Ammo Light Rounds Light Rounds
Fire modes Single-fire Icon Single
Manufacturer Lastimosa Armory Lastimosa Armory
Attachment Slots
Laser SightExtended Light MagOpticsHammerpoint Rounds
Hammerpoint Rounds 27
27 (1.5×)
Hammerpoint Rounds 41 (1.5×)
16 (0.9×)
Hammerpoint Rounds 24 (0.9×)
RPM 420
DPS 126
Magazine 14 / 16 / 18 / 21
Reload time 1.25

The P2020 is a semi-automatic pistol that utilizes Light Rounds Light Rounds.

It can be enhanced with the Hammerpoint Rounds Hammerpoint Rounds Hop-Up, which increases damage done to unshielded targets by 50%.

The P2020 has an April Fools' enhanced version.

Stats[ | ]

Attachments[ | ]

Main article: Attachments

Damage Profile[ | ]

Target Modifiers Damage Damage Shots to kill
100 HP 150 HP 175 HP 200 HP 225 HP
- 27 4 6 7 8 9
Helmet LV.1 25 4 6 7 8 9
Helmet LV.2 23 5 7 8 9 10
Helmet LV.3/4 21 5 8 9 10 11
Body - 18 6 9 10 12 13
Fortified Fortified 15 7 10 12 14 15
- 16 7 10 11 13 15
Fortified Fortified 14 8 11 13 15 17

Advanced Stats[ | ]

Variable Value Description
fire_rate 7 Rounds fired in one second.
projectile_launch_speed 18500 Speed at which projectiles travel.
Expressed in hammer units per second, equals to 470 meters per second.
headshot_distance 1500 Distance at which shots can no longer deal headshots.
Expressed in hammer units, equals to 38 meters.
spread_stand_hip 4.4 Hipfire spread radius while standing.
spread_stand_hip_run 10 Hipfire spread radius while walking.
spread_stand_hip_sprint 13 Hipfire spread radius while sprinting.
spread_crouch_hip 3 Hipfire spread radius while crouching.
spread_air_hip 16 Hipfire spread radius while in the air.
deployfirst_time 1.1 Time before the weapon can be fired after picking it up for the first time. Expressed in seconds.
deploy_time 0.225 Time to bring out the weapon. Expressed in seconds.
holster_time 0.18 Time to holster the weapon. Expressed in seconds.
raise_time 0.225 Time to bring out the weapon after performing an action. Expressed in seconds.
lower_time 0.18 Time to holster the weapon after performing an action. Expressed in seconds.
zoom_time_in 0.18 Time to enter ADS with the weapon. Expressed in seconds.
zoom_time_out 0.16 Time to exit ADS with the weapon. Expressed in seconds.
ads_move_speed_scale 1 Multiplier applied to the Legend's movement speed while ADS with the weapon.

Weapon Mastery[ | ]

Level Trial Name Requirements
20 Cracked Break an enemy white armor. 25 times
40 Locked & Loaded Down an enemy after picking up the P2020 within 15 seconds. 20 times
60 All Fall Down Down at least 3 enemies equipped with [Lv3 Extended Light Mag] in one match. 15 times
80 Fresh Meat Down an enemy within 5 seconds with the P2020 after breaking enemy's armor. 5 times
100 4040 Kill at least 2 enemies with damages coming from two P2020s in the same loadout in one match. 5 times

Lore[ | ]

This small but reliable pistol was once standard-issue for IMC recruits before the Blackout. While lacking significant firepower, it's famously accurate with limited recoil, and modifications can significantly increase its rate of fire. A stand-off device in the muzzle also ensures greater accuracy in close quarters. When all other magazines are spent, it's comforting to have a P2020 on your hip.

The Hammond P2020, is a semi-automatic single-action small caliber pistol manufactured by Lastimosa Armory. This handgun features an integrated standoff device and a fully milled slide. It also has a fully integrated Taclight and LAM, along with varied functions for IR, LiDAR, or FLIR illumination. When dropping in hot and you need something more than your mitts, the P2020 will help you tap, rack, and bang to first place with the best Legends out there.

Skins[ | ]

There are a total of 68 weapon skins for the P2020: 11 Legendary, 6 epic, 35 Rare, and 16 Common.

History[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Its predecessors, the P2011 and P2016, were references to the year development of Titanfall and Titanfall 2's release year respectively. Following the naming scheme, the P2020 was supposed to be the P2019 but was changed before release to its current name.
    • Some P2020 skins reference this, having "P2019" labeled on the weapon instead of "P2020".

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