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Pathfinder's Quest
Pathfindersquest cover
Release date February 02, 2021
Author(s) Manny Hagopian, Tom Casiello
Publisher Dark Horse Books

Pathfinder's Quest is a 208-page art and lore book published by Dark Horse Books. The hardcover was released on February 02, 2021, and the ebook on March 03.

Description[ | ]

Explore the world of the hit game through the eyes of the lovable robot, Pathfinder, as he chronicles his journey throughout the various environs of the Outlands to interview his fellow Legends--all in the hope of finally locating his mysterious creator. The rich history of Apex Legends is explained by the characters that helped to shape it, as are their unique bonds of competition and camaraderie.

Synopsis[ | ]

Prologue[ | ]

Pathfinder recaps his history; how he woke up in a warehouse, took jobs all across the Outlands, and eventually joined the Apex Games. Thanks to a MRVN found on Olympus, Pathfinder now has several clues relating to his creator and his purpose, and sets off to ask the other legends what they might know.

Chapter 1 - Hey, Che![ | ]

Pathfinder meets with Lifeline. He learns about the history of the Outlands, Lifeline's family, Chevrex Inc., and how Lifeline escaped to Solace and joined her band, the Flyer Liars.

Chapter 2 - Solace on Solace[ | ]

Pathfinder meets with Gibraltar. He learns how the Gibraltar family founded the town of Little Mouse, how he worked at the Thunderdome as a teenager, how his relationship with Nik ended, and that Aleki was Gibraltar's grandfather.

Chapter 3 - Devil in the Details[ | ]

Pathfinder meets with Wattson. He learns about her father, how she lived in Kings Canyon while designing the Ring, how she started the fire that burned down the Shattered Forest, how she was saved from that fire by a ghost she later realized was Wraith, and confirms that Dr. Amélie was Wattson's grandmother.

Chapter 4 - Identity Theft[ | ]

Pathfinder meets with Wraith. He learns about the destruction of Typhon, her first few days in this new dimension, how she saved Wattson from the fire, and how she escaped Kings Canyon. In an old ARES facility, they find documents linking Dr. Amélie to something called Project: Iris, and to the Adonis Squad.

Chapter 5 - The Whispering Wave[ | ]

Pathfinder meets with Bangalore. He learns about her brother Jackson, how her oldest brother Zeke died on Typhon, how the IMC started losing the Frontier War, how experimental tech got the IMS Hestia to Solace in only a year, and how Jackson went MIA over Solace. He learns that her Uncle Al died in Psamathe working security for Project: Iris.

Chapter 6 - Mirage, My Best Friend![ | ]

Pathfinder meets with Mirage. He learns about the Witt family, the Outlands Civil War, how Mirage and his mom coped with his brothers' deaths, and the 2655 energy crisis.

Chapter 7 - Frozen in Time[ | ]

Pathfinder meets with Bloodhound. He learns about the appearance of Branthium, the collapse of World's Edge, their brief friendship with Boone, and the reason they joined the Games.

Chapter 8 - Haves and Have-Nots[ | ]

Pathfinder meets with Loba and Octane. He learns about how people benefited from Branthium, the different planets in Syndicate Space, how Octane crashed his dad's fourth wedding, and how Loba's parents met.

Chapter 9 - Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?[ | ]

Pathfinder meets with Crypto, who gives him a flash drive containing the info he's looking for. Caustic arrives, and he and Crypto argue about Wattson and their alleged true identities. Pathfinder learns that everyone who worked on Project: Iris was killed.

Interlude A - A Blast from the Past[ | ]

Pathfinder meets with Horizon. She can't do anything with the flash drive, but does tell Pathfinder about the origins of Project: Iris and of Branthium.

Chapter 10 - Drowning in Darkness[ | ]

Pathfinder meets with Revenant underneath Kings Canyon. He learns about Revenant's mental state and the fate of the human he started as. Revenant manages to convince Pathfinder that he killed his own creators, traumatizing him.

Interlude B - Blipping the Throttle[ | ]

Dejected, Pathfinder plans to leave the Outlands for good, and goes to inform Mirage. Instead, Rampart is there to give him a pep talk, and sets up a meeting with Kuben Blisk.

Chapter 11 - The Truth[ | ]

Blisk gets Pathfinder a file detailing what really happened to his creators.

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